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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

President-elect Donald Trump, unite us against our enemies.

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( Finally – a man we can truly believe in makes it to the presidency! It’s been eight long years of misery and hell under the worst president in history.

Barack Obama led a culture of false accusation, excuse making, weakness and exploitation. In Donald Trump, we have a real man in office – a restoration of masculinity, decency and leadership.

Thank you to all of the whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others, men and women, young and old, across the political spectrum who helped elect Donald Trump.

Trump supporters united around what’s right, to save our country from enemies foreign and domestic, so we can hash out our differences in peace, not anger.

Let the leftist forces of evil cry and scream. They love evil and hate good. They seek to divide and conquer.

Let the false illusion of “racism” and “sexism” no longer hold sway over the minds of the people. As long as he is not intimidated, Trump will be a unifying force like we have not seen in our lifetimes – simply by being himself.

Let real authority step in to stop George Soros’ communist riots around the country. Our wicked president, Barack Obama, loves this culture of violence, chaos and crisis – and Hillary Clinton sought to perpetuate it.president-elect-donald-trump-2016

Let’s reject Soros’ hate movement, Black Lives Matter. May all who support evil “BLM” wake up and repent or be put to shame. Let’s end the slander, attacks and murders committed against police officers.

Let authorities deal with the threats on the life of President-elect Donald Trump, and the violence against his supporters.

May fair-minded people find courage. Let them protect their children’s lives and souls, and set an example for them as Trump does. Let young people no longer be turned away from their parents, misled by liberal academics and social-media mobs.

Let’s restore law and order, peace and safety.

Let’s protect our citizens from Muslims who want to kill us, not pander to those more offended by “Islamophobia” than terrorism.

Let’s send the illegals home and build a big, beautiful wall along the border. Let’s stop the drugs, crime and rape that MS-13 and Mexican drug cartels bring us.

Let’s bring back trades, work and opportunity. End oppressive taxes. Bring back a strong economy.

Let the children of evil have the pain now – liberals, RINOs and lying media. It’s their turn for suffering; it’s our turn for restoration.

May good men no longer suffer politicized attacks for doing right. End the suspicion and threats against innocent men such as former officer Darren Wilson and others the left maligned. Let us honor true men of authority like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Judge Roy Moore and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Let the Clintons, the Obamas, George Soros, Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU and the liberal media billionaires be the enemies of Americans, not the Koch brothers whom Harry Reid likes to scapegoat.

Let anger and blindness subside. Bring back forgiveness and truth.

Let’s rebuild men. Put families back together. Reject intimidation from feminists and radical homosexuals. Let’s think like men again.

Look at Donald Trump’s family, an example of love and respect for the father. And look at Trump’s team – decent men like Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Jeff Sessions and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Men like Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Gov. Chris Christie and Steve Bannon could be effective in the right positions.

But let’s watch our politicians, communities and government closely, and not let them get away with anything – including Trump – and vote them out if they fail us.

Remember when our beloved Ronald Reagan was tricked into giving us amnesty in exchange for border enforcement that never came? Evil took over California since then, and it turned into a corrupt, anti-gun, anti-family state. Reagan was also supposed to close the Department of Education. Not only has the country been overrun by socialist-minded “immigrants” and “refugees,” but our own young people are brainwashed by government schools.

One week in October, a thousand Seattle public school teachers wore Black Lives Matter T-shirts printed with “black power” fists, and instructed from hate-inspired black propaganda.

Which month will Seattle teachers wear hoods, teach from KKK books, or acknowledge that white lives matter?

Parents should take their children out of schools that teach lies, where children and teachers risk being beaten or killed.

Evil recognizes that Donald Trump is a powerful force for good. The wicked intimidate and control people through anger and deception. Trump doesn’t fall for it. He keeps his cool and fights back. So should we.

Lying media such as Esquire and Yahoo News push dubious reports of “hate crimes,” insults and vandalism by supposed Trump supporters, but they ignore actual violence against Trump supporters.

Let’s not rest this presidency. Evil is always working. So should we. Let’s boldly, forcefully push for what’s right as much as liberals shamelessly and endlessly push wrong. Evil does its job. Time for “good” to do our job.

Put an end to niceness and politeness, and find genuine love that overcomes evil. Organize with others on the side of good. Drop ego, convenience and hesitation. This is Trump’s example.

From “The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show”: Trump’s win is about masculinity, God, love of country:

Written by Jesse Lee Peterson

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4 Responses to “President-elect Donald Trump, unite us against our enemies.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    To The Readers,

    Watch this video. If Trump runs the government like he runs his businesses (as he said he would), WE ARE IN TROUBLE.

  2. Marque Anthony says:

    Watch Kellyanne Conway (Trump’s campaign manager) try to squirm out of what Donald Trump said about blocking Muslims coming to America and change the subject to Hillary Clinton. This can be found on Youtube.

  3. Marque Anthony says:

    To The Author,

    Let’s remember that HILLARY CLINTON GOT MORE VOTES from blacks and Americans as a whole than Trump did. The only reason Trump won is because of the electoral college. This is just what happened with Al Gore and Bush Jr. It proves that the popular vote at the ballot box is disregarded and the idea that those votes count is an illusion. If we had a real democracy, Hillary would be President you idiot.

    Apparently your enemies Jesse Lee coward Peterson are black people with a brain who don’t kiss up to white people. You are truly a slave and you do not even see that.

    As for America’s enemies, you need to ask why they hate us. America is not squeaky clean at all. If you deny the history of this country since its inception, you are more blind than I thought. As for ISIS, it was George Bush Jr. with hiss ideas on regime change (code for overthrowing the leader of a sovereign country) and his outlining of the axis of evil that lit the fuse. It was Bush who set the date to withdraw from Iraq, not Obama. Check your facts.

    When America contributed to the removal of several middle eastern leaders, the groups kept at bay by those leaders rose up. Do you realize America early on did business with or educated everybody from Bin Laden to Saddam to Castro to Mubarak?

    The author of this article (Jesse) is so blind by partisanship and brainwashed as a slave that he cannot see nor admit the facts.

  4. Marque Anthony says:

    Jesse Lee Peterson (author) stop kissing Trump’s butt or worse. If you believe Trump rhetoric, you do not understand how government works. He is already finding that he can not just jump out and do what he thinks he can. Our government has a system of checks and balances and Trump is neither a god not a King. Thus he does not have unlimited autonomous authority.

    Trump will have to learn tact and discretion. You cannot bully America’s enemies with threats when those people are prepared to die, not afraid to do so and prepared to take us with them. Jesse Lee you are too clueless to understand that as well. That is why Trump won’t close the border to Muslims. If he did, we would not be able to count on help from many Muslims here nor those in countries we have political and economic dealings with.

    The author of this article is a biased, partisan, oreo, butt kissing pseudo-intellectual turncoat. Just like Trump, the author says let’s do this and that. But he never tells you how. Somebody please explain to him there is a difference between an idea and a real plan.

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