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Christians: It Isn’t the Devil’s Fault You Did It.

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( So often in our community we give glory and praise to God and place blame on the devil for our actions but, when do we get held accountable?  More often than not, I can remember hearing our church mothers thanking God for anything good in our lives, from something as simple as paying bills on time to a family member recovering from an illness. The opposite of that is the blame game. Placing blame on the devil for all that is bad in their lives. “Oh, the devil is at work again!” or something to that effect. Is it really the Devil’s fault if we committed the act?

I look at situations in our lives where bad things have happened and while fault is important, it is equally as important to look at the why. I’ve been through some pretty rough situations in my short life. I’ve been married and divorced, almost died, buried a sibling, all of those things and the one thing I’ve realized is that whether all the good things in my life came from God or if the bad things are from the devil I still committed the act. I made the decisions, I followed through, I am the responsible party. We like to say, “what will God ask that you did when you get to heaven?” But, how can we say we did anything if we place all the credit and blame on others? Won’t we get held accountable for that time we drank a little too much and said something we shouldn’t have? For lying when we should have just told the truth?

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Here’s my thought, IT’S ALL OUR FAULT. Good, bad, whatever, we are accountable. While this may be a little difficult to swallow it’s all your fault. Here me out. I’ll use myself as the example. Many say it’s a blessing to find a wife, but what if you choose the wrong one? Is it a curse? Many say having children are a blessing, but what if you can’t afford the children, what if they make your life infinitely more difficult because of lack of resources? Is it then a blessing to get a divorce because the relationship is so bad that you almost die because of stress? Is it a blessing to work so much to be able to afford to care for your children but you never see them?  What’s a blessing then and what’s a curse? What is inherently good and what is inherently bad?

At this point in my life I must hold myself accountable above all else. I can give God credit for all the good but I’m the one making the good decisions. If He is our Father, then shouldn’t he be proud that we’re making good decisions? Wouldn’t he give us credit and praise for doing the right things. The reverse is also true, we are accountable for all our bad decisions. We can’t blame the Devil for our bad decision if we made them.

If we want to reap the rewards and blessings, we need to be accountable for our downfalls. One thing I’ve learned to be true is that the minute we allow someone else to be responsible for our success and failure we lose the ability to be responsible for any of it. The person that can own their failures can never have their success taken from them.

Staff Writer; Martin Denesse

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8 Responses to “Christians: It Isn’t the Devil’s Fault You Did It.”
  1. Joe Michael Grills says:

    Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. Jesus was a male. Thus, God is a male

  2. Robert Arthur says:

    I chose to read your thoughts because I find that I need to stay informed about anyone who has an opinion about religion. Politics comes next because religion influences the choices people make. I am not black, but I can not ignore the black people, their lives and emotions. You are correct when saying “the devil made me do it” is a copout. Take the first time anyone did the bidding of the devil. Satan put before the woman an opportunity to better herself and her husband. She could have chosen not to listen to the devil, and he could not take control of her mind and body and take the fruit using her hands. The same is true today. People weigh the risks verses the benefits, then they choose.

  3. Donald Maker says:

    When will we finally get to the point where we actually admit that WE really did it: created the concept of gods and demons? Then perhaps we could actually get rid of a lot of this Judeo-Christian guilt complex and get on with our individual lives by taking responsibility for all of our actions, good or bad, without the strictures and burdens placed on us by the so-called ‘holy men’ who want to run our lives?

  4. GEE says:

    GOD gives you free will to do as you please but to every action there are consequences in our everyday life, we always have good and evil dwelling in our thought’s, and some will say our mind but there is always a word in the in the good book that will help you on your journey yes there is God and the devil, but God steps back and allow the devil to do as he please when you think you have it all figure out to make you see that he is the all mighty God

  5. ronmycon says:

    God knows that it is hard for us (Christians and non-Christians) to depend on our “SELF” as the final decision maker when it comes to what is best to do or choosing between doing right or wrong because Apostle Paul said, “there is nothing good inside my SELF (Romans 7:8) with a heart that is so deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9). That is why the Lord said, “Do not lean on your SELF understanding. Trust Me! In all your ways obey Me. Then I will make your paths smooth and straight (Proverbs 3:5-6)…“Lord, but how can this be real to my SELF? The Lord replies, “Obey 1 John 1:9 and I will do the “heart wash” and once you have a clean heart, follow Me and as we walk (fellowship) together today, I will do my promise to you in Psalm 32:8, ““I will teach you and guide you in the way you should live. I will watch over you and be your guide (ERV). God is alive and still speaks to the ears of our heart and He’ll tell us what to do…definitely, His direction or advice to us is the best… It is His will! We just need to heed His voice and trust Him with all our heart by being obedient to Him.

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