African Americans: Thug Rappers destroying the Community!

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( To all black rappers, hip hop, R&B singers, artist, entertainers and musicians who are destroying the African American community with your degeneracy, vulgarity, pedophilia, drugs, alcohol, violence, thug behavior, loud, disorderly conduct etc. we the good people of Black America are asking you to stop making our African American community a mockery of the entire world with your rap music of Death, Violence, Drugs, Murder, Killing, Sex and deviant behavior that is complete destroying our black community and causing our young generations of children to become extremely unstable; therefore, promoting, vulgarity, indecency, violence. and crimes against other members of our African American community.

This new generation of rappers and hip hop music are nothing else but garbage and poison to the minds of our black children and you as male and female black rappers and entertainers are creating chaos in our communities that is leading to death. destruction and more deaths. How many children have to die for black rappers and hip hop artist to realize that your rap music is death to the ears of black America! How many rappers have to died because of other rappers and musicians singing songs about killing other musicians and seeking revenge over nothing?

I’m asking all African American rappers to wake up, open your eyes and realize that your music that is sponsored by the white demons of Hollywood and the mainstream media of the west are promoting your own destruction and the collapse of our black society while the elite and Hollywood are laughing and making a mockery of you your music and your entourage. Wake up black rappers! Wake up black entertainers! you have been used and manipulated for over 20 years by the powers who control your black music industry and rights to your master recording of your songs, sound, performance and they have coerced you into making music that demonized, dehumanized, label, profile and bring Death to every single black men and black woman in America.


More so, black rap music is causing the over sex of black girls and black woman into something that is not of our black culture and because of the lyrics in the rap music, many black women have been rape, sexually molested, assaulted, beat up, killed, murder, kidnapped and impregnated by black men listening to your music of violence, drugs, sex and death. Rap music have change for the worst and the new generation of rappers born to single mothers are creating monsters and killing other monsters born to the music of death. Indeed! Rap music have become the music of “Death and Destruction of Black America”.

I Am calling on all the black male rappers such as: Kodac Black, Boosie, DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Boy, 2 Chainz, Lil Nas X, YNM Melly, a boogie with da hood, Juice WRLD, 21 Savage, Polo G, Lil Baby, Asap Rocky, Migos, Chance the Rapper, Tyler the Creator, NBA Young boy, Young Thug, Trippie Redd, Playboi Cardi, Lil Yachty, Swae Lee, YG and many others rappers to Please Stop! Stop! and Stop making and singing rap music about death, violence, drugs, sex, revenge, pedophilia, etc.,, because your music and the words that come out of your mouth is creating chaos and destruction in our black community, while every other community is prospering and laughing at you but not with you.

My African American Black Male rappers you are very unique in your own way and very talented; whereas, you have tens of thousands to millions of followers who love you, adore you and some that hate you’re for what you do. You have the power to change minds and move mountains with your music and talent; therefore, I asked you to move our black children into the right direction of peace, love, tranquility, education, respect, honor, responsibility, integrity and honesty.

I am also calling on my beautiful Queens female black rappers such as: Lizzo, Meghan Three Stallion, Cardi b, Saweete, Malibu Mitch, Leikeli47, Rico Nasty, Tierra Whack, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat and many more to Please Stop! Stop! and Stop making and singing songs about sex, drugs, pimping, stripping, prostituting, alcohol, fighting, and orgies to our young children because your music is causing our young children to be rape, sexually molested, assaulted, rob, killed and kidnapped. I beg you beautiful sisters and social influencers to please stop destroying your black community and to change the way you present yourself to the new generation of little girls who are interpreting your music in the wrong way and it is leading them into the wrong direction.

My fellow black musicians male and female of America, you are the new leaders of our generation “Z” and Alpha generation; and you have the power to move these two groups of generation people in any direction that you desire; therefore, Black America is asking you Ladies to lead our black children into the righteous path of honesty, integrity, love, harmony, unity, education at HBCU’s, prosperity by banking black in black banks and investing in black business, marriage to each other and the wellbeing of our black babies to be raised in a home with both parents. We need all black Americans to be on the same page and put all grudges and hatred aside and begin a new era of reconciliation and peace among ourselves. We need to do this because our community is dying and disappearing slowly but surely and white America is watching and waiting for it to happen.

Before hand, I want to congratulate rapper Kodak Black for going out of his way and looking deep into his heart and donating hundreds of Air conditioner units to low housing communities and to the elderly black community. Your gift and kindness came from your heart and your passion as a black men and I asked to urge your fellow black rapper to do the same in their respective communities.

Now, it is time for all black male rappers to sing and make rap music and hip hop songs about supporting each other, helping your fellow black brother, encouraging each other to stop using drugs, stop having kids out of wedlock, stop having unprotected sex, stop abusing children, stop fighting each other, stop killing each other and stop spreading STD’s among our people. I am asking rapper Kodak Black to make a song about black children attending only black private schools and staying in school; NBA young boy to make a song about black teenagers and adult attending HBCU’s; Lil Uzi to make a song about black men putting your guns down and pick up a book written by a black scholar such as Dr. Claude Anderson book ” powernomics”.

Furthermore, I asked Asap Rocky ta make a song about taking responsibilities of your children and paying child support on time; I asked Trippie Redd to make a song about stop doing illegal drugs; I ask Playboi Cardi to make a song about stop drinking and driving,; I ask Little Yachty to make a song about stop beating up your girlfriend and mother of your kids; I ask YG to make a song about stop making threats on social media to other black rappers:; I asked Lil Nas X to make a song about black LGBT respecting and making peace with straight black men and vice-versa; I asked Soulja boy to make a song about rappers taking responsibilities for their music contribution and communicating with each other before putting it on social media and I asked other rapper to make positive rap songs today, tomorrow and always.

Now, for my beautiful black female rappers I asked you to do the same and start making rap songs about black love, black education, black economics, black investments, black marriage, black power and black unity. I asked for Megan thee stallion to use her talent to sing a song about black woman been faithful to their men and to avoid having kids out of wedlock. Lizzo to make a song about wearing protection during sex and choose a man carefully, Rico Nasty to make a song about never to cheat on your men and to never give up hope on a black man. Tierra Whack to sing about black woman and black men marrying each other and respecting each other no matter the situation, I ask Niki Minaj to sing about black power and supporting the NFAC, NAAGA and the nation of Islam and finally I ask Saweete to sing a rap song about all black woman to behave and conduct themselves like ladies in public place and to stop cursing or yelling profanity in public and at home.

My Black Queens you are the envy of the world. so please show the beauty, integrity, respect and decency of our ancestor’s behavior prior to the arrival, colonization and acculturations of racist white people impose on the great African American community. We are powerful people and for that reason the white supremacy of America want you to destroy your own community by telling you that is okay to sing garbage to our black children in hope that we as proud people will destroyed ourselves from within. We cannot allow our enemies to control us and determine our future anymore, so let’s change history and the course of our action by doing the right thing and saying “NO” to the white power structure and saying “YES” to black prosperity and integrity.

Finally, this is time to prove that you are a true black men and true black woman by making your commitment to do the right thing by making clean, healthy, inspirational, educational music for our community; But, more so for each and every one of you rappers mentioned above to go on your social platform either Facebook, Instagram, tik tok, you tube etc. and announced to your followers that you want them to stop the violence, to stop the gossiping, to stop the arguing, to stop hating on each other and more so to stop the jealousy and envy towards each other. This announcement should be made on Saturday September 11, 2021 beginning in the morning and continuing into the night and the following day. Sept 11 will be our day of peace, unity and celebration in the African American community.

Do not tell me or black America that you love God and Jesus, but you have never met neither of these two Neanderthals cave dwellers demons of the west who were eating their own feces before they proceeded to worship their garbage Religion of the Slaves for which we know as Christianity. Black American rappers love your black brother, black sisters, black flag, black freedom, black wall street, black independence and protect yourself and your peers from those who deemed to control you in order to gain wealth at your demised and destruction of your black families and communities.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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