Friday, November 16, 2018

African WordCamp and KidsCamp Conferences.

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Tweet ( The growth of WordCamp conferences is phenomenal and empowering on the continent of Africa. Since 2016 there is a rapid growth of these dynamic conferences that are showing the “open source” community as a growing family of innovators, creators, artists, evangelists for technology and content creators that build PLNC –... [Read more...]

Will You Allow Your Kids To Take the Road Less Traveled?

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Tweet ( Parents set limits for their children and most of the time, it’s for the child’s better future. We want our kids to follow a certain path in life, and most importantly, we want them to become better and more successful than us. We rarely let them see our vulnerabilities and we want our kids to learn from our experiences.... [Read more...]

Malcolm X; Countering My Students False Conclusions About This Brother.

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Tweet ( Unfortunately, the assertion that Malcolm X was violent is a familiar refrain that my cadre of undergraduate students insists on repeating. Two decades of teaching informs my view that it is rare to encounter a young person who has matriculated through the standard K – 12 educational system that has not come to this conclusion;... [Read more...]

Why More Black Doctors are Needed in the USA.

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Tweet ( Healthcare in the US seems to have a problem with African American people, but it is a two way problem. People in the medical profession are sometimes uncertain how to behave with black people, and patients of color would rather be seen by someone who is not white, as surveys show they trust African American doctors more. There... [Read more...]

Is A College Degree Really Necessary For Success?

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Tweet ( In life, there are many different pathways to success and indeed, many different versions of what success looks like to different people. Unfortunately, we don’t get to have that Sliding Doors moment where we can see what would have happened if we had taken one route instead of another, turned right instead of left, or... [Read more...]

“I have been a White Studies Major My Entire Life.” Reflections On A Peculiar Comment By A Student Of Mine.

October 23, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( There are things that my students say during my “call and response”lectures that are hilarious. I do my best not to laugh at their statements out of fear that such a reaction will serve as a significant obstacle to in our enlightening banter during vibrant class discussions. However, there are moments when I feel it is selfish... [Read more...]

Slavery, Schools and the Literacy Race.

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Tweet ( About a decade ago I moved to New Orleans and during my transition period I began cooking up a book I had entitled, “Black Boys Don’t Shoot: The Handbook to End Black on Black Crime in America.” I dug deep and heavy into every statistic, every inch of research, wanting to create a platform, a conversation, and an organization... [Read more...]

Black America’s Political Awareness; Beto O’Rourke visits Prairie View A&M University.

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Tweet ( When I heard Beto O’Rourke was coming to the Prairie View A&M University campus to hold a “town hall” meeting, I immediately checked my schedule to see what prior commitments I would be escaping to ensure that I was in the house. It was only after realizing that September 19th was a Wednesday that an unavoidable reality... [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Forget The Past As You Move Into The Future.

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Tweet ( The past is in the past, they say. Forget about it because you can’t change what has already happened. As true as it is, it’s dangerous to consign parts of your life to the trash shoot of history. Sure, some things are too raw and painful to relieve and you want to do nothing more than to erase it from your memory banks.... [Read more...]

Necessary Skills for Understanding Complex Subjects.

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Tweet ( We live in a paradoxical society that makes it challenging to advance, not because of one’s level of intelligence, but because of a lack of skills within our education systems that teach one how to apply that intelligence in an effective manner. In many cases, learning to study and comprehend complex subject matter isn’t... [Read more...]

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