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How the Medical Industry FAKED the Covid-19 Death Numbers.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) First of all, why would they do such a thing? Because a certain amount of deaths and a certain amount of infections would scare the public enough to take experimental unapproved dangerous vaccine, even from repeat offender companies that had track records of intentionally violating safety precautions, getting caught, getting fined, paying out billions and causing death.

You see the goal of the vaccines and the agenda they are a part of are considered to be much more important than you, your health, your freedoms and your beliefs. But that’s another subject for another time.

So let’s get into how they faked, camouflaged and manufactured the Covid-19 death numbers in America. At no time did 500,000+ people or close to that number die of Covid-19 in the United States. So how did the CDC, FDA, HHS and/or Dr. Fauci make you think they did?


1. By combining the deaths from the flu, pneumonia, hospital acquired infections (HAI 99,000 of per year) with the actual Covid-19 deaths.

2. Convincing people they had Covid-19 when actually they didn’t by using testing that produced inaccurate false positive results. And remember that the CDC in January of 2020 rolled out tests that were contaminated with Covid-19.

If these people then got sick for any reason, with a positive Covid-19 test result hanging over their heads, in the hospital they were placed on floors with Covid-19 patients. And if they didn’t have Covid-19, they acquired it (HAI) in the hospital. Then, if they died, Covid-19 went on the death certificates.

3. Making an inaccurate diagnosis of Covid-19 based on symptoms that could have matched several other things such as emphysema, bronchitis, lung cancer or severe asthma.

4. Improper and often unnecessary use of ventilators that increased the death rate of Covid-19 patients in the hospitals.

5. Deliberately play thing people who tested negative for Covid-19 in Covid-19 hospital wards anyway.

6. Failing to use and deliberately banning the use of effective treatments used by medical doctors all around the country which helped their patients recover.

7. Allowing the spread of Covid-19 by deliberately misinforming the public in the following ways: discouraging the use of protective masks, promoting citizen’s wear of face coverings that didn’t protect them, failing to inform citizens what to do differently once it was discovered the virus was airborne and then six feet social distancing was never enough.

The federal government stockpiled but largely withheld the most protective masks in the stockpile from the healthcare industry . They literally had the healthcare industry begging for PPE. And what you didn’t hear about was the cases where the federal government intercepted PPE on the way to hospitals and other first responder agencies.

Then they told the healthcare industry to re-use masks or a scarf or a bandana. And the FDA even allowed 60 different brands of kN95 ineffective masks to come into the United States, ending up in medical facilities before getting banned by the FDA.

All of these things, and others, contributed to more people being infected and therefore more people dying. Can these allegations be proven? Yes they can through medical doctor testimonials, nurse hidden video recorded evidence and credible documents from within some of the very regulatory agencies you haven’t talked to trust. Agencies that were deceiving you all along.

They led you to believe that the pandemic was spreading across the United States like a plague but the truth according to Johns Hopkins University is that even after more than a full year of Covid-19 in America, only 10% of the population got infected. 90% did not.

They wanted you to believe that Covid-19 was stronger in the United States than anywhere else and a massive killer across the country. But that is not what the data showed. Also according to Johns Hopkins, 98.2% of the people who became infected with Covid-19 still survived, even before the vaccines rolled out.

So the vaccine manufacturers cannot take credit for that but that credit should be given to the immune systems of those people.

You have been lied to and deceived while the Covid-19 death numbers were manipulated, manufactured and even downright faked in many cases.

Finally, according to Johns Hopkins University again, 251,000 people died in the United States every year from medical error. The third leading cause of death in America.

If you add up all the numbers from the examples I have just provided, then subtract those numbers from the 500,000+ deaths they say came from Covid-19, you will end up with less than 200,000 actual covid-19 deaths in a country of over 320 million.

That is not to belittle or minimize any of those deaths, but rather to expose that this pandemic was never as big and as deadly as you were deceived into believing it was.

Do we have the proof? Yes we do. How do you get that proof? Send an email to sarscov2exposed@gmail.com. Or email us from www.covid19exposed.net.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


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  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    One death from the Covid-19 disease is one death too many. Take the Covid-19 Vaccine, and live !!!

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