Nicki Minaj pregnant, Lil Wayne daddy or not.? :

Friday, February 12, 2016

Nicki Minaj pregnant, Lil Wayne daddy or not.?

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( Well the rumor will not stop as indeed it seems like Nicki Minaj is pregnant… To add fire to this drama Lil Wayne supposely is the father to be… We recently got word Lil Wayne wasn’t the only man Nicki Minaj has been messing with… Unlike Lil Wayne other baby mothers he is unsure about this one… It seems like Nicki Minaj was just having a fun night and got pregnant…

We can only wonder what the YM crew has to say about this matter… In2014-lil-wayne-and-nicki-minaj the past Nicki Minaj has played around with label mate Drizzy Drake… All can hope this news doesn’t hinder her career… Still we know Nicki Minaj has to be happy…. Being able to experience motherhood is a beautiful thing…

Lil Wayne recently hit the studio again… Many in the hip hop world await for a new album… If he is the daddy of Nicki Minaj the new bord shall inspire him to flow literally… Definitely motivation as who would believe Nicki Minaj is his soulmate…. Odd couple which seems to be a perfect union…

Well in the coming weeks/months the truth shall come to light… Is Nicki Minaj pregnant? Lil Wayne daddy? Our insiders say it’s all true…

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