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Five Benefits of Living a Holistic Life.

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( What does it mean to live a holistic life? In a nutshell, it means we are greater than the sum of our parts. Holistic living is the coalescing of awareness, appreciation and activation of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane of our existence. It is the understanding that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey. As such, holism is not a religion; it is a way of life. When you live more holistically, you live less compartmentally. ‘Compart’ is to divide. ‘Mental’ is mind. In America, we tend to live with ‘divided minds’, neat little rooms that we try to keep tidy and balanced.

With holism, though, you eliminate ‘compartments’ and begin to live with a sense of alignment versus balance as it relates to your roles in life.

Holism begins with a commitment to the physical Temple we each inhabit and an understanding that the more we give to its care, the more we receive from life. Here are five benefits that a holistic lifestyle offers.


You will become the architect of your purpose

The holistic life is a purposeful life. But when you live holistically, you no longer aimlessly seek your purpose for living – you become your purpose. Someone much wiser than me said, Take your talent plus your desire to help and it will equal your purpose. Eliminating compartments frees us from the prison of seeking balance and instead moves us into alignment with a higher purpose.

You will go about your daily chores with more zeal and enthusiasm. Your focus will be constant and your concentration enhanced. Every aspect of your life – from the bedroom to the boardroom – will be positively impacted. You will experience unbounded purpose!


You will adopt best body best life habits

Since holism views a strong, vibrant body as the starting point for a complete life, the person who lives holistically intuitively begins to weave best body and best life habits into their daily experience. Your best body is your best life!

The consciousness of your body as a Temple heightens and this makes you more aware of daily acts you can perform to care for your Temple, things as simple as drinking water, doing some form of physical activity such as a power walk, spending quality time alone or cleansing your body one or two times a month. This does not make you perfect; it does not mean that you won’t slip. But the bigger picture of your body as a Temple remains your focus.


You will move past motivation-blockers

The person who lives holistically does not have to wonder how they will get motivated – this person produces his or her own motivation! That’s because the holistic lifestyle is purposeful and the purposeful approach to living is self-motivating. As your energy level increases from your commitment to your physical health, you will take on more challenges. ‘Automated mental reactions’ such as “I can’t” and “I’m broke” are eliminated from your lexicon. This is the mind-body connection. Your confidence soars as you begin believing in yourself. Your spirit of ‘I can do!’ will increase exponentially. You will think more clearly and objectively. You will begin to understand more clearly the words of Earl Nightingale, We become what we think about!


You will become more productive

William James wrote, Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you move past motivation-blockers, every aspect of your life becomes ripe with potential. Your perspective on your life and your role in it heightens as you intuitively begin to unfold to your possibilities. Living holistically, you begin to seek opportunity and in this seeking you become more productive. No area of your life remains the same. Finances, interpersonal relationships, your job etc. all begin to take on new meaning and value. Most importantly, ideas which have fermented in your spirit for years – writing a book, opening your own business, going back to school to finish your degree – begin to spring forth, increasing your productivity!


You will earn more money.

How does increased productivity from a holistic lifestyle contribute to an increase in the bottom line? Because in relation to earnings potential, living holistically allows us to see ourselves standing in the middle of acres of diamonds, as Russell Conwell put it. If the adage is true that what you settle for in life is what you will get out of it, then the holistically–inspired person will reap huge dividends, because there is no ceiling for this person. When you feel good, you perform good.

As your productivity increases, so does your income. The better your fitness level, the more money you can potentially earn. You will be compensated more because now you have the body, mind and spirit energy to give more. Energy increase can lead to monetary increase. Get holistically fit and give yourself a raise!

The more we give to our body, the more we receive from life.

Staff Writer; W. Eric Croomes

This talented brother is a holistic lifestyle exercise expert and founder and executive coach of Infinite Strategies LLC, a multi-level coaching firm that develops and executes strategies for fitness training, youth achievement and lifestyle management. Eric is an author, fitness professional, holistic life coach and motivational speaker.

In October 2015, Eric released Life’s A Gym: Seven Fitness Principles to Get the Best of Both, which shows readers how to use exercise to attract a feeling of wellness, success and freedom (Infinite Strategies Coaching LLC, 2015) –

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