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Monday, December 16, 2019

New Religious Jim Crow In America…

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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) If you’re Black and Muslim in this country, you’ve been looking over your shoulder at least since September 11th. Historically that’s always been the case. Racists have always considered Muslims the worst threat to business as usual. That’s why recurrent domestic incarnations of the Crusades rear their... [Read more...]

The Bridge: Grace…

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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) grace (n) disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy or clemency. *Today’s lesson, boys and girls will be all about grace–good manners. Once upon a time, there were manners classes–etiquette if you will.  But now, there are no standards and many of society’s most ignorant boors simply make things up... [Read more...]

Why Lawrence Taylor won’t catch a pass like Roethlisberger…

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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Let me start by saying this: I don’t know if Lawrence Taylor raped anyone, and neither do you. I do not have the ability to presume guilt or innocence just yet, because I have not seen the evidence. But you know what? That probably doesn’t matter anymore, since Taylor’s face has been splashed on our TV screens... [Read more...]


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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Did you see the latest Tyler Perry movie, Why Did I Get Married Too? I just did. Let me tell you about it. Oh, by the way, did you hear about the rift between Spike Lee and Tyler Perry?  Spike took Perry to task for his characters, like Medea. And when Perry ended his acceptance speech at the NAACP Image Awards for his film,... [Read more...]

Does A-r-i-z-o-n-a Spell J-i-m C-r-o-w??

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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) SUGGESTED BLACK MALE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE TACTIC IN THE WAKE OF THE AZ ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION LAW: WHEN STOPPED BY POLICE STATE SLOWLY YOU’RE ” A MEXICAN HERE ILLEGALLY AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO STOP ME! ” and watch the reaction!   A lawyer friend of mine also opposes illegal immigration. He’s is on a... [Read more...]


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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) How about an urban tea party?   Why not high profile, center right events where Black citizens and fellow Americans with urban concerns unite to discuss the Obama Administration thus far and community issues? Urban rallies need not be liberal led to  authentically air views from this constituency. The ‘hood has been... [Read more...]


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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) AN EARLY MEMORIAL DAY/FOURTH OF JULY 2010 MEDITATION:   ” Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel ” warns Samuel Johnson from the past.   While I have healthy civic duty, I always draw the line at calling myself a patriot.  It’s too easy to slap on the label and strut around. Variously, Klansmen;... [Read more...]