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( We believe in rationality, the notion that there is a logical explanation for everything. The ancients believed that there were unseen forces, gods, that completely control and direct everything in the world and all that it contains. And so, they believed that the gods foreshadowed, so to speak, their sentiments with subtle signs. Omens, they were called.Of course rationality says that absolutely cannot be.

It took a long, long time for us to abandon the ancient wisdom and become fully rational. And we are not quite there yet. There are many today who still try and read the signs. ( And who amongst us has not had an experience that defies rational explanation? ) But even they bow to rationality and believe it on one level, but they also hold that there is a level beyond.


Psychology, like Anthropology, is an established, accepted element of academia. However, they are in a very real sense out on the rim. At the heart of academia, the epicenter of the Western Scientific enterprise lies Math and Physics and at its outer edges lie Psych and Anthro. Psychology was fathered by Sigmund Freud and his study of the meaning of dreams which delves deeply into ancestral beliefs and symbols, and sees them as pivotal to understanding what he identified as the unconscious mind.

There is a direct line from Freud to subliminal advertising through his nephew Eric Bernays. He took his uncle’s study of symbols and dreams directly to Madison Avenue and made a fortune. Subliminal messaging in film, meanwhile, can be traced to the movement of European intellectuals and artists, including top cinematographers, to the United States in the wake of Hitler’s rise to power. Many came from Germany and Austria where Freudian symbolism was being actively explored and developed. Cinematographers from Central Europe quickly rose to the first rank in North American filmmaking.

And so, the Advertising Director and the Movie Director are, effectively, the Gods. Now in any good story, be it written or performed, there is always foreshadowing, that is, subtle hints of what is to come. Subliminal messages in film are foreshadowing’s, but on a very, very subtle and extremely sophisticated level. Thus, just like the ancients, and the people who today still try and discern the signs, the sophisticated moviegoer will do likewise, and try and read the subliminal messages embedded in the film, even as the watch the rational actions unfolding before their eyes.

But subliminals in film, not only foreshadow what is to come, they also reveal something about the mind of the director and of the society that created them and, simultaneously, about the society they are fostering by the subliminal messages they employ.

Thus, we have two versions of life and film. One the logical, obviously understood things happening, and the possibly hidden signs and symbols. In one, the God or gods ultimately control the action, no matter that it may appear that we are setting our own course. In the other, there is no one behind the curtain, so to speak. There’s only what we experience.

To control is to program, what we do with machines and that is also what people watch regularly every night on their tv sets, programs.

Programs are used in internet simulations some of which have thousands of individual characters. And over time these games, and the characters they contain, become more and more sophisticated. Note the human player in the game is, for all intents and purposes, the God of the universe that is the game.

Some respected Western academic thinkers have begun to float the idea that we might be figures in a program. And the player is God.

Keep in mind now, all the ancients talked about visitors from up above sent by God(s). Of course that cannot be says rationality. Meanwhile, people report things in the sky and on earth that have no logical explanation.

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

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  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Arthur Lewin, both Muslim and Christian nobility were, and are erudite.

  2. Arthur Lewin says:

    I see, Pelvo White, Jr. That is why the widespread belief that people in Columbus Day thought the world was flat is incorrect. And I did hear that the nobility kept literacy out of the hands of the populace. So, the nobility in the Middle Ages were erudite.

  3. Arthur Lewin says:

    I see, Pelvo White, Jr. That is why the widespread belief that people in Columbus Day thought the world was flat is incorrect. And I did hear that the nobility kept literacy out of the hands of the populace. So, the nobility in the Middle Ages were erudite.

  4. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    You’re welcome, Arthur Lewin. All of the observable aesthetics of the edifices called cathedrals in Europe, and as you will recall that Spain is part of Europe, are connected through religion, and religious leaders who greatly influenced political leadership.The connection of the construction of all of these magnificent edifices across Europe is the eclectic architectural expertise of the religious, and political leaders of the time, not the common man.Priests, kings, and queens were highly educated far above the brick,block, and cement masons who followed the designs these educated placed upon the trestle board. The language of the educated people was lingua latina classica (translation, “classical Latin language ” ), a language still spoken in some European churches today.

  5. Arthur Lewin says:

    Thank you, Pelvo White. Jr. One thing that has always puzzled me is the building of the cathedrals in the late Middle Ages in Europe. The people living there at the time do not seem capable to have constructed them. And they do resemble the Muslim mosques in Spain at the time. Was there a connection?

  6. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Overall, these are excellent explanatory factors elucidating how the western world recovers, metaphysically, and physically, their particular world employing their logic of empirical science( i.e. the science of sense impression ), to create and maintain their western world view.The theories of Sigmund Freud concerning psychology however are more born of western world mythology than empirical science.Empirical science hasn’t proven that ” dreams are unfulfilled wishes “, or that ” a male child secretly wishes to have sex with his mater “, or ” a female child secretly wishes to have sex with her pater “, but, of course,your work does directly point to a means to decipher the absolute mixing of western world myth, and science in our world today.