Saturday, March 25, 2017

Donald Trump’s Budget Cuts Hurt the Same People that Voted for Him.

Tweet ( If you happened to have voted for the man who now occupies the White House, you may be feeling bamboozled, right about now. The man who said that he wanted to take care of the little people, those who were forgotten by the elites, now wants to cut programs that affect these working-class people, ranging from Legal Aid to Meals... [Read more...]

Black Racism vs White Racism, Chicago Violence blame game.

March 21, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( The Black Star Project is a Black Muslim front group in Chicago that trades upon blaming government and specifically whites as being responsible for the ills of blacks. Equipped with the usual accusations and a complete dismissal of personal responsibility for bad decision making, they reason that the solution to black problems... [Read more...]

The School-To-Prison Pipeline – A Major Problem In Alabama.

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Tweet ( Last month, The Montgomery Public School Board released the numbers of suspensions from the 2015-2016 school year and I found these numbers to be very egregious. Of the 31,000 students in The Montgomery County School District, there were about at least 4,000 suspensions that were handed out throughout the school year. Of those... [Read more...]

2017 Homeschooling: Restoring Parents’ Right to Raise Their Children as God Intended?

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Tweet ( I am a black Tea Party guy; speaker, singer, activist and prolific writer. I became exposed and educated about home-schooled kids while traveling the country on 14 Tea Party national bus tours. Home-schooled kids are strikingly smarter, better educated, calmer and better behaved. I also noticed that every home-schooled kid I... [Read more...]

ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act: Black Parents Stand Up..

March 18, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( Today, across the United States in nearly every African American community, millions of parents are striving to do all that they can to ensure that their children receive the highest quality education possible. In many cities and towns, the public school dropout rate is now declining among African American students. This is the... [Read more...]

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Listen Up.

Tweet ( Lots of people want to be entrepreneurs: around two-thirds of people, in fact. But only a very small chunk of those people, around 3 percent, ever bite the bullet and do it. The reasons for this are many. The first is that there’s a big difference between what people want to happen in their lives and what they actually do... [Read more...]

EdCamp – An Adventure for HBCUs.

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Tweet ( The exposure to the collaboration with educators with years of experience is important for new educators and pre-service educators that attend HBCUs choosing a career in education. Becoming a teacher is not an easy decision, knowing you have the support of seasoned and respected educators is a plus and motivating. Diversity... [Read more...]

Bring EdCamps Too Africa To Build Collaboration and Connectedness.

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Tweet ( Kiswahili [another term for Swahili] the proverb “Asiyefunzwa na mamae hufunzwa na ulimwengu,” shares the responsibility of the community (village), or town or city to raise/educate children. The exposure to educational strategies, concepts, best practices and the application of diverse technologies can sometimes... [Read more...]

The NCAA = The National Capitalists Against Athletes And Their Massive Exploitation Of Labor And Wealth From The African Community In America.

March 8, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( The NCAA is NOT an “amateur” sports league that they always claim to be because it’s a professional sports league that makes more money during March Madness than the playoffs for The NFL and The NBA combined. These administrators and greedy money hungry coaches like John Calipari and Nick Saban, who’s... [Read more...]

Democrats King of the Blame game.

March 7, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( It’s time to play a game called “Name That Party.” I’ll provide a quote, and you tell me whether it was a Republican or a Democrat who said it. Here it goes: “To launch our national rebuilding, I will be asking the Congress to approve legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in the infrastructure... [Read more...]

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