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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

GOP Mitt Romney Gets Zero Percent of the Black Vote… And?

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( Earlier this week I commented on an article asking whether or not it is wrong to root for someone, specifically in sports, because they are the same race  as you. Wrong or not it’s what people do and it doesn’t happen just in sports.

The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal presidential poll is a lightening rod for race relations revealing President Obama captures 94 percent of the Black vote. Mitt Romney, zero. Of course there are Black Republicans and of course they will probably vote for Mitt Romney: Herman Cain, Michael Steele and Mia Love, Allen West. But what’s the most telling about this poll is not the President’s lead among the people with whom on the surface he has the most in common, he also leads among Hispanics, women, and voters under 35. What’s telling about this particular part of the poll is what the zero number represents for Mitt Romney and the Republican party.

GOP Mitt Romney leads among Seniors, whites, and people living in rural  areas. Sounds like the demographics of the South to me.

It’s been long held the Republican party is the party of the old Dixie-crats. The party of southern land owning, humans as property owning men. But if the base of the party are the only viable members of the party the GOP is going to find itself in an identity crisis very soon. The makeup of America is changing. Southern whites don’t dominate the way they used to. I’d go so far as to say they don’t dominate at all. 

If you live in the South you know there are still deep seeded racial issues that aren’t as prevalent, if at all in the North. Take race mixing and marriage as the most recent example.

In the south the frequency with which you see the hate and heritage symbolizing Confederate Flag is not surprising; no reason to sound the alarm. The same can’t be said when you see the criss crossed stars and bars in the North. It is incendiary, damn near a reason to riot.

The differences in landscape, culture, priorities and people can explain the extreme polarization of the country. The south holds steadfastly to family values and religion making it an easy win for the Republican party which posits itself as the party of family values and evangelism. Some ask the question, If Black people hold fast to family values and conservative mores, why don’t they vote Republican? The simple answer is the Republican party while catering to the family values set, caters more to those with tall money and deep pockets, a set many minorities by circumstance, not choice, are excluded from.

Mitt Romney’s courageous appeal to Black voters at the NAACP conference was out of political duty not genuine interest. If the Republican party and its supporters want to play courtesan to one of the most picked over minority groups in the country feel free. But if they are going to don the role of the coquette they need to master the art of making one time samplers repeat customers.

The Republican party is hostile to outsiders. Minorities and immigrants are said to be welcomed but only in the confines of appearing to boost diversity not actually initiating a lane of equal opportunity. Women are only worthy if married with children. Single women are villainized  or left victim to policies that protect nuclear family units over singular independence.

Those without excessive monetary value are insulted being told they are not working hard enough to achieve success; accused of being envious of the wealth of others when really they just want a shot to create their own.

There is no room to alternate from the main narrative of the Republican party. Without that alternation there is no room for inclusion because opposing ideas and opinions are shunned.

It is no surprise Mitt Romney has not captured the Black vote. It is not his fault. George W. Bush and Republican Presidents before him didn’t capture much of the Black vote either. Black people are not shunning the candidates per say, they are shunning the party that shuns them. The party that says, yes you must jump through all our hoops just to vote this year. The party that says if you are on welfare you are lazy, if you go to Planned Parenthood for any reason you are a baby killer, and if you came to this country for a chance to make your life better for you despite your illegal entry than you should turn around and retreat until you are invited in to the nation that says we will make all of your dreams come true.

The Republican party is the party of old moneyed mongrels who have no time to waste on charity cases, cases Democrats presume to take up with pride.

If Mitt Romney and the entire Republican party want an even split of the “unaccountable” voters they need to actually embrace the issues of these specific demographic groups. Until then they’ll continue to come up with zero and have to mobilize their base and not so undecided undecideds while Democrats reap the spoils of being able to pick from the minority majority.

Staff Writer; Nikesha Leeper

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12 Responses to “GOP Mitt Romney Gets Zero Percent of the Black Vote… And?”
  1. Tisha says:

    For me and my black family…well we are going for Mitt Romney all the way. We did not vote for Obama the first time around, and we will not give him our vote this time either…he flip flops on gay marriage, abortion, and he lies about being what he truely is, a muslim…Hollywood and the media got that man in the whitehouse, along with dirty chicago politics.

  2. jbm says:

    and I agree with above comments, stop using RACE. You insult your own race by playing that card over and over. It is silly, just silly to vote for someone just because they are the same race as you… get over it, be smart and vote for someone who will make a REAL difference…. I am a proud African American woman with a proud African American man who will vote for MITT……

  3. jbm says:

    I must say, my husband is a strong black man, successful, and proud to say he and I both will vote for Mitt… we have worked hard, put ourselves through college, my husband got his engineering degree masters then went on to medical school and became a radiologist, and we voted for Obama 4 years ago, but his methods are manifesting into taking money out of our paychecks because we worked hard, put ourselves through school, became a doctor in the medical field, and now his plan is to cut medical care reimbursements, how does that encourage young African American people to want to go be the smartest and brightest and go to medical school only to make little money in the end. NO…. Mitt will fight to make those that work hard and earn their money be able to get paid for their hard work. OBAMA is allowing those that want to stay on welfare, stay on it. So I differ that I know many African American blacks that will vote for MITT so that they can earn what they deserve.

  4. JG says:

    “It’s been long held the Republican party is the party of the old Dixie-crats. The party of southern land owning, humans as property owning men. ”

    Tell that to Lincoln and MLK. You are spinning like crazy to race an issue… look in the mirror because the real racists are those who make race the issues. Your hateful and racist column is just a list of baseless opinions to make the gop look bad, but what you did was make us look bad. Stop the hate and try to talk facts and less bolony.

  5. S. B. says:

    It’s deep seated, not deep seeded.

  6. huh says:

    Perhaps this is why Robert Byrd, Democratic Senator who served in Congress until his death in 2010 recruited more than 150 people to join the KKK of which Byrd was also an active member.

  7. Dan P. says:

    The comments here show how astoundingly different people see the world depending on their political prism.

    Obviously, white racists are Republicans now. They were just as obviously Democrats until 1948. They switched between 1948 and 1960. It makes for interesting history for the politically inclined. Anyone who thinks Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln would have anything to do with today’s GOP is massively deluded.

    Just follow the party i.d. of Strom Thurmond….

    By the way, check out how many African Americans voted for Kerry, Clinton, Dukakis, Mondale, or Carter. African Americans vote Democratic by a huge margin, and have for a long time. That Obama got overwhelming support is not surprising in the least.

    Honestly. You expect that looking up “Angry Black Man” on Youtube is going to provide reasonable information? Really?

    Buncha morons in Internetland….

  8. Tracy Millner says:

    Obviously the author of this article is a racist, but that’s OK because he is black! No white would dare to speak as he does. So tired of this hypocrisy! Besides, being from the South, but having lived in the North for many years, I know first hand how wrong he is in claiming racism is ONLY in the South. Pure bull! And, for blacks to get a pass on only voting for their own color is disgraceful! Not anything new though, we’ve seen this happen over and over, even when the issue is as serious as murder. Isn’t that what happened with OJ Simpson’s trial?? This election should not be about color, but as always this is what some irresponsible racists love to turn it into!

  9. mittforpres says:

    I am appalled at the very ideas this guy has. The fact that race is playing such a huge factor in these elections is appalling. The last elections as well. I would ask anyone how the last 3 1/2 years have gone for them financially? Unemployment staying above 9%. Peoples annual incomes dropping this isnt prosperity. Yes the Republicans are in favor of tax cuts for people making more money but think about who is creating those jobs we so desperately need. It isnt the people making less than 100K a year. I believe there is fear under this administration for those people who would be creating jobs. They are afraid to do anything as far as expanding or starting a business. Think about in less than 2 years you will be “taxed” if you cant afford to buy health insurance. I do live in the south and I am not wealthy at all. I am a single parent and yes I am a woman. I have seen the last 4 years hurt all of my business ventures. I think its time for a change. If anyone votes solely on race they should be ashamed. If Mitt had picked Condoleeza to run with him would we be having this issue? Dont think so!!

  10. Kimberly says:

    This is NOT the article I wanted to read today! OMGosh! Some people are so ignorant it’s unbelievable! Did the author sleep through US HISTORY!!? He had the nerve to call Republicans the “slave owners”! SHUT UP!? Until the 1950s and 1960’s the DEMOCRATS were the rulers in the south! All slave owners were DEMOCRAT and it wasn’t till around the time of Kennedy that things began to change! We just had this whole discussion about it in History last year. And when is it ok to have a whole race of people vote on color only? If white people wrote this article and started off the first sentence like this guy did, they’d be tarred and feathered! This is so LAME!!

  11. Dorian says:

    Another False Liberal News Line…

    African Americans Are Just As Upset With Obama As Any Other Nationality…

    Simply Go To Youtube And Look Up “Angry Black Man”…

    Obama Has Fueled Racial Tensions And Class Warfare In This Nation,
    Everyone Regardless Of Nationality Has Realized That Obama Is Simply A Failed President…

    To State That African Americans Would Vote Only For Obama Makes This Story Racist, And Degrades The Afican American People…
    It’s Claiming They Have No Political Insight And Would Vote Based On Race Versus Commonsense Or Political Insight….

    African Americans Have Business’s, Retirement, Homes, Families…
    They Require Income, Jobs, No Different Than Anything Else…

    They Have Become Tiresome Of The “Race Card”..

    They Also See Obama For The FAILED LEADER He Is,
    And For Nothing Else….

    This Articla Is Very Presumtuous To Say The Least ….

  12. Jed says:

    A poll just a month ago showed Mitt getting 10% of the black vote. I don’t trust any MSNBC poll. I know lots of black people who are voting for Mitt.

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