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Why President Obama Is Still the Smartest Man I Know??

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(ThyBlackMan.com) What many people, including me, felt was a big blunder and even defeat for President Obama on the debate Wednesday evening, was a superb strategy. In hindsight, it was perhaps the best debate strategy in presidential history.

It took me a while to figure it out, particularly since I am on vacation in Aruba and only getting bits and pieces of the aftermath of the debate.  But like many Obama supporters, I could not rest until I shed light in my mind on what  appeared to be a complete turnaround in President Obama’s debate skills and presentation.
From the very beginning, the Obama team predicted Mitt Romney would be the Republican challenger.  They were prepared for this even before all the Republican debates and primary, so there is simply no way President Obama was unprepared or intimated.
After hashing the debate over and over with my husband, we really believe President Obama intentionally performed in what appeared to be a lackluster debate as a part of his strategy to expose Mitt Romney’s inconsistencies, and reveal how he would do anything to win an election.
President Obama was aware that Romney would come well-prepared to answer questions that have haunted him like the forty-seven percent video, refusal to release taxes, and the constant flip-flopping of issues among other things. President Obama did not want Romney to have the opportunity to defend those issues with additional lies to the people.  His strategy allowed Romney to continue with more inconsistencies, including saying he supports education, but is going to defund PBS, the educational television channel when he is in office.
The very next day, President Obama went on the campaign trail speaking about all the issues many highly anticipated he would bring out in the debate.  One important component, Romney was not there with his well-prepared rebuttals.  President Obama took a big chance with his strategy. Some polls show a slight bump for Romney after the debate, and many supporters were upset at what appeared to be a lackluster performance, but the truth shall be revealed. 
President Obama is focused, smart and realizes he has an opponent with whom he has to stay one step ahead of the game.  I anxiously await the next debate and pray the real Obama will show up and show out.
Staff Writer; Sheila Agnew
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5 Responses to “Why President Obama Is Still the Smartest Man I Know??”
  1. Ms, MoBetter says:

    RawDawg, I am a educated women that has an opinion just like you. I don’t ask you to agree with it, but respect my right to say it. If the world were one sided, we would walk around like zombies. As grandma used to say, “time will tell.”

  2. Trut be told, you must both be poorly read and hang around or know rather dumb people. I will give him brilliant a million brilliant folk, but smartest man I know. Not close. He may be Brilliant But No Management Skills

  3. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    I also thought the president might have purposefully laying back, biding his time. He has more than one debate to work with, and the last will be the one best remembered in November. But if so, it IS a risky strategy indeed!

  4. Ummm Yeah says:

    Good luck with that ridiculous backwards ratioanalization

  5. insightful says:

    Big Bird is a $300 million private enterprise that will survive without the use of public funds.

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