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Friday, June 22, 2018

Dr. Boyce Watkins; President Barack Obama Meets More Fox News Racism…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Eric Bolling, host of “Follow the Money” on the Fox Business Network appears to have a love for racist attacks on President Barack Obama.  Last month, Bolling threw race onto the table by stating that President Obama was off “chugging 40s” while in Europe.  This month, he has taken things a step further by referring to the Obama White House as the “Hizzouse,” “Hizzy” and “The Big Crib.”  He has also referred to many of President Obama’s black guests, including the rapper Common and Gabon President Ali Bongo, as “hoods” that the president is spending his time with.

So what’s with all the hoods in the Hizzy?” Bolling said. “A month after the  White House hosted the rapper Common, who glorifies violence on cops, the president opened his doors to one of Africa’s most evil dictators.”

Bolling then proceeded to discuss the visit with a series of guests, including Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, who has made regular appearances here on Your Black World.

When confronted with images of President Obama meeting with Gabon’s president, Ali Bongo,” said the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, “[Bolling] instantly recalls other black people who have met with President Obama, and comes to the conclusion that Obama feels deep love for black ‘hoodlums.’”

Before having the guests onto the show, Bolling promoted the segment by referencing the White House as “The Hizzouse” and then stated that, “It’s not the first time he’s had a hood in The Big Crib.”

We should probably realize that these tactics by Fox are not accidental.  It is part of a deliberate strategy to profit from the latent racism that remains alive and well within our nation.  Fox serves as a haven for millions of Americans who’ve remained irritated by the advancement of black people, in large part because they see black success as a threat to white male dominated power structures.

One only needs to see photos of nearly any important meeting in the White House to realize that white males are still running America.  President Obama is often the only black man invited to high level cabinet meetings, and women tend to be locked out as well.  Also, the film “Too Big to Fail,” showed a room full of wealthy white bankers deciding the fate of the global economic system.  White males still hold the keys to the nation’s political and economic car, allowing them to crash at will while the rest of us sit back and hope for the best.  The point is that white men are accustomed to being the only Americans invited to the table of power, and some of them resent the idea of the rest of us obtaining a slice of America.

Four years ago, I stopped appearing on Fox News after I realized how racist the network had become.  I’d made a few exceptions for Fox Business, but it now appears that they too are choosing to profit from the lowest common denominator.  It is difficult to hear these comments by Fox Business and Bolling without understanding clearly that the network is leaning upon racial stereotypes to undermine the legitimacy of an African American leader.  These comments would never be made if President Obama were not black.

In some ways, the actions by Fox are a breath of fresh air in America’s fight against racism.  If you bring the roaches out to the surface, you can identify them and kill them.  But by allowing them to live underneath the refrigerator, you have a hard time convincing others  that the house is infected with bugs.  Well, by bringing the racial roaches out into the open, Fox Business is showing us that the concept of a “post-racial America” is the biggest myth since Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.  America has a long way to go.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit http://BoyceWatkins.com.


4 Responses to “Dr. Boyce Watkins; President Barack Obama Meets More Fox News Racism…”
  1. Provasek says:

    Fox News is a disgrace. On their website, they put a spin on every headline about the president that he is “different than the rest of us” or that he is passing more and more laws to take rights away from white people. People add comments — without even reading the article which doesn’t even match the inflammatory headline — calling the president Omammy, Buckwheat, Porch Monkey, praying to Jesus that he gets shot because we can’t wait until 2012 to “get our country back.” Of course Fox News head Roger Ailes used to be a GOP strategist, which for 40 years has based Republican winning strategy on stirring up “white resentment”

  2. rdb3 says:

    @The truth


  3. The truth says:

    First of all what he said is the same words that foolish people use. And when Obama let that dictator in the white house he opened the door to many comments. How is it considered racist? It isn’t only black people that use those phrases. Only when something disrespectful is said about a black person is it considered racist. That is stupid. Point blank the comment he made was disrespectful not racist. With fox and others who agree that it is racist is being racist themselves. Let me explain, for all who thinks this is racist is sayin the black race is the only one who uses foolish idiotic phrases. What the reporter did was simple disrespect to the president period. Weather Obama is white black or orange you don’t disrespect the president with foolish language. The question people should be asking and worried about is why president Obama had someone so horrible in the white house in the first place? Wake up people quit putting everything on racism and the color of someones skin there are to many issues far more important to be worried about. Such as gas prices, the economy, children dieing in our own country from starvation. I’m was born and raised in America I always thought we all had freedom of speech anyway? This country dissappoints me more and more each day!

  4. Frank says:

    If black people wanted to teach Fox news a lesson they could start by trying to get black athletes to boycott fox sports reporters in the locker rooms, on field/court etc. Just stop speaking to them, avoid all interviews. This would cause a huge wave ripple back to fox news. The only problem would be trying to get black athletes to do anything positive for their on race.

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