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The Homosexual Agenda Is Destroying The Black Man (aka… King of all Kings).

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( Am I homophobic? No, I don’t fear homosexuals. But I do deal with facts and the devastation that homosexuality is doing to our African American community, our families, our churches and our value system. Is this hate speech? No, it is freedom of speech – and freedom of speech does not just apply to agreeable speech, ideas and mindsets. So if you are offended, then the truth offends you. But its time someone spoke up to the sin of homosexuality. I call homosexuality what God calls it, perversion and abomination. So if you have a problem with that, you have a problem with Him, not me. I judge nothing, but I am not afraid to relay the message regarding what has already been judged by God.

There is a strategic and deliberate effort by the powers that be who control the media, the music industry and the feminist groups to emasculate men (specifically African American), reduce our roles and impact in society and create a new class of effeminate young men who are lost and who think their behavior is normal. People like Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey are on board with this plan and it is happening even as we speak. The sociological acceptance of deviant behavior such as homosexuality is gradually becoming more accepted as it infects our schools, our churches, our TV shows, our literature, our music and our youth. As the perversion spirals out of control, we are seeing our young people under the illusion that they can change gender and more confused about what they were born to be than ever. A young masculine boy (down low) suddenly wants a “tranny” or an effeminate boy or to be a girl. A young feminine girl wants a girl (stud) who looks, acts and dresses like a boy. None of these youths know who they are, what they are, how they should act or who they were created to be. THAT IS AUTHORED CONFUSION!


As far back as slaves were brought here and beyond Willie Lynch, there has been a plan implemented against us. If you want to destroy the black man, you break up and redefine his family structure, you cloud or minimize his role and wipe away his identity, you incarcerate him, you devalue him, you create the socio-economic conditions that will cause him to break the law to survive, you make him undesirable to the African American woman, you profile and ostracize him then you reduce his reproduction. This is exactly what is happening strategically, systematically and sociologically, right under your nose. And those who are pushing this agenda are doing so by using man’s desire to rebel against God as the match that lights the fuse. So I ask are you going to help blow out the fuse or are you bringing a blow torch to make it worse? DO NOT ACCEPT HOMOSEXUALITY.

Our youth are confused about who they are, who they should desire and how they should act. Little by little, real male role models are being erased and replaced with perverted and unproductive images and behaviors. Actors in dresses (Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Terry Kruse, Tyler Perry etc.) have become amusing and acceptable in our community and too many of us are trading part of our soul for money, fame or a laugh. The wrong way has become so acceptable that the right way is looked at as the wrong thing. African American men are becoming effeminate and emasculated with the help of famous people like Oprah Winfrey and the “prancing elites” bs, yet many of our people go right on supporting her, watching her shows and buying her magazine. Oprah Winfrey has no concept of who God is and thus she has a clouded concept of right and wrong. Do you?

We must stop supporting any image, concept, practice or ideology that contributes to the sabotage or destruction of the African American community. No excuses. We cannot and we must not aid in our own demise. We have to see the big picture and recognize there is an agenda put in place against us, not for us. Am I perfect? No. Do I sin? Yes. Do I want to or make excuses for it? No. Do I blame God for my behavior? No. Am I working to change behaviors that I know are wrong? Yes. Being a heterosexual does not make me perfect, but I neither struggle with nor accept homosexuality at any time, under any conditions. I don’t want sensitivity classes because I do not plan to be sensitive to obvious perversion and blatant immorality. What about you?

Apparently homosexuals think they have better practices than God so let’s see. Let’s look at the facts. Two homosexuals cannot reproduce and there is a biological reason for that, like it or not. This means the more homosexual couples there are, the more our reproduction numbers drop in the “black” community. The father’s involvement with the child increases dopamine in the child’s brain (the motivator chemical), like it or not. The mother’s involvement with the child balances serotonin levels in the child, like it or not. Therefore both parents are biochemically necessary. Homosexuality hurts your spirit, your psyche, your family, your example, your community and your race.

The homosexual agenda is packed with propaganda through TV, music and movies that penetrate your subconscious to force you to accept or tolerate such immorality and perversion. People do what they see others doing and peer pressure for young people is putting the nails in the coffin. As a family and relationship counselor, mediator and life coach, I have seen numerous cases where a parent is faced with accepting a homosexual child. I have children and would I accept such behavior? Hell no. It is not the parent’s responsibility to accept deviant social behavior from his/her child that is counterproductive. It is not a parent’s responsibility to accept perverse behavior from the child, especially when such behavior is highly contrary to the value system of the household and poison to the family. Where are clueless parents getting the idea that they must accept the behavior no matter what? Wrong.

Without clearly defined role models. what do we expect our children to do or be? They are seeking an identity and what are many of our people giving them? Promiscuity, bisexuality, homosexuality, transexuality, transgenders and anything but a sense of being happy with who they are. Such a message confuses them and implies that God made a mistake when He created them. This weakens their concept of God, gender roles and right and wrong. We all have thoughts of doing the wrong thing at sometime in our lives, whether such thoughts are about cheating, keeping something we found, falsifying timesheets or taxes, driving without insurance, leaving a restaurant without paying etc. But that does not mean we are to act on such thoughts. No, because we have moral and spiritual barriers. If these are taken away, our sense of right and wrong goes right along with them. That is what is happening today. You may not like this article but you don’t have to interact with me. You do, however, have to look up and look in the mirror.

The Bible says we are to capture thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God (II Corinthians 10:5). We are not to entertain them, act on them and then make excuses for them or blame Him. If you believe this, you understand my point – and this article. But if you don’t therein lies your problem. If we do things just to have our own way, we rebel against the right way, the best way, the most productive way. And in the long run we will wake up or we will lose. There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end there is a loss of more than we can ever imagine.

For some of you who read these words, they will change your life forever. For others, may these words give you the empowerment and encouragement to change the lives of others. But either way, know this. I wrote this article to bring people up and out and set them free.

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Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


2 Responses to “The Homosexual Agenda Is Destroying The Black Man (aka… King of all Kings).”
  1. Anirban (Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    PART 2

    With gays & lesbians, by theory, if it were true that all they did was keep their dirty sexual behaviors between consenting adults & not force their ideas on others, then it wouldn’t be so much of a topic. But that theory is false, as they ask that consent age be lowered. Homosexuality is bad by itself and some homosexuals are worse than others & when people call themselves LGBT activists, carry the Rainbow Flag, then the worse they are.

    1 case would be the ex cop Greg J. Miraglia who taught @ Napa College in California, where he pushes topics such as gays in military & police. I called this corrupt ex cop Greg J. Miraglia on January 28, 2013, telling him ugly facts that he omits. Predictably Greg J. Miraglia got angry when I told him how childhood sex abuse causes this & the fact that violence against homosexuals happen when a gay man commits indecent exposure & harasses a teenage boy & the teenage boy defends himself by fighting back against the pederast gay man,.

    Gay men harass teen boys & gay men usually get away with sex abuse, until they get haughty & either finally get reported to the police by the victims or the gay man get beaten up by a teen boy who defended himself against the sex abuse or where a teen boy who was victimized by a gay man finally reacts violently by bashing or killing the gay.

    Ex cop Greg J. Miraglia then said if I called again, he would put a trace, etc. Corrupt ex cop Greg J. Miraglia unsurprisingly honors the gay pedophile Harvey B. Milk. Ex cop Greg J. Miraglia may not be a pedophile, but he excuses pedophiles such as Harvey B. Milk who committed homosexual statutory rape on teenage boys.

    Ex cop Greg J. Miraglia is corrupt because he pushes homosexuality in the workplace. With gays in military and police, if they’re doing their jobs as soldiers or cops and not pushing their sexuality views on the job, then that would be 1 thing, but fact is that gays push their views such as the corrupt ex cop Greg J. Miraglia who excuses pedophilia, as he honors the pedophile Harvey B. Milk.
    When gays are in power positions such as police & military & they push homosexuality in workplace, it’s best to distrust them, because then they let activism meddle with police work such as they’ll side with gay pedophiles such as Harvey B. Milk rather than the victims, as ex cop Greg J. Miraglia does.

    As Greg J. Miraglia is an ex-cop, he is dishonest because he knows that gay men (sometimes lesbian women) look for who they think are easy victims, especially teenage boys, as what LGBT icon Harvey B. Milk (1930-1978) did. Ex cop Greg J. Miraglia also knows that most boys victimized by gay men usually don’t report to the cops they have been victimized & most gay man who commit this don’t get caught. & again, in many states, they have lowered the consent age to 16, so pedophilia (statutory rape) has been made legal in many states.

    Ex cop Greg J. Miraglia also knows that LGBT people are more likely to commit crimes related to drugs & alcohol such as DUI, disorderly conduct and of course assault & battery while high on drugs such as Meth incl. sex abuse. Ex cop Greg J. Miraglia knows that people who are depressed are more likely to turn to alcohol and drugs, if the depression worsens and that gay pubs and bars are where you’re likely to find the LGBT people with the more serious depression. & in many cases, the LGBT people get drunk, get high and then you get DUI, etc. But ex cop Greg J. Miraglia doesn’t care about these facts especially as he is an activist.

    While most gays and lesbians don’t molest kids, they make excuses for pedophiles such as their icon Harvey B. Milk the homosexual statutory rapist & they push for laws to lower consent age, which the people give to them.

    A 2nd eg. is ex reporter in Wyoming and Hawai Big Island Chronicles Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt who is now a teacher in Hawaii (I have been to Wyoming but not Hawaii). Big Island Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt was a reporter and she pushes LGBT filth such as a photo where she has the pedophile Rainbow Flag with kids. Ex Big Island Chronicles reporter Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt supports Harvey B. Milk the gay pedophile.

    Big Island Chronicles ex reporter Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt supports child molestation & abuses children with this trash. It’s believed Big Island Chronicles ex reporter Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt used drugs in college and she has depression-crime reporters tend to have higher depression rates as she has.

  2. Anirban (Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    PART 1

    Homosexuality&lesbianism are bad in and of itself., There’s nothing good about it-only bad and worse. Some gays and lesbians are worse than others. They should abolish transsexuality & abolish sex changes, because transexuals are worse (they’re mutilated homos&lesbians).

    With all the problems that comes with gay&lesbian activities, the consent age for homosexual activities should be higher such as 20 or 21 and be @least treated the same way as alcohol. I’m not a Christian but even I know that childhood sex abuse is linked to homosexuality&lesbianism esp. male homosexuality. If a boy is sexually abused especially repeatedly by let’s say a gay priest, then the possibility is more that he will turn out gay in adulthood. A common theme I hear from gay men is that they were molested & in some cases, they were molested repeatedly & it could easily be that it caused their homosexuality.

    Incidentally, I told her that no LGBT people are allowed in our house and no, I would not be be friends with a homosexual. I have been harassed by LGBT people & I especially hate transexuals. But other things.
    Back to the main parts-It’s a fact that LGBT people have high depression rates & given that the depression often worsens, homosexuals or LGBT people have higher drug junky rates, higher drunkard rates, which also leads to higher DUI rates.

    They have also found since 2020 that LGBT people have higher early dementia rates, as it’s believed that the depression worsens where they lose their minds. The common argument groups such as the APA, AMA, etc. rerun is that it’s not homosexuality, it’s homophobia that causes LGBT people to get depression, drugs, drunkard, dementia, etc. Homosexuals also have higher VD rates (including AIDS and monkeypox).

    But so many people have been mindwashed by the filthy LGBT agenda, that in Europe the consent age has been lowered to 16, when it used to be higher. Europeans have since the 1960s been mindwashed by the gay topic, where gay groups demand lowering the consent age & politicians change laws to lower consent age. In the United States, 37 states have lowered consent age to 16, because LGBT groups demand this, so in many states pedophilia (statutory rape) has been made legal.

    With Europe, even with the mind washing that happened there on the gay topic since 1960s, there are still Europeans who are against homosexuality & transsexuality. For eg. in 2021 there were Spaniards (I lived in Spain when I was 11 to 14 years old almost 2.5 years) who protested the filthy LGBT by marching through a gay neighborhood in Madrid named Chueca carrying signs which said ‘fuera maricas de nuestros barrios’ which means ‘queers get out of our neighborhood. Spain has for a long time been mindwashed on LGBT, but those protesters (esp. those who are in their 20s and 30s) prove that even in a mindwashed nation, there are people who are not mindwashed and are against the LGBT.

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