Friday, September 22, 2023

Brad Washington

Authentic Music Stories is a column entirely written by Brad Washington. He is a music staff writer for PopMatters and Sabotage Times. He also works for as programming assistant and also contributed to The Bleacher Report as a Syndicated Writer. This column focuses on Hip Hop normally, but also R&B and some aspects of Pop Culture.
Twitter: @theGURO15
The J. Cole Sideline story hip hop, etc. | B.I.G. Legacy – Hip Hop, etc. | Hip Hop – Miseducaton of Christian Preachers, etc.
T.I.P. fame, Old T.I., etc. | Kid Cudi – Drake Fans Hearts, etc. | Lil Wayne – Jay-Z diss, etc.


Wale joins Rick Ross music fam, etc. | Rick Ross Hip Hop Star, etc. | Hip Hop – Rappers Road to Riches, etc.

Jay Z Watch the Throne Hype, etc. | Jay Z – The Great One, etc. | Music Review – Smart Entertainment, etc.