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Has the Word Hero Lost Its Meaning?

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Tweet ( In prior decades heroes had names like Shirley Chisholm and Jackie Robinson; now it’s anyone who dies or becomes a social media sensation. How bizarre is that? According to Webster’s Collegiate dictionary, a hero is someone who displays fortitude, boldness, and exceptional courage, in times of war or danger. Through... [Read more...]

Tiger Woods’ sad history of “sitting on the fence”.

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Tweet ( Coming off a promising 2018 PGA Championship in which he resembled a facsimile of his former self, Tiger Woods has continued to participate in golf tournaments after years of health issues that threatened to derail his Hall of Fame career. Over the past decade, Woods has had to deal more about questions regarding his health,... [Read more...]

BLACK BRITANNIA: The Black Presence in Great Britain in the Context of World History.

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Tweet ( For some strange reason, but then again it’s not so strange, the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was presented as if it were some sort of landmark event. In reality, though, we have always been in the British Isles and in every level of society. Let us start at the beginning, the very beginning. . .  5,000,000  years... [Read more...]

Things You Need For Your Brewery Business.

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Tweet ( Starting a brewery business is not easy because it is a convoluted job overridden with twists, turns, delays, shortcomings, and surprises. Nevertheless, the good thing is that it is not impossible to start a brewery business amidst the challenges. If you have the passion, dedication, and resources, you can brew great beer and... [Read more...]

About God, Man, And The Great Universe.

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Tweet ( I was raised to be a Christian, but I never go to church, because even as a kid I couldn’t buy into talkin’ snakes. I wanted to believe it, because I was taught that if I didn’t the Bogey Man was gonna get me, but try as I might, the common sense that God bestowed upon me said, “No, it’s nonsense.” So at 14 years... [Read more...]

Mojo is Mind Changing.

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Tweet ( It started off as K2, Mojo Spice and other herbal alternatives to marijuana that were not necessarily for smoking purposes. Sometimes the potpourri which clearly stated “not for human consumption” was smoke in an effort to find a high greater then marijuana. It is also important to not none of these items were considered... [Read more...]

Will Be Over If “GOP” Loses Control Of The Congress.

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Tweet ( Recent polls and surveys are delivering, at best, mixed news for Republicans regarding the upcoming midterm elections. The good news is that prospects have turned positive for Republicans to win Senate seats currently held by Democrats in Florida, New Jersey and Wisconsin. But looking for good news in the House is a bigger challenge.... [Read more...]

Health Concerns When It Comes To Immigration.

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Tweet ( The Immigration and Nationality Act mandates that all immigrants and refugees undergo a medical screening examination to determine whether they have an inadmissible health condition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has technical instructions for medical examination of prospective immigrants in their home countries... [Read more...]

Federal Reserve Looking To Hold Down The President.

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Tweet ( There’s an old cliche that the Federal Reserve likes to take away the punch bowl just when the party is getting going. That’s what President Trump suspects that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is doing now by raising interest rates at a time of a booming economy. Last week, Trump took a shot at the Fed when he complained... [Read more...]

Get Known To Motor Trade Insurance In Detail.

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Tweet ( It is essential to be equipped with excellent business insurance when you are earning a living buying, fixing, selling or dealing with cars, even if it is part-time. A motor trade policy is mainly designed for small as well as large motor traders. Motor traders discover that every plan is different as there are several coverage,... [Read more...]

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