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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The New Black Awakening “Malcolm X”: It’s Reparation Time…

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You get your freedom by letting your enemy know that you’ll do anything to get it – Malcolm X…

So, where were all Malcolm’s fans on Thursday, May 19, when the faithful celebrated the 86th anniversary of his birth? Each year, people dedicated to the principles Malcolm X championed gather in Westchester County, New York at his Ferncliff Cemetery gravesite, although many profess to embrace Malcolm’s teachings, the sad truth is that the actual number of practitioners  are few. It’s regrettable that so few Black Americansdefine “freedom” the way that Malcolm did. African Americans have fallen prey and acceptable of America’s institutional racism. In America and every country that benefitted off the backs of slaves, descendants of slaves continue to allow themselves to be held at bay regarding reparations.

Ask yourself: “If Malcolm were alive today, would he be “for” or “against” reparations? Or, if you are a “Mainstreamer” ask yourself if “the freedom” Malcolm spoke of was “freedom to associate and assimilate with Whites?” There needs to be an awakening among those Blacks with mainstream mindsets about the importance of reasoning and rallying for reparations compensation. Until now, Blacks have allowed themselves to be bamboozled by an illusion of inclusion in American society. Mainstream forces keep most Blacks’ minds off the daily doses of racism they experience and cause us to focus the energy we should be using toward our freedom on the symbolism of keeping Obama in the White House.

Instead of striving toward the freedoms Malcolm sought, “Mainstream Blacks” are happy to entrust traditional institutions to look out for our interests. Given the frightening state of affairs in the White world, mainstream oriented Blacks have to admit that nothing is improving for Black people in general. Just when “Black Mainstreamers” thought it was safe to sneak out of the struggle, a movement called Exodus Two emerged. The movement promotes a new philosophy for Blacks “to rise up and act in our own behalf.”

Our current level of “empowerment” is not working for us, so instead of continuing to allow White peoples’ interest to determine our agenda, Blacks need to take a “timeout” from the mainstream and make time to make a difference in our own communities. If we continue to blend in, our race will literally rot in the ghettoes of America. Whether you live on Malcolm X Boulevard, or in a gated community, it’s time to represent descendants of the slave trade against the injustices that destroyed Blacks and their forbearers’ lives. Isn’t it time that concerned Black Americans admit that nothing is improving for us under this system? This system was built based on Blacks providing free labor. It’s also time we each demonstrated on behalf of the descendants of slaves and against the U.S. government for its complicity in the slave trade and the impoverishment, misery, distress, and bigotry that continues to this day. 

Isn’t it time to make the American and European governments accountable for stealing human beings off of the continent of Africa and enslaving them for 400 years? The debt from that period is simple: more than 100 million Blacks lost their lives, at the same time; White-run nations that acquired wealth and power from one generation to the next continued to thrive; while slaves and their descendants lived in wretched chattel squalor. Sadly, most Blacks seem satisfied with this status quo.

Newly awakened Blacks could be an enabling force during the upcoming months and years by scheduling local lectures and study groups on reparations. The Exodus Two movement’s goal seeks passage of a bill for reparations. Toward that end, Exodus Two is mounting two public rallies: the first on June 15, beginning at 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., in front of The United Nations in New York City. The second rally will be held on June 20, beginning at 6 a.m. until 5 p.m., on the steps of U.S. Capitol. It’s time to get on the list. E-mail: Yehudah ben Yaacov at or Tziona Yisrael at

Written By William Reed

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7 Responses to “The New Black Awakening “Malcolm X”: It’s Reparation Time…”
  1. alleyezonme says:

    THANKs for SHARING it really does send out hope that were not completely closed minded about ourselves and certain self empowering possiblity we posses,I know reparation wont happen for the simple reason that would mean Fault an responsibility would have to be taken not only by the descendant an country, here but all nation were we are currently exsit & scattered plus that would only open the gates to not only the to entitled wages but open the door of crimes of the past done to us that still have generational scars and trauma an indoctrination effect on our mindset even in the present,and lead the way for certain other nations to accuse the imperial powers as well.Whether Malcolm, Garvey, soujourn Truth,Black laws, black CODEs prison institution etc Teach us that, that way with the truth in us in its entirety regardless how hurtful or inconvenient it may feel,we can rebuild ourselve in a better way without the delusion of inclusion,open minded to all things but ourselves that my generation seems to be in ,Then when we get the knowledge it can be used to change our behavior ,build a communitys we want to live in since we really don’t have any an restore to whole black dynamic concept making our own jobs housing and create generational wealth without reparation and stop worry about other races/nation that aren’t connected to us until we have a better foundation of are own .The other nation have theres and some were even compensated for grievance committed against them but we can’t really on that to happen.

  2. Karen says:

    not many know about Emmett Till; I feel like the Only White person that does, and He was a part of the Civil Rights movement, so teach history and work from there

  3. Karen says:

    Where is the NAACP to commemorate Malcom X; only to express and intense hate among the races, while making mucho dollars. I don’t agree, and this is another example that makes me not try to understand what you or anyone else are trying to express. He was not necessarily for ‘America unity but against’: at one time, not until he traveled and found that he part of an existence in this World. His own clan killed him! The issues about, ‘black and white’ is so common and obvious; open your eyes, because not everyone from every Nation or Country will like you for you. I have lived in diff. parts of this Country and found that, Africans/Islanders, ect. don’t like many others because of their traits, so, where do we stand? This is the 21st Century and black-black; white-black, you name it are killing each other…the only news is race. We cannot forget those who have marched the long road for change; we are killing the history and diluting the change…dont forget..You want a Nation pure and of Black race then you have much to deal with than Hitler did..I am a culture of change and we are not monkeys nor donkeys so God has treated us equal and to pro-create. Sorry, but you are going to be disappointed and there are people who will speak the same…If you are Islam, then why be here? Go to your home land and really learn what a real Islam is? Muhammad Ali wasn’t who his name before: could you explain? And why isn’t he a bad guy, not a role for many black men? You tell me this?

  4. I’m all for reparations, but the truth be told if this was in the form of money, my opinion is that Blacks would do as they always do, spend it on stupid and unempowering bling.

    Instead of investing in the future our people have the poison of buy it now
    and show it off. “I got this from the white man with his money as pay back for slavery.” Not realizing that they are giving it back to the white man.
    Instead of money reparations how about letting a few generations get go to college for free at any college they choice. NOW THAT IS REPARATION EMPOWERMENT.

    Call me stupid, call me ignant, but the best thing for a Black man/woman is still edjumacation in this country.

    This from a brother that teaches elementary school and on the college level.

    Sorry I get carried away sometimes.. LOL…

  5. HandsomeBlackCowboyBrett1953 says:

    Dude,EVEN IF African Americans were to receieve “Reparations,”those thieving
    “ministers” and “African American mis-leaders’ would dupe the recipients out of it and most would be homeless within six months!!!(Mu 76-year-old uncle,my mother’s sole surviving sibling,lives in Detroit,and he tells me CONTINUALLY
    about these 2011 Rev. Ikes-these crooked “clergymen” who live opuplently in suburban Detroit and drive fancy new cars from their poor flock’s donations,
    Detroit being roughly half-poor,with churches the most lavish builings in the city proper.).What do you think the EVEN MORE CORRUPT black elite would do after swindling the under-class out of its “reparations?”

  6. bobmc says:

    There is no one I know of in the USA alive today who enslaved anyone. I owe you nothing but an equal chance, what you do with it is up to you.

    If you want to sit on your ass and feel sorry for yourself it’s a personal problem. I shouldn’t have to feed you while you sit there.
    Everyone in this nation gets 12 years or more of free education. Use it to learn standard English and the skills employers are looking for. Rap and hip hop aren’t job skills. Stop having babies you’re too sorry to feed, I had to work 70 hours a week just to feed mine.

  7. rhonda says:

    let’s put it this way, and being like a syrup bottle i quote “do unto others as if you would have them do unto you”…..respect has to be earned nowadays at any cost, and when earned your own respect as hard as it is too render (especially being reared in a life at making sure you don’t forget yourself—-you black) you demand your earned respect at all and any cost……

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