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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Where’s the rest of it? Stories about black life in the inner-city.

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Tweet ( “Where’s the rest of it?” is a line of dialogue from my web-series I thought would work as a title for this blog because I am asking Hollywood the same question about the stories it produces about inner-city black youth. My web-series, the Miseducation of a First Generation College Student, is a dramedy that navigates... [Read more...]

10 Ways To Empower Young Black Men In America.

Tweet ( In a system that is designed to oppress and destroy young black men in this country, black parents particularly black fathers should be heavily involved in teaching their sons these 10 things. 1. Don’t be a slave for The Corporate Plantation, teach him how to be an entrepreneur and king of his own castle  – Corporate... [Read more...]

Three Attitudes Dads Must Adopt to Become Socially Active.

Tweet ( “There are a lot of kids out there who need help, who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement. And is there more we can do to give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them”? ~President Obama, announcing My Brother’s Keeper initiative to address the challenges... [Read more...]

Girls and Bullying: Pain and Potential PTSD.

Tweet ( Girls of all ages are involved in online communication that has exceeded face to face communication. They are sharing photos, videos, emoji’s and other graphical displays of emotions and friendships. BFF is a new word in the English language. The increase of a girl’s social life has transitioned to digital relationships that... [Read more...]

Students’ Build Your Brand and Reputation and Protect It.

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Tweet ( “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” William Butler Yeats Student’s Build Your Brand and Reputation and Protect It The story of Laremy Tunsil is a strong lesson to middle and high school youth that their Social Media content can influence their future. The mistakes of the past can... [Read more...]

African Americans, Know Thyself.

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Tweet ( Many of us point to the accomplishments and contributions of ancient African science and philosophy as proving the worth of African peoples and as reasons for us to be treated equally. Others of us see these things as the rationale for us to take pride in our African heritage, and as a spur for us to go out and develop our own... [Read more...]

What Do You Do Before High School Graduation?

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Tweet ( These suggestions are to help parents, grandparents and guardians as graduation for their children gets closer. Graduation, a great accomplishment and the end to an educational journey from Day Care to High School. Before this momentous occasion parents need to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed to make a smooth... [Read more...]

What African Americans Can Do to Achieve their College Goals.

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Tweet ( A recent report shows that African Americans face yet another systematic disadvantage when it comes to the job market. This report, written up by the Young Invincible advocacy group suggests that in order for African American millennial men to have the same job prospects of the white Americans, they need 2 or more levels of education.... [Read more...]

Supporting Men Teachers and Their Contributions to Education.

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Tweet ( “Where are the male teachers? And, more broadly, how can men participate in both traditional and nontraditional educator roles in the communities that need them most. Imagine walking into a school that has an equal number of men and women educating and leading our next generation. Think of the difference male teachers and role... [Read more...]

Getting Rid Of Those 6 Major Studying Woes.

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Tweet ( This blog’s all about being broke and fabulous and what’s more broke than a student? Few things. But we all know that as a student you’re going to have to tackle budgeting and little money more than ever before. What about the other issues you’re going to come up against? What about the psychological and personal troubles... [Read more...]

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