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Can Black People in America Go Into Extinction?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) If I as a woman didn’t use my instincts and intellect, I probably would’ve become a victim of violence in America.

As a survivor of sexual molestation in the late 1970s, I am among a few whose molester did not penetrate me. Many people have suffered horrific childhood abuse. Many of them survived and many didn’t. Throughout the world, children have been raped, trafficked, abused, and have suffered horrendous deaths at the hands of the wicked and depraved in all societies. There has never been a time in human history in which human beings have not carried out the most horrific acts of brutality against other human beings.

Horrendous crimes were committed against groups of people during the Nazi occupation of Europe. The Nazis under Adolf Hitler carried out the most horrific crimes this world had ever seen during World War 2 against not only the European Jews, but also the Poles, Russians, Hungarians, gays and lesbians, and people with various disabilities, and also the elderly. Many German SS officers were young men and teenagers who murdered and raped not only women, but also children. I saw documentaries where German women who served in the concentration camps—over 1200 of them throughout Europe—got enjoyment out of murdering children in those camps. Many people are under the assumption that the Holocaust can’t ever happen again. But the Nation of Israel does not assume that it cannot happen again. They’re ready for whatever war comes their way. Israeli soldiers don’t mind putting a bullet in your head. Those people are not playing games with nobody. They don’t trust nobody. They don’t trust no nation—really.  So, why can’t black men in America rise to the occasion to save themselves from being an economically oppressed and subjugated group?

On July 12, 2021, I was asked during a panel discussion if I could teach black men liberation. With the current black male pathology which is hatred of black women, I can’t teach a group of men who hate me because I’m a black woman how to become liberated. My advice is to divest into not continuing to procreate with black males. I know women are the first teachers, so we must teach the children how to take responsibility for their own actions and how to take pride in themselves and community. Otherwise, we are going to have a bunch of sociopaths and serial killers among us, which we can see now.

In addition, most black men don’t even listen to black women, and many of them are a bunch of know-it-alls. Many black men think they know everything, and you can’t tell them anything. Honestly, black women should divest and let black American men figure out just how much their actions have dire consequences not only in the present but in the future.


American black people are going into extinction if black women continue giving birth to black males.

Since women are the womb holders, we partially control the existence of black males, and if black women choose to abort every black male child and save the female children, then black American women may have a chance to survive total extinction. Black men predominantly have already betrayed us, so why should black women care at this point what happens to them? I think if black males in American society do not change their destructive path, they are going to cause the dominant society to turn against them entirely and push laws to annihilate them and save black female children.

Although the Jews of Europe did not expect an entire society to go along with their extinction, they expected persecution. Thus, many Jews fled Europe in the mid to late 1930s. Largely, the dominant society has turned against primarily black males because white males really see black men on a collective as weak-minded, feminine-like, a bunch of cowards who whine about the system but is not doing anything to change their overall condition. The black male response to their subjugated status has been to violently attack their women and children. I think many white males realize what the rest of the world sees even though many white males due to fear of being cancelled won’t speak out publicly against black males. The police due to protests taking place after George Floyd’s murder have decided to step away from responding to urgent 911 calls, which puts many black women and children in a dangerous spot because black men are killing black women and children. By proxy, many white women are being murdered by their black male boyfriends and husbands. The dominant society is allowing ni@@s to not only terrorize their own neighborhoods but many police officers are not responding to urgent 911 calls as punishment due to last summer’s protests, riots, and looting all across America. Like black men are now demonized in mainstream media, the Jews of Europe were also demonized in the German media in the 1930s.

Currently, the U.S. is an ally of Israel, but Israel don’t really trust the U.S. government. Israel know by trusting other nations, this led to their ancestors dying in the death camps in Europe during World War 2. A lot of Jews didn’t flee Europe when they were warned, because like many, they thought their god Yahweh was going to protect them.

Can black people in America go into extinction? The answer is yes. Just like over 700 tribes of Native Americans when Christopher Columbus docked his ship in the Bahamas went into extinction. I think the modern human deserves to go into extinction anyway, because we as human beings are our own worst enemies. I don’t think that modern humans deserve to be on this planet, especially in our current state. Americans are no better than the Nazi Germans. Just because the forefathers drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, that doesn’t make the American government any better than the Nazis. In fact, a lot of German officers like Dr. Josef Mengele escaped execution and was brought to the United States by this government, and hidden in the U.S. by this government, and this government used Dr. Mengele under an assumed name or a falsified name to continue conducting medical experiments on human beings. And there many witnesses that claim they saw this man in the United States. A lot of German officers were put on trial and executed, but a lot of them also got away with murder and never saw the inside of a courtroom.

I’m truly disgusted at how we, as human beings, have been treating each other, treating this planet, treating the animals, and the brutality and non-empathy that seems to outweigh all good in the world. There is good people in the world, but there’s simply not enough good on the planet because evil has been allowed to prosper ever since the modern human—Homo Sapien humans—has lived on this planet. A lot of women go missing and end up being sex trafficked. Many children are raped and murdered. Women are treated by men as second and third-class citizens.

The evil that has been allowed to go unchecked is enough for humans to deserve extinction.

In the early 30’s, the Nazis began building concentration camps where many atrocities against the Jews of Europe took place and these evil ideas did not just come up overnight. It took a lot of planning, a lot of propaganda, a lot of demonizing through mass media of the Jews. They put out a lot of fake news on the Jews. They made it seem like the Jews were responsible for the people of Germany being impoverished. The Germans raised up children to hate the Jews of Europe through the school curriculum taught to the German children.

As a species, we’ve always been easily controllable by those in power. This blind loyalty to leadership and royalty has served as the downfall of humanity for thousands of years and will ultimately be the ruin of mankind. The human brain has been programmed to serve and obey. Human beings have subjugated and controlled others through fear, intimidation, and control for thousands of years. Even in ancient civilizations such as Babylon and Kemet, the peasants were made to serve and die for the king and queen, and worship royalty as living gods and goddesses. This type of programming hardwired into the human DNA cannot be fixed with conditioning, education, laws, or constitutions. The majority of modern humans today still has the brain of their ancient caveman ancestors, which makes them insane and worthy of extinction. We deserve extinction for what we’ve done to each other, to the planet, to the animals. And quite frankly, I don’t care if we go into complete annihilation at least a thousand years from now.

We’ve used religion to control and dominate others. While some people claim they know god, they do all manner of evil against others, against nature, against children. Mankind used religion to come up with agendas to steal wealth and resources from other people and nations.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

One may find this sister over at; http://blackpoliticomedia.blogspot.com.


One Response to “Can Black People in America Go Into Extinction?”
  1. MartinB says:

    It seems to me that you shouldn’t get hung up on that and demand that all people be kind and good. It is useless. You have too naive a view of the world. Yes, there is undoubtedly enough evil in the world. But there is no point in emphasizing it. Everyone lives as he or she can. Live your life and be good and kind yourself. But it makes no sense to demand good from others. Otherwise you yourself will become like bad people. If you are a good person and every day you start to hate other people more and more because they are bad – how are you different from them in the end? Don’t get hung up on that. Just live your life as best you can. The world will never be perfect.

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