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Saturday, December 15, 2018

America’s Debt Default – Our Two Minute Drill.

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( To use a football analogy, it’s the end of the 4th quarter. The United States of America is out of timeouts. Our leaders are either filled with ideas or completely out of ideas depending on your perspective. Everyone in the crowd is standing on their feet – and experiencing the full gamut of emotions: fear, anger, confusion, depression, frustration. We need someone to step up. We need a big play; and we need it right now. This is our two minute drill.

We are in week number three of an unnecessary, nonsensical government shutdown. Americans from many different walks of life are suffering mentally, physically, professionally, patriotically, financially, even relationally. In case you haven’t noticed, America’s financial markets have already begun falling. Economists and leaders of the global financial markets are hoping for the best even as they prepare for the worst. Here’s the official doomsday scenario. Thisnational-debt-clock country was still recovering from the Great Recession of 2008 – the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. If we do not pay our nation’s bills for the first time in our history, we will enter into truly unchartered territory. No one knows precisely what will happen. No one knows how much damage will be inflicted upon our economy. No one knows what will become of all the international money markets so interconnected with America’s. The one thing we do know – the one thing which is beyond spin-doctoring and debate is this: it will be bad. Perhaps bad to the one-hundredth power.

If we default, many American companies, corporations, and small businesses will surely be harmed financially. Once those entities are harmed, the inevitable result will be the loss of jobs and benefits. Those losses of jobs and benefits will hurt hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding Americans. How will they pay their bills? How will they be able to put food on their tables for themselves and for their families? How will they manage to keep a roof over their heads?

The debt default would sentence every single American to higher fuel costs, higher food costs, and higher interest rates on everything from mortgages to credit cards to car loans – even as we would all be subjected to lower interest rates on our bank accounts, stock investments, and retirement annuities. Translation: even in such a dire crisis as this, the rich would get richer while everyone else gets poorer. In light of the current state of our terminally dysfunctional government, there is no possibility of any sort of stimulus this time to jumpstart economic recovery. There is no priority for Congress to actually focus on job creation right now. The vast majority of our Senators and Congressmen are far too busy worrying about somehow keeping their own jobs in 2014 or 2016 to even think about your job.

Since before President Obama assumed office, the various factions of the Republican Party vowed to fight him tooth and nail on every single one of his initiatives and his laws. The GOP has spent much of the last 5 years trying to establish the narratives that big government was the root of all evil, the greatest jobs killer known to mankind, and stealing from the makers in order to give to the takers. Christian common sense instilled in Americans from childhood informs us that it is never, ever appropriate to negotiate with the devil at any time on anything. Is it any wonder then that the right wing has persisted in trying to depict Mr. Obama as the devil, the Kenyan colonialist, the second coming of Hitler? Here’s the problem, though. Once you’ve spent so much time, treasure (money), and talent branding the President as evil, how do you then turn around and ask him to have a conversation, Speaker Boehner? How do you sit down and work out a deal with the boogeyman on reopening the government and avoiding a financial implosion of biblical proportions? Tea Partiers hate the U.S. government; and are more than thrilled it has been shut down. Any attempts to reopen it will quickly incur their wrath.

Here – at the precipice of financial ruin – the Republicans are still demanding concessions on the Affordable Healthcare Act. They seek to deny Obamacare to all White House and Congressional staffers; some of whom make less than $30,000 a year. How draconian. The GOP don’t even want The President to be able to sign up for the healthcare law which bears his name. Call them Ishmael. AHA remains their white whale.

In football’s two minute drill, the team with the ball runs its very best strategies. Its players know that everything’s come down to this: victory or defeat, success or failure. America’s out of time. Who’s going to step up? How does this calamity end? The entire world is watching.

Staff Writer; Arthur L. Jones, III

This talented brother is a local Minister, weekly featured Democratic Op-Ed columnist, non-profit advisor, and sees the Braves winning it all this fall. Rev. Jones welcomes your comments! Please email him directly at:




3 Responses to “America’s Debt Default – Our Two Minute Drill.”
  1. Papacool says:

    The recent government shutdown should be an eye-opener for every able bodied thinking person to serious analyze. Ignorance has always been the staple that has been relied on since any debates have began. If you do not know how the system works, you will never be aware of what is lost as a result. When the final figure of $24 billion in lost revenue was pointed out after the 16 day shutdown, people have not asked to see a breakdown in how that figure was arrived at. The cause of our economic woes did not happen just on the watch of President Obama. At the end of Clinton’s presidency, we were told that the budget was balanced and the economy was quite robust. Then came Bush. No one seems to follow up on the fact that Bush had a brother who was in the banking industry and was involved in the scandal of the Savings and Loan operations of the United States. Banks went bankrupt, no meaningful investigation of the Bush involvement was ever done. This act alone should have been classified as treason, but as we all know, money talks. President Bush embarked on a mission to rob the poor and give to the rich and carried it out quite successfully. Many others that had various appointments by Bush within the government have gone on to make more company in the private sector by establishing companies that profitted on our war involvement. Dick Cheney and his involvement with Haliburton is one prime example. As a result of 9/11, security companies sprung up and obtained government contracts with nary minority involvement. Former head of Homeland Security, Micheal Chertoff, has a company that provides the body scanner equipment used in most airports today. All one would have to do is follow the money trail, knowing in the meantime, that doing so can cost you your life. So then, is then any question as to why you are not seeing any hardcore investigative inquiries into these matters? Where is 60 Minutes, Dateline, and all of the other so-called informative media when you need them? It has been my opinion that people truly believe that we have no idea of what is going on, which is a direct insult to our intelligence. But even if you know, one can see why people are discouraged in even trying to point out inconsistencies. The overall problem is that there are no mechanisms in place to monitor efficiency and stop wasteful spending. The mismanagement of the funding throughout every business entity on a global scale is appalling. But the buck is passed right to the lowest level of the pole, which is the 99% that was often talked about during the campaign period, but has been swept into silence since. If programs like Social Security had to match inflation, the system would have been broke years ago. It is seen as a problem now due to the fact that survival rates have been increased as people are living longer. But do not be surprised when a new disease is introduced to eradicate the population and bring things to a managable level once again. If you think you do have nothing now, just hang in there because you have not even begun to see what is behind the curtain of life. President Obama has tried to reason with those he was elected with to do what is right. In doing so, he has been the object of a level of hatred now seen since Sammy Davis Jr hugged Nixon. The people he attempts to reason with do not have any hint of respect for him and they do not mind if the public knows it. In many cases they have the support of the districts they represent which should be a wake call to everyone about how the political process is working. Hopefully common sense will be used before the January/February deadlines, but only time will tell. Peace out, Papacool.

  2. James Davis says:

    Please, once and for the last time……

    Get over the fact that there is a man of color in the White House. If this were about Mr. Obama, do you think for one second the Democratic Party which has in it ranks white Southern representatives also, would stand with this president. They are walking in lock step with Mr. Obama in regard to his position. I say this because many of us identify the tea party activists as Southern racists. This fight is about policy! It is about entitlements! It is about billions of dollars that will cease to be under control of the very wealthy, and will be spent directly on the American people. Those who are finacing this campaign can care less if Mr. Obama is white or black. Remember how they fought and beat Hillary Clinton when she proposed a healthcare program during the Clinton adminstration? The biggest fight is yet to come! That is going to be the fight over Social Security. If we continue to personalize these fights to Mr. Obama, we will lose sight of the fact someone is taking money from us as Americans, and our Social Security benefits will be gone. I bet they will trot out the racists to front the campaign to cut Social Security also, although with more difficulty because so many of us benefit from this program. Nevertheless, we must focus on what wealthy powerful people really want and that is to stay wealthy powerful people! Money is power. Anytime there is transference of wealth as big as the ACA …, they see it as a time for war. Don’t get me wrong, I know racism exist. However, when a person is picking my pocket, I first want to turn around and stop my pocket from being picked by grabbing hold of my wallet, then I consider the color of the person picking my pocket. Well with the ACA, Democrats have succeed in picking the Republicans’ pockets and they are grabbing their wallets, and in the process of doing this they are using every tool at their disposal, including attempting to get us to think this is all about Mr. Obama. Wisdom is looking beyond the immediate. Mr. Obama is not making this about him. Maybe he sees something we don’t.

  3. ewill says:

    OMG! The Apocalypse is coming.
    Pray for wisdom brother.

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