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What if Joe Biden concedes on Jan. 6?

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( Joe Biden actually made one believable statement during a virtual appearance on Dick Clark’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” show. Although the Biden‘s confetti cannon failed to blast off, Joe promised that the U.S. will “come back stronger” in the new year.

Regrettably for Joe (but not the rest of us), it won’t be under a Biden presidency. There is ample evidence that the 2020 election was massively corrupt and involved overseas actors working in concert with our home-grown corruptocrats. The bettleground state governors who have certified their completely corrupt elections (and most have for decades) are now joined at the hip with foreign actors, especially the Chinese Communist Party. The Chicoms have made huge investments in buying influence among American influencers, elected officials and corporate we-run-the-world types.

The most pressure to become coup-conspirators was undoubtedly placed upon officials in battleground states, especially the ones whose own state legislatures are now using their constitutional authority to de-certify their own state’s election, and appoint a second slate of electors of their own choosing. (The popular vote does not and never has elected the president or vice president. You learned that in your history class, right?)

I will not vote for Joe Biden.

Of course, the idea that America will “come back stronger” is exactly the type of vague, brain-puree phrase that corrupt politicians love to hand out. It means whatever the listener wants it to mean. Lying is always at the bottom of corruption, because not many folks are going to vote for a candidate who promises to destroy their future (which is exactly what a president sold out to the Chicoms would have to do).

OK, so the vote (corrupt as it is) has been held, the electors have met virtually, and big media now refer to Joe Biden as the incoming president. How does he not end up as president?

Biden could concede the election, claim he was doing it for the good of the nation (which would be true), because he had no idea of how dirty the election was (likely untrue). If Biden has already conceded, and Trump has that in his pocket, I would expect that Biden worked out a deal with prosecutors to help take down some really big, smelly fish in government and the corporate world. Who better to know the swamp than someone who has been swimming in it his entire career?

If the Biden concession were announced on Jan. 6, that would free Trump politically to invoke the Insurrection Act against the states that have acted in concert with foreign entities like the Chicoms (and many others). Such a roundup would mean the arrests of many corrupt state and financial actors in or connected to these battleground states. It would also include whatever actors Biden fingered as part of escaping a prison sentence.

A dirty election is a dirty election; a coordinated dirty election across multiple states with or without foreign assistance is an insurrection, subject to the use of military force against the plotters, without the permission of the states involved. I would also expect massive asset seizures against the plotters and financiers (read Executive Order 13848).

COVID has also been an insurrection of sorts, and many of the corrupt political actors have been involved in both. State emergencies are now the new norm for governing by tyrannical governors. Many are writing their own legislation, establishing penalties for violations, and simply renewing over and over emergency measures intended for a 30-day grace period until the state legislatures can meet and address the issue.

This is precisely the type of behavior the U.S. Constitution prohibits: The establishment of something other than a republican form of government (legislature, executive, courts). Governors are not monarchs. The Constitution merely says that the federal government shall guarantee a republican form of government to each state. It offers no instructions and has no limitations on action.

If President Trump were to invoke Article II, Section 4, he could certainly remove the existing state governments, set up a temporary government and schedule new elections in the fraud-prone, COVID-obsessed states. In some ways, I like this option better.

But then, I’m not the president. What I do know about 2021 is that it can be glorious for ordinary people if the nation can be freed from the corruption that has governed us for decades, and perhaps even longer. I still think we are functioning under the elites’ playbook designed for Hillary’s presidency. We pay for their toys with our taxes, and they become the Masters of the Universe, dictating to God how he is to run things. Somebody has to vacuum the starship.

I also know that if Joe Biden takes over as president, America will become the wanton whore of China. The American elites will move quickly and in concert to enact the Chinese form of corporate control that extinguishes freedom, so that life in America will become much worse than most of us can imagine, and that the Christian church will learn what real persecution by their own government looks like.

That would actually suit more churches than you want to know just fine. They don’t believe God is active in the world; they want to see those who don’t believe as they do punished; and they are content to let the greatest Christian revival in world history pass them by. They’ve made their peace with the world, even if it means letting the world go to hell.

Written by Craige McMillan


2 Responses to “What if Joe Biden concedes on Jan. 6?”
  1. John Wolfram says:

    Why lecture your about the USA of the past that no longer exists. Suggest both Pelvo and Craigge visit Gabbard’s interview with Rubin Jan 6 “Civil War”. She explains this country’s sick condition as well as anyone. As far as the possibility most of this conspiracy is true, I listen to Dave Emory “For the Record” of and his public record stuff proves this America is chalk full of international corruption.

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    You lack the ability to perceive all of your options both politically, and theologically. Politically speaking, America is a pluralistic democratic political res publica ( Latin, meaning-” public thing or republic ) with a capitalist economic base, and secondly,according to the King James Version of the Holy Bible it is God who has the divinely determined responsibility of saving the world, not man, but back here on earth, members of the existing republican party who haven’t lost their minds can start a new republican party headed by more moderate members who are capable of realizing that the huddled masses have to live also, while they still can,otherwise republicans will soon learn that Americans reject tyrants of all flavors, to include republican who are now leaving a bad taste in our mouths,and prefer peace and tranquility to constant chaos resulting in the malfunctioning of our U.S. Constitution.

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