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We Are The Champions Jackie Robinson West’s… How Was Robbed By Racist!!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Alright Family, enough is enough!!!!!!!! It was bad enough I had to endure that bullsh*t Superbowl in which Roger Goodell made the call to the Seahawks bench and threatened somebody to make Russell Wilson the hero of the game, well okay maybe we don’t have proof for that, but we do have proof they did not want Marshawn Lynch to be the MVP. They would actually lose the SuperBowl on purpose then let a strong Black Man be the Hero/Savior.

Little did I know this was a microcosm of what was to come. The kids at Jackie Robinson West, who won the Little League World Series ,was robbed by white supremacist who didn’t even play against them .Racist Mark Mulder chimed in for no reason ” those kids have been cheating since I was a kid” although they weren’t cheating. The kids were victims of gentrified neighborhoods  by caucasians who in the end went literally out of their way to have these kids stripped of what they have earned.

Don’t believe me! Let’s dig into the facts surrounding all parties involved and maybe then I can get coons like Serge Salaam( who got me banned from Facebook for 3days for calling him a “BuckDancing Coon” because he agreed with white supremacists on this very subject!) to understand how racism beat Jackie Robinson West. Despite idiots like Mark Mulder’s comments, all of the kids were of age and all had been playing together for the previous two years.

Just like in DC Chicago has underwent gentrification shutting down projects and moving some of our brothers and sisters who are not as fortunate out of the neighborhood they grew up in. This forced many of our brothers and sisters to low income housing in the suburban area just as this is happening in Washington DC. They also shut down many public schools in the black community forcing some children to split up and go to new schools because of boundary resetting created to funnel black people out of a certain part of t communities they once lived. It also meant the closing of many Boys & Girls Clubs in many communities and because of lack of funding certain activities may not be offered at Boys and Girls Clubs.

When you look into the case of the player at Jackie Robinson west this is exactly what happened. Because contrary to belief every black child does not want to play basketball or football and due to the lack Boys and Girls Club that offered baseball some of the players who had moved were unable to play baseball where they lived.

One of the players family had fell on hard times and was actually homeless but thanks to donations they found a home for that family which is a beautiful story. What I also find a beautiful story is that despite obstacles or economic hardship the family of these children found a way to make time to help the children pursue their dreams . No one was driving from Milwaukee to Chicago or East Hammond to Chicago. JRW-2015

They were all actually still in the state of Illinois and not very far from where this team plays. Then I hear the accusation these children were “ringers“,which is the most absurd argument ever. First hand the children had played together previously on the same team. Secondly, if they were “ringers” how come no one else was trying to recruit these children? Third, the man who instigated this whole fiasco was a local Chicago Baseball Coach who never played this team, or tried to recruit any of these players yet he was determined to undermine this team.

He attempted twice before with the Chicago Board and everyone in Chicago said it was not an issue ,which was why it was never presented beforehand.

But instead of sucking it up and trying again next year with a dogged determination this man goes into the personal records and voter registration of each child’s parent and presented to the Little League World Series commission that to or three players live 15 minutes farther then what they were supposed to. And if it wasn’t race motivated ,what did he hope to get from it ? He was not going to win the championship because his sorry ass team didn’t make it that far. After doing all that another team won the championship,another all white team from Las Vegas!?!? Ok,am I the only one that sees something funny about this?!

If you want to really know what’s going on just look at the picture at the end of the World Series, 3 black coaches and an all black team, and imagine the picture you would have saw at the end of the Super Bowl had they done what they were supposed to do and gave Marshawn the ball.  The Great Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title for refusing to enter the draft for the Vietnam War. He said that how could you fight for country that was fighting him over here saying “I don’t got no quarrels with the Viet Kong, my enemies over here” . As you watch what’s going on you realise this is just a replay of the days passed, when you could win with your talent but lose because of the color of your skin.

And we’ve experienced a lot of this in the courtroom and now on the baseball diamond. And not unlike the George Zimmerman case the culprit in this matter has been shown to be less than credible himself. Chris Janes , The Chitown Snitch racist, was just arrested for public intoxication in an incident where he threatened his female neighbor and her husband.

There is also a probe involving how he obtained voter registration information of some of the childrens parents of JRW. Meanwhile the word cheating will be associated with this team amongst the white community but as usual I don’t give a damn what they say. Those kids were from Chicago and they were all of age and they kicked ass!!! So to my young soldiers from Jackie Robinson West, you are still OUR champions.Cheer Up and WE LOVE YOU…..YOU HAVE LEARNED A LESSON MANY BLACK MEN BEFOR YOU HAVE LEARNED…..

If they couldn’t beat you on the field…they pencil whip you!!

Staff Writer; LeVar Smith

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