Thursday, September 21, 2023

Black Sci-Fi Month: Streetlethal by Steve Barnes.

Tweet ( Steven Barnes should be a familiar name. In addition to his fantasy and sci-fi writing, he has also written television forThe Outer Limits, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda, and Baywatch. With his wife sci-fi/horror writer and educator Tananarive Due and actor Blair Underwood, he wrote the Tennyson Hardwick series. My favorite work of... [Read more...]

Black History Month: Black women in the WNBA led the way to a new CBA.

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Tweet ( The most well-known professional women’s sports team league in North America is the Women’s National Basketball Association. The WNBA has been around since 1997 and has grown considerably in talent, depth, and recognizable personalities since its inception. The WNBA has been a beneficary of the increased talent, athleticism,... [Read more...]

Coronavirus Crisis Is Donald Trump’s Time to Lead.

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Tweet ( Not until well into the Democratic debate Tuesday night did the COVID-19 coronavirus come up, and it was Mike Bloomberg, not a CBS moderator, who raised it: “The president fired the pandemic specialist in this country two years ago,” the former New York mayor said. “There’s nobody here to figure out what... [Read more...]

The Democratic Debate Doom.

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Tweet ( One overarching truth emerged from the cacophonous Democratic debate this week: The Democrats haven’t got game. They’re floundering. They’re lost. And they’re coming up short. Everyone on that stage except maybe the clueless Michael Bloomberg recognized that Sen. Bernie Sanders is the dominant front-runner,... [Read more...]

How Can Sen. Bernie Sanders Happen in America.

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Tweet ( Pundits have recently argued that younger voters, especially those under 30, are less inclined to be bothered when they hear the word “socialism,” since they have no firsthand memory of the Cold War. To some extent, this must be true. Those who weren’t alive during socialism’s cruelest catastrophes —... [Read more...]

I’ll Never Go to the Rex Parade.

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Tweet ( There are things in New Orleans that are as old as The Quarter, and Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, racism is one of those things. It is easy to overlook racism in the Crescent City because one is focused on a culture that is dominated by the spirit of African Americans. When people consider the music, food, dance, the very energy... [Read more...]

Black Fantasy Month: Imaro by Charles R. Saunders.

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Tweet ( Charles R. Saunder’s Imaro is a book I’ve been waiting to write about. The first in the Imaro series, it is a landmark in Black sci-fi and fantasy as well as the start of the sword and soul genre of fantasy. Yes, the book is just that important but it tends to get overlooked when discussing fantasy books if folks don’t... [Read more...]

From Rags To Riches: The Singapore Story.

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Tweet ( Singapore, a modest fishing village mere years ago, has built itself up to a population consisting of 226,000 members from the world’s elite 1%. That’s pretty impressive and, if we’re honest, it sets a blueprint that most other countries could benefit from following.  Of course, no nation-state likes to admit that another... [Read more...]

Donald Trump Calls Out Justice Sotomayor For Her Activism.

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Tweet ( President Trump is right to call out Justice Sotomayor, and other unelected black robed social justice activist hacks who are masquerading as non-partisan upholders of the rule of law. Remember when the United States Supreme Court carefully guarded their time-honored independence from the politics of the Executive and Legislative... [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Chances For Re-election Are Looking Better and Better.

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Tweet ( Donald Trump has at least five strong historical arguments for his re-election. One, he is an incumbent. Incumbent presidents have won 14 of 19 re-election bids since 1900. The few who lost did not enjoy positive approval ratings. In a Gallup poll from earlier this month, Trump enjoyed his highest approval rating since his inauguration,... [Read more...]

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