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Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey American Idol drama, beef sadly.

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( Like everyone else, I was shocked and dismayed to hear the allegation that Nicki Minaj threatened to shoot Mariah Carey on the set of the television show, “American Idol.”  Of course, this is Mariah Carey’s claim, but if it’s true, it’s certainly a problem.

This is not just Diva talk and not just for entertainment.  When we get to the point of people making death threats toward one another, we are seeing the worst of what we can be as human beings.  Yea, I know Nicki Minaj is from the hood.  I know things got heated.  In fact, I quietly wonder if Nicki Minaj has, like the early Whitney Houston, been branded to be something that she’s not.  But the fact remains that she should know better, and I think a lot of us are getting sick of rappers making white people rich by promoting the violent use of guns that are manufactured to put our community into extinction.

I am also concerned about all the little girls who look up to Nicki Minaj and the possibility that they might believe that she actually did threaten to kill her rival.  For the rest of us, it might be entertainment.  Like a small fire that they  are seeking to keep from getting out of control, American Idol executives are seeking every opportunity to put their fledgling show back on top.  But for anyone who raises teen daughters in urban settings, you know that this kind of hunger for confrontation can be very real among young black women.

Part of the reason for my concern about violent shows like “Basketball Wives,” (and incidents like this one) is that I remember seeing one of my adopted daughters dealing with other girls in an urban environment.  Her school was one of the worst in the state, and it seemed that she couldn’t walk down the hallway without some girl “mean mugging” her, talking about her behind her back or trying to fight her after school.  It made me sad, because everything that was sweet and beautiful about my child was turning ugly.

I noticed that her increased level of aggression toward other human beings was largely the result of the fact that she was confronting a jungle-like environment that promoted survival of the fittest.  Michelle Obama wasn’t showing up at her school to teach girls not to bully one another. It reminded me of a human/psychological version of the killing fields where Michael Vick raised his dogs to battle one another until the death.  No dog can come out of that environment as a sweet little puppy, and few of my daughter’s friends could be the trusting, loving women they needed to become in adulthood.

Some of the girls at my daughter’s school ended up getting suspended for fighting, some of them ended up in jail.  The nice girls might end up depressed and perhaps even suicidal because there’s nothing lonelier than being surrounded by bullies when the adults are too busy to care.  The violence around us can be like a thunderstorm:  We may not be the ones creating the weather, but we are certainly going to get wet.

When celebrities and role models behave this way on television, it should concern us all (yes, anyone that kids look up to is a role model and their parents can’t always stop them from admiring Nicki Minaj).  The fact that Nicki Minaj — a multi-million dollar entity and highly successful artist — might do something like this is beyond problematic, and if there are witnesses supporting Mariah Carey’s story, then Nicki Minaj should be removed from the show.  It seems that black women fighting and trying to murder one another has become the trend of the day, and quite frankly, it’s making me sick.

Things just got real on “American Idol,” and anyone who has seen the spike in teen violence over the last few years know that, for our kids who are trying to survive this kind of bullying on a daily basis, it’s more real than we could ever imagine.   Let’s kill the stupidity right now.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins
Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit


9 Responses to “Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey American Idol drama, beef sadly.”
  1. Rosie says:

    There is nobody to blame for Nikie’s behavior but Nicki. She choose to behave like a damn ignorant FOOL, she knows better, everyone knows better, people choose to behave on the manner that they do. Stop making up excuses and reasons fr bad behavior. People life in all sorts of bad circumstances and some choose to grow and become role models and some choose to glorify ignorance and ratchet behavior. Yeah, I am not a circus animal, therefore I will not dance for spectators …… Btw, when you are truly talented, your talent speaks for itself, you don’t have to put on a damn minstrel show. Check out Mariah if you don’t believe me.Nicki is an ASS

  2. Patsy says:

    Bullying is a very serious issue. I suffered from it in school and it was a shock to me to see that it can go on between adults at work. One of my co-workers killed herself!!! What we see on TV definitely has an impact on our society as a whole! On the job market, there is a new expression called “corporate bullying”. It is sad and grave to see that too many times agressive managers get promoted and so on. It sends the message that it is OK to create an hostile environment which is the case in my workplace, for instance. This is unacceptable!!!

  3. Shalisha says:

    “… and I think a lot of us are getting sick of rappers making white people rich by promoting the violent use of guns that are manufactured to put our community into extinction.”

    I’m sick of people like YOU blaming everyone else except black people for their poor choices, sick thinking and low self esteem that makes them use the guns against each other that are “manufactured to put our community into extinction.”

    Nicki Minaj is a loser from the hood who has not yet learned how to settle a dispute without resorting to violence. Being ill bred, she thinks it’s natural and normal to threaten to shoot someone.

    You can’t blame her sick thinking on anyone else but her and the people who spawned this sad excuse for a human being. She belongs in a cage with the rest of the animals who think like her.

  4. Sensamillia says:

    Niki Minaj behavior sucks. She is not funny, smart or doing herself any favors. Se is also being incredibly self centered and selfish. I used to be a huge fan, but now I think she’s a fool…..

  5. good griefs says:

    Does anyone know where the author lives? He sounds like Bill O’Reilly, out of touch with reality and a bit closed minded. This BS is prevalent in urban, rural and above all affluent communities! Unfortunately, we’re witnessing the meltdown of society.

  6. stop it says:

    The KNEEGROW raised dogs to sell to the underground dog fighting business, so sad!

  7. sankofa says:

    Dude! You are shocked by the action of this paragon of virtuous womanhood? For real? Nicky Minaj?SMDH!Don’t you know these Cauasian folks like this stuff? This is what they call “black entertainment”.

    By the way…Michael Vick raised dogs to sell, he did not raise them to fight. His cousinsd where fighting dogs on his property. His confession was a plea bargan, a natural occurance when rico charges in particular is used to hit a knee-grow over the head.

  8. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    The only way to kill the stupidity would actually be to withdraw our viewing and our spend on products advertised on programs that degrade Black people — and to deny not only ourselves but our children the opportunity to poison their impressionable minds. I get a little weary of this idea that we have no control over who our children choose as role models; my parents controlled my TV time and internet usage strictly and instead provided me contact with strong Black people of their choosing. I did not have access to buying music that was degrading; they controlled how much money I had, and what I could spend it on. That is what the grown folks are SUPPOSED to do to protect their children at least until the kids are old enough to know right from wrong. Until we the adults make up our minds that we are not going to let the entertainment industry’s “drama picks” shape our kids’ thinking, and make the necessary sacrifices to make darn sure as little of that poison gets into our kids’ heads as possible, we are going to have our kids modeling the bad behavior of the entertainment industry’s drama kings and queens. But we CAN stop all that — IF WE WILL.

  9. Would you be any more shocked if it was men? The article is written as if people, men and women don’t have ‘beef.’ Get off that Cindarella crap, its 2012. A chick can pull out a 9mm just as quick as a guy. Im from LA, it can go down in broad day light on any block. In Oakland, CA chicks even fight guys, typically they get knocked out but my point is it goes down.

    Solution put the emphasis on people men and women rather than kicking ‘my little daughters who look up to Nicki,” crap. Gone are the days of Leave It To Beaver now its about…..well just look at WorldStar Hip Hop….sad huh

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