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Americans, Our Future is Bright…

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( Times are tough. Most Americans are experiencing the greatest financial crisis of their lifetimes and many are still struggling to find work. In times like these, it is easy to despair.

Instead of supporting legislation to solve the jobs crisis, right-wing pundits and politicians are encouraging this gloom by claiming America is in “decline.”

These critics are cynical and wrong. Great crises have historically forged great  leaders, and this one is no exception. President Obama’s American Jobs Act is our country’s opportunity to seize today’s moment, and put our country back to work.

Along with members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, I listened to thousands of Americans this summer during the Speakout for Good Jobs Now! tour. Americans’ message was consistent: times are tough, but we have hope.



Time and time again, our leaders have used progressive policies to help America get back on its feet. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln built the First Transcontinental Railroad to connect Americans from coast to coast. After World War II, America’s national debt was higher as a percentage of GDP than now; yet, Dwight D. Eisenhower knew we needed an Interstate Highway System. And of course, our social safety net was born during the Great Depression. Because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s leadership during a time of crisis, millions of Americans can now count on Social Security to protect them during retirement. President Obama knows this. Americans want action based on America’s can-do spirit.

America remains the greatest country in the world and we inspire millions struggling for freedom around the world. When the people of Libya stood up against brutal repression this summer, they waved American flags in celebration and gratitude. As the people of Egypt shape their new government, they are rightly turning to the American Constitution as a model.

So before anyone mourns the decline of America, they should look at our history. We’re Americans–in times of crisis, we step up.

Written By Rep. Keith Ellison

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One Response to “Americans, Our Future is Bright…”
  1. James Davis says:

    Rep Ellison:
    With all due respect sir, and to the office you hold as a Representative of the people, many people are not abandoning America and the ideas and principles this country represents. As a matter of fact we are embracing them when we ask the right questions of our governmental representatives. When we ask, as many freedom loving Americans during, President Lincoln’s times must have ask, “Is it Godly for one man to enslave another?” He answered them forthrightly by giving the slaves their freedom. There are those who think we are being un-American, when we practice the very freedom that we have fought wars for around the world and that is the freedom to petition our governmental represetatives peaceably to redress our grievances .

    We are never more Americans when we task our Representatives to come up with answers to our problems. We are never more Americans when we do not accept answers, like “Stop complaining.”In the course of human events, such as this horrific economic downturn, which leaves in its wake horrendous human suffering, which is being played out across this great country of plenty in every big city, small town and hamlet, we the people have an obligation to step forth, when our political representatives fail us, and demand our government which was created by us, fulfill its obligation to us, of promoting our general welfare. We do this as fierce advocates of our countrymen, countrywomen, of our sons and daughters who are hurting due to no fault of their own.

    We shall not be quiet, nor shall we accept less than the very best from our governmental representatives. Black people of this country are hurting and it’s time for those who say they represent our interest to do their jobs or step down and allow someone to take their places who can get the job done. No sir, it is not America we are questioning, it’s those governmental represetatives, who are earnestly not fulfilling their obligations to us,and our sons and daughters to find answers to the high unemployment numbers we are experiencing. And we shall do this sir, continue to question them most vigorously.

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