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Monday, June 18, 2018

New plan for Ol “Obamahood” sounds like communism to me .

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( Lots has been going on this week Trade Adjustment Assistant (TAA) and Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) as well as the admitted lack of a strategy to deal with ISIS. At the end, it hasn’t been a very good week for the Obama administration — but then again perhaps in the words of someone else who wants to be president, “what difference at this point does it make?” Could it be the real focus of the Obama administration is yet another “legacy” liberal progressive endeavor – a la Obamacare? The TAA/TPA is in trouble, which leads to the possibility of the TPP failure — I know, confusing huh? Well, that is Obamatrade.

Now it seems we must contend with Obamahood — yes, President Barack Obama is now in the neighborhood social reengineering business — after all he is a community organizer.

By the way, back in 2012, I was vilified by liberals for speculating that a large percentage — if not all — of the Congressional Progressive Caucus members were essentially communists in terms of their beliefs and the agenda they pursue. Leftists always explode in outrage when their true foundation is unmasked.

Well, read about this new outrageous plan to “diversify” wealthy neighborhoods and then try to tell me I’m wrong.

As reported by The Hill, “The Obama administration is moving forward with regulations designed to help diversify America’s wealthier neighborhoods, drawing fire from critics who decry the proposal as executive overreach in search of an “unrealistic utopia.” A final Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rule due out this month is aimed at ending decades of deep-rooted segregation around the country. The regulations would apply to roughly 1,250 local governments.

They would use grant money as an incentive for communities to build affordable housing in more affluent areas while also taking steps to upgrade poorer areas with better schools, parks, libraries, grocery stores and transportation routes as part of a gentrification of those communities.

“HUD is working with communities across the country to fulfill the promise of equal opportunity for all,” a HUD spokeswoman said. “The proposed policy seeks to break down barriers to access to opportunity in communities supported by HUD funds.” Civil rights advocates, meanwhile, are praising the plan, arguing that it is needed to break through decades-old barriers that keep poor and minority families trapped in hardscrabble neighborhoods. “We have a history of putting affordable housing in poor communities,” said Debby Goldberg, vice president at the National Fair Housing Alliance.”

First of all, here we go again with the expansive, intrusive and invasive reach of the administrative bureaucratic state is creating rules that mandate our society. This is how liberal progressive socialists operate, because they cannot advance their policies by way of the legislative agenda. Therefore by way of coercion and intimidation, they mandate their way. And know it’s YOUR taxpayer dollars going towards this equality of outcomes scheme. I find it ironic that these same liberal progressives will NEVER discuss how we can expand opportunities by way of better education, entrepreneurship, and two parent families.

The study of progressive socialism uncovers a governing philosophy centered on five points; redistribution of wealth, creation and expansion of the welfare nanny-state, nationalization of production, creation of a social utopia, and advancing a secular state.

I could easily point to each of these points and draw a correlation to some agenda in the Obama administration. I know, you detractors would try and challenge me on the secular state item — but shall I say Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor? As well, recently Hillary Clinton delivered a speech where she spoke of — and I paraphrase — “rejecting some long held religious beliefs.” However, this new Obamahood adventure is certainly part of a misguided concept of social utopianism.obama-hood-robinhood-2015

What it ends up being is the soft bigotry of low expectations. What the message ends up being is that you cannot ever achieve residence in certain neighborhoods — so we the progressives shall grant you the ability.

This is not about “fair housing,” it is about forced social egalitarianism. And the fact that the Obama administration — and lets be specific — HUD Director Julian Castro, former Mayor of San Antonio, is using the “hook” of federal grants in order to advance this inane socialist agenda is ludicrous.

It’s simple, the T-HUD appropriations bill can just be cut to preclude this foolishness. That is how the system of checks and balances between the executive and legislative branch works. And one need only research the background of Castro — and his mother especially — to find the associations with radical Hispanic groups such as La Raza and LULAC. There can be no doubt that the long ball part of this is to position Castro to be the vice presidential in 2016, or if Hillary Clinton falters, perhaps president himself. And he can tout his progressive socialist credentials in advancing this idea.

I want you all to consider something. The results of the King v Burwell case should be released by the end of this month and could result in millions of Americans losing their government health insurance subsidy — Obama has no plan. ISIS is growing all over the Middle East and into Libya — Obama has no plan. But when it comes to forced community integration – diversity — they certainly have a plan because it fits their mantra, their political philosophy.

This is what the progressive socialist left believes. “The agency is also looking to root out more subtle forms of discrimination that take shape in local government policies that unintentionally harm minority communities, known as “disparate impact.” “This rule is not about forcing anyone to live anywhere they don’t want to,” said Margery Turner, senior vice president at the left-leaning Urban Institute. “It’s really about addressing long-standing practices that prevent people from living where they want to.” “In our country, decades of public policies and institutional practices have built deeply segregated and unequal neighborhoods,” Turner said. Children growing up in poor communities have less of a chance of succeeding in life, because they face greater exposure to violence and crime, and less access to quality education and health facilities, Turner suggested. “Segregation is clearly a problem that is blocking upward mobility for children growing up today,” she said. To qualify for certain funds under the regulations, cities would be required to examine patterns of segregation in neighborhoods and develop plans to address it. Those that don’t could see the funds they use to improve blighted neighborhoods disappear, critics of the rule say.”

The hypocrisy is that the liberal progressive mind doesn’t want to “root out” the policies of the left that have intentionally done harm to minority communities, resulting in the consequences of disparate impact.

Why can’t we talk to the liberal progressives about school choice in the inner cities? Why doesn’t the Obama administration assess the composition of achievements of inner city school boards and independent school districts? Why isn’t the left looking at reconstituting the traditional two-parent household? The last time we had the deliberate attempt by the left to socially engineer society was fifty years ago with Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” — out of wedlock birth rates in America then were around 6 percent. Today in America, out of wedlock birth rates are close to 43 percent – 75 percent in the black community, close to 57 percent in the Hispanic community. Why not reverse the consequences of the Great Society? Instead the next generation of progressive socialists led by Obama and Castro are looking at engineering another venture into the failed society.

Close to home, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is facing accusations that it makes low-income housing funds more readily available in minority neighborhoods than in white neighborhoods. This promotes segregation, critics argue, by encouraging minorities to continue living in poor communities where government assistance is available.

Look, I grew up in an inner city neighborhood — low middle to low income. It was a burning desire instilled in me by my parents to succeed. It was through the sense of equality of opportunity enabling me to attend good schools and set goals and objectives. It simply came down to what I wanted in MY life — same with my wife Angela. That is how you break the cycle of dependency and poverty. What Obama and Castro believe is that certain people are relegated to a certain state in life — and that ONLY government can remedy their circumstances. And this is what their policies and rules seek to do — create their own version of utopia, instead of believing we as capable human beings, as Americans, can achieve ourselves.

Hmm, the policy of forced social egalitarianism, communal living, and social engineering, sounds — dare I say it — like communism to me. Maybe now y’all are beginning to understand why I said what I did back in 2012.

Written By Allen B. West

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One Response to “New plan for Ol “Obamahood” sounds like communism to me .”
  1. Steve says:

    The glaringly obvious and predictable omission of the very things this author has continuously accused the left of doing is the root cause of community inequality now. Put plainly the many wealthy neighborhoods in America today were not simply created by the zip code like-mindedness of hard working people outside of a vacuum of institutionalized inequality. Banks, lending institutions and insurance companies all conspired, vis a vis redlining, to systematically create areas of wealth. Of course two wrongs don’t make a right, so forcing certain areas to include low-income housing isn’t the desired answer either. Everyone wants to do better, but the right has never wanted to fully admit the “social engineering” that gave them the advantage they have in the first place. Let’s get rid of entitlements of every kind and then let the chips fall where they may. Blaming “leftist” ignores the reality that plain ole institutional racism is the real and ever present culprit in creating, and preventing, generational wealth.

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