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Just This Way Sir: Solo Destinations For Single Guys.

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( You know about all of the guys (plural) party spots, including Las Vegas and Key West, but what if you’re single and looking to mingle?  Sure, you can take advantage of great deals when traveling with a bunch of buddies but if you’re the lone wolf type you may want to prowl around a few towns on your own.  Here are more than a couple destinations primed for the single guy.

New York City

The city is so nice they had to name it twice.  New York, NY has it all regardless of your personality and preferences.  Do you want to go to museums and gaze at world-class art before nightfall, when you’ll be ready to take a gander at other singles?  No problem – it’s likely you can do those two very different things in the same neighborhood.  Do you prefer rooftop lounge bars versus crowded local watering holes?  You got it; NYC has some of the best social scenes in the entire world.


People feel a lot more confident after getting a tan.  Spend the days on the beach and the nights finding your next love interest in OBlack man sitting on beach with kayakahu.  If you’re a lover of the outdoors, you won’t be left wanting in Hawaii.  You can surf, paddle board, kayak, jog, play tennis, zipline, etc while you’re here.  Moreover, scores of people head to the North Shore for vacations and getaways, so not only is it a great place to enjoy sun and sport, but it’s a cosmopolitan type of spot, visited by people from all over the world.


Arizona usually gets on single guy’s radar due to the great temperatures and golf resort destinations.  However, in recent years, Scottsdale has been making a name for itself, marked with the “beyond Vegas” tagline.  The Scottsdale entertainment district offers an active night scene replete with clubs, late-night restaurants, and plenty of singles.


In the song “London Bridge is falling down,” but in reality, this European destination is going off due multiple hot spots along the Thames.  Moreover, Electric Brixton is the place for dancing and modern music.  Of course, few can resist the sound of a British accent.  Take a tour and give yourself the opportunity to fall in love with more than the local dialect.

Puerto Rico

Break in your United Mileage Plus Explorer credit card and book a flight to Puerto Rico.  It’s just a few hours away from a number of cities in the US.  The area is revered as a go-to spot for music lovers, especially those who appreciate reggaeton and danza music.  Do you really need a reason to head to the Caribbean?  If so, then you’ll be happy to hear that Puerto Rico is always on tourist to-go lists.


The capital of Denmark houses close to two million people (There’s got to be a significant percentage of singles included!)  If you’re not going to shop or see the beautiful buildings, then you need to feast your eyes on the beautiful people who are out and about after dark.


Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city with nearly a million and a half residents.  If you’re a sailor you will appreciate the abundance of ships in its harbor.  Beach lovers gravitate toward Auckland’s three kilometers of white sand beaches.


If you have the time and budget, head over to Australia after New Zealand.  Those who live Perth are confident that their beaches rival any in the entire world.  Perth’s population of 1.8 million is sure to provide more than enough opportunity to find other singles.  If Aussies in swimsuits are not your thing, check out Kings Park, which is the biggest inner city park in the world.


Scandinavian women are reputed to be among the world’s most beautiful.  Meet a woman with a mutual interest in art at Vigeland Sculpture Park, which attracts more than a million visitors per year and features iron, granite, and bronze pieces.  All that art appreciation deserves a period of mindless dancing and nightclubbing, and Oslo has some of the best nightlife the world has to offer.


Paris gets a lot of credit and tourist attention, yet Marseille, France’s second-largest city, is full of charm.  It houses nearly three million people and takes up a portion of the Mediterranean coast.  If you love the shore and have an appetite for seafood, then this is a spot for you.  Make eyes with beautiful strangers while riding boats to nearby islands or strolling through the city’s large metro area.

Staff Writer; Charles Bond

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