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Part 4: Dirty Black Secrets, Thy Dirtiest Secrets.

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( One of the dirtiest Black secrets of all is that Black people have kept themselves enslaved.

The enslavement has been perpetuated largely by pretending that there is no racism. But also by passing lies and mythology about ourselves.

Many Blacks think we are doing worse than we really are because of the lies they pass around about us.

Let’s start with the biggest lie of all—stupid knee grows love lying about how Africans the world over are lost because they were fighting before Europeans came to Africa.  Well, guess what, dumb ass knee grows? So were the Europeans!  Humans have been fighting since there were humans.  This is neither a reason nor an excuse for the predators to come into a continent and begin the world’s worst treatment of humans.

But, really, who hurts us more than the most vicious white racist?

We do.

We harm ourselves with our inability to police ourselves.

The worst behavior will be defended if the perpetrator is an athlete or entertainer.

One of our dirtiest Black secrets is that, sadly, many of us love being Niggers.

There is no ugly definition of us that many of us won’t be willing to aspire to, up to and including being Niggers—in all the ugly derisive lack of glory in the meaning of the word.

Where our public behavior was once of dignity, many of us now aspire to be as undignified as possible. Males (not men) walk around with their underwear showing, accenting their butts and females (not women) walk around with as much of their precious sexuality on display. Tattoos are on chests and breasts, backs and thighs and on necks and ears—not body art, but body dirt that inhibits job searches and other opportunities where basic dignity is required.

Males have gone soft, while females act hard and menacing, fighting in public like men used to do.

Many of us look like garbage and act like garbage—all the while referring to each other as “Nigger” in front of anyone who can hear. The stupidest, most destructive thing we ever did was to pretend that using that ugly word in public was some sort of “revolution.”

The word hasn’t changed, but unfortunately, we have.

And we love our Black Athletes and entertainers—especially when they are acting like Niggers.

It’s a problem that horse faced Jay-Z can talk about all the money he has but neither he nor his wife do much to create anything better for the kids who are coming up in the same neighborhoods they pushed themselves up off of to get out of.

The fact that no one has killed he and that other self-hating bitch Kanye West is a testament to our willingness to allow our talented filth to drag our image and standing through the world’s mud.

How dare these two self-destructive pieces of defecation make a recording called “Niggas in Paris,” which essentially tells the world that wherever they go, they are still Niggers? And how dare Nas threaten to slap people for being angry that a white actress couldn’t wait to tweet that she was with those Niggas in Paris and was therefore also a Nigga herself?

Another one of our dirtiest Black secrets is that we are the most beautiful people on the planet and everyone wants what we have, yet we want to alter everything about ourselves, from our lips and hips to hair and from our skin color to our eyes?

Secretly, we are not the only ones. Asians abhor the sun and the darkness it gives their skin, which is why they wear wraparound sun visors and walk with umbrellas in the sun. Whites risk sunburn and skin cancer every day just to get some color—any color—on their skin. Why? Because they hate themselves.

Yet, they have convinced us that we are to be hated and many of us line up for the hating. And we hate ourselves most when we pretend that we are something else.

Hispanics love to pretend away their African ancestry to focus on trying to be some “other” or even white. And sadly, many islanders love to pretend that they are anything other than African American. For example, Lisa Nicole Carson volunteered to the media that her pet peeve was being “mistaken” for African American. She clarified that she was a Jamaican from Canada. Um, yeah, but you look just like us…

Dead of brain and dead of soul, we act like we are all good because a few of us are financially good.

Who is really damaging us?

Our dirtiest secret the world over is that we have seen the enemy…and he/she is us.

Staff Writer; Darryl James

One can connect with this brother via D.L. James. Also follow him on twitter; DarrylLJ.

Feel free to also purchase his newly released book which is entitled; The Whirlwind or The Storm, LA Riots Perspectives.


6 Responses to “Part 4: Dirty Black Secrets, Thy Dirtiest Secrets.”
  1. Julian Gumbs says:

    Nice article but it is SEVERLY flawed. At no point in time should 40 million American Black represent over 840 million Global blacks, it doesn’t, American Blacks doesn’t & NEVER WILL a race that originated from AFRICA, therefore, Africa can be the only one that teaches you how to be Black. I know as well as you will come to realize, a western version of black can NEVER & will NEVER Outshine the True identity of being Black that is on the verge of being Globally seen in these Western World, within the NEXT FIVE years. The question as the Time approaches, who & what do you (who share my skin) STAND FOR, Who & What. The musicans/entertainers/general population of America will be clearly seen for what they are, Deceivers & Liars & Frauds. When you travel as very, very, very FEW black Americans do, you will see, what the society is like without the pollution of this Western identity. At that point, you will join the 95% of us who ALRWADY have a Strong idea of what it means to be PRIVILIGED to have the black skin. America’s hegemony of Global black cultural ideals are OVER. Now black Americans will be shocked, appalled, & ashamed for how they Look. I have witnessed what you NEED to witness, however, had you travel & seen the meaning of being black abroad, you would know as I know, Africa will teach you black how to be black. The same way, Britain teaches the British to be British, Russians to be Russians, China teaches to be Chinese. You are NOT thought to be Black Here, you can’t you’re thought to be American, American only. Never will 5% of a popultion dictate how 95% of people should act. By 2017, It’s Permanently OVER!!!!

  2. Ford says:

    Didn’t suggest you were Terrance.
    Anyway, scrolling through the tv channels and its the al sharpton show. Being filmed in a barber shop in nyc. The owner says “when we gonna be on top”. We? WTF. He cant see beyond being black. He owns a barber shop business in nyc. He is already on top and cant see it. Or, white people bring guns and drugs to black neighborhoods to keep blacks down…??? Nope. Whites are not that focused on blacks. What I do see a lot of here in the south is interracial pairing. Blacks and whites not mexicans. They by action are telling the old racists to f off. Its still here as the ignorant redneck pos woman across the street asked my daughter what she was doing hugging a nigger. We have had words and twice around midnight three sharp raps on the side of the house. Old kkk bullshit. By the time I get outside they are gone or hidden. Called the law but their useless. Guess I’ll cling to my bible and guns.

  3. To Ford

    Not hating, just telling the truth.

  4. Ford says:

    Didn’t know this site existed until yesterday but your right about liking black people as a whole. I don’t like the individual hate directed at me simply because my parents were white. My great, great grandfather came down here and fought through the civil war reenlisting in the middle. Somehow he returned home in one piece. Talking with my Gram about him when I was very young she said “we fought to free the slaves”. Nothing about preserving the union or any of that.

  5. To Ford and about this article, you may not hate yourself, but you definitely love Black people behind closed doors. This is on a subconscious level though. Why else would you be making a comment on a Black site called thy black man? You try to talk, walk, dance, sing, rap, shake hands like us too White women also thicken their lips, butts, and get tans as well. But back to the main article, Black people and many others hate themselves on a subconscious level. Unfortunately, as Black people, we haven’t unshackled the mental chains of slavery and colonialism.

    We are doing well as individuals, but as a people, we continue to suffer. The proof is everywhere as this article points out, but it left out those so called successful people who aren’t entertainers or athletes who don’t give back and remember where they came from and the struggles our ancestors made so we could have a better life. Until we deal with the mental effects of slavery that continues to divide us, we as a people will continue to have these conversations, which change nothing.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  6. ford says:

    Good reading till I got to the part about whites hating themselves and so get tans. Being white I liked having a tan. Felt healthy. Protected from sun burn. I never did wish I was black or anything else.

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