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Malcolm X or Elijah Muhammad?

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( I am not a Muslim and no we all are not Muslims if we submit to God. Islam started with Muhammad, not with Abraham and not from the beginning.  If the “Prophet Muhammad” was alive, he would tell you that. My differences with Islam are vast but I respect those who will at least closely follow the Quran. However I have friends who are both Muslim and members of the Nation of Islam. I have come to know that these two groups are very different, though they refer to the same book – the Quran. And while this is not a judgment on their beliefs, I want to examine the thoughts, statements and actions of the Nation of Islam in some small way in this article. But do not assume this basic analysis is the extent of my knowledge about NOI or Islam.

During the course of reading this article, you may want to say I am judging. But I simply speak the truth. The Bible judges. God judges. Judges judge. I am none o the above but I can test what I hear and the leaders who say it in light of the very books they use and say they believe. Are you afraid to do that? And when the teachings of these leaders contradicts the book they follow or what they say is not in the books they follow, I can say either say their book is wrong or the teacher is wrong. A cop-out excuse would be to say “you just don’t understand it”. And that may be true sometimes, but not always. Sometimes instead these leaders have been caught teaching something their book does not teach. That is a problem because it could reflect a hidden or personal agenda separate and apart from the books they say they believe in. I have found that to be the case with Elijah Muhammad and so did Malcolm X who both went to Mecca and understood Arabic very well.


Those of you who are angered by the truth can camouflage your anger by saying that I am judging, but I neither created the facts, nor the evidence nor the truth. In case you are wondering, I am a firmly rooted believer in God, the Christ, the Bible (especially before the King James version) and the New Covenant.  I am skilled in theology, phonetics and etymology, to name a few. But my friends don’t have to think like me. Just study your doctrine, think for yourself and know your Creator, not just what man tells you.

Make no mistake however because I am well read on Islam and the NOI, having read the Quran, the Hadith and Message to the Black Man, all more than once. In addition, I have listened to dozens of speeches by both Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan, some of which is fact and some which is not. I have also listened to Malcolm x after he reached his last point of enlightenment while still alive. Keep in mind this is not a comparison between Islam and Christianity nor an indictment against Islam. Nor is this article a banner for Christianity. So for those of you who want to set up a straw man argument as if it is, not here, not today.


I find that when the truth is spoken to many members of the Nation of Islam (NOI) in the most respectful way, they get angry. Especially when that verifiable truth clashes with the lies that were told to so many members of the NOI by its top leaders. And before any of you get any ideas, know that I am more prepared than you can imagine, with more backup than you would believe. I am not Malcolm X and as a former detective, I have resources to see you coming before you even leave the building. And many of my friends are the middle eastern Muslims that you who are violent and enraged do NOT want to bump heads with, believe me. My three best friends are Glock, Smith and Wesson.

But why should you get angry and hostile if you want, believe in and promote the truth? I do not insult your god nor your spiritual beliefs. I comment on the teachings of men, men such as Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan, men who are not gods. Why should that make you feel angry and violent inside when you say your way of life is one of peace? I have studied enough of Islam to know that the “Prophet” Muhammad would have major problems with many of the NOI teachings and its greatest teachers. For example, Muhammad never said the white man was the devil, even though during the 6th century there were many Caucasian rulers all over the planet who spread treachery, turmoil and war.

Cowards killed Malcolm X because they were used as puppets and pawns for those Caucasians who did not want African Americans to unify and arise. Cowards killed Malcolm X because he found big chunks of the truth, pieces of the puzzle that would prove Elijah Muhammad was wrong in various areas and that the former leader of the NOI even acted contrary to Islam, but rather in his own best interest instead. Deceivers fear the truth because it threatens their hold on others. The Catholic church is just as guilty of the same and so are many mega-ministers and “profits” in the Christian church. Don’t be so gullible people. Don’t be so easily deceived by men (and some women like Juanita Bynum or Paula White) with personal agendas.


I did not agree with everything Malcolm X said nor all that he believed. But I respected his right to say it and to believe it. I respected his search for the truth and his boldness to think for himself. I honor his ability to realize where and how he had been lied to and brainwashed. I applaud his stand for what he believed to be right and helpful to his people, not just for himself and not to control people or rebuild them in his image. And though the Nation of Islam took men off the streets, cleaned them up and gave them some level of self-respect and discipline, I cannot say any of the other things aforementioned about Elijah Muhammad. In comparison, if I were Muslim, I would have to go with Malcolm X, not Elijah Muhammad.

Do you really believe that Elijah Muhammad is on a “mother plane” orbiting the Earth until he can trade places with Louis Farrakhan? Where does the Quran say that? Ezekiel never said it was a “mother plane” or anything like that when he saw a wheel in a wheel in the sky. In fact, where does the Quran speak of Elijah Muhammad at all? And wasn’t Elijah Muhammad’s son chosen as his successor instead of Louis Farrakhan? What would the “Prophet” Muhammad say or do about such deviations from the teachings of the Quran and Islam or the titles Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan have taken? Ask a Muslim from the middle East that question and see what he says. Did Elijah Muhammad teach the NOI to pray several times a day facing Mecca? Does the NOI do that today? I’m just asking!


Though Louis Farrakhan often quotes the Bible, that is using the Bible as bait to create an illusionary connection between scripture and the Quran that does not exist. Put simply, the god of the Quran and the God of the Bible are NOT the same for more reasons than I have the space to cover in this article. So when the leader of NOI quotes the Bible, especially the New Testament, either he knows what I just told you or he is severely mistaken. You cannot say you speak the truth, represent the truth and quote what was said by He who is the truth then turn around and get mad when others confront you with the truth.


Malcolm X discovered that the white man was not the devil. Malcolm X realized the evils of racism from any angle, by any person or group. Malcolm X wanted to create unity in the African American community, not control black people by remaking followers into his image for his purposes nor to fit his own agenda. Malcolm X was bigger than that, better than that and more on track to real unity than that. My opinion? Elijah Muhammad feared the truth unless it fit into his agenda. My opinion? Louis Farrakhan is disturbed by the truth unless it suits the NOI and he can manipulate it. And for those of you who are angered by hearing me say this, you are proving my point.

Nobody deserves to be killed nor the victim of violence simply because they think and belief different from you or me. And for the cowards who disagree, you are small-minded, brainwashed and deceived. How can you expect others to respect what you think and believe if you are not willing to do the same? Christianity, Islam, the NOI, Catholicism, Judaism etc. all swear they have the exclusive truth. But whether they do or not, each must respect the rights of others to think differently. Intentional lies, deceptions and manipulations are a whole different matter, especially when the members of ANY belief system are willing to hurt others because of it.


You don’t have to agree with me but if you disrespect my honest and sincere opinion, why should yours be respected? If you want to shut up the Malcom X’s of the world, why should Louis Farrakhan be heard? When is a double standard the way of scripture that so many NOI members quote from? God owns the truth, men do not own the truth. And if you think you are doing God’s will to hurt people who believe differently, you neither know nor understand the Prince of Peace. So why even quote what He said if you intend to violate what else He said?

It’s time to wake up and think for yourself. Man was made in God’s image, not in the image of Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan, the Pope, T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar or any other man. Neither God nor Christ nor Muhammad nor Abraham nor Moses walked around as a copy of a man in a bowtie and selling bean pies while God got rich and the followers had to rely on the government for help. And if you believe that Elijah Muhammad is on the “mother plane” orbiting the Earth until his return, go ahead. But if you love the African American people, do not brainwash them for your agenda nor deceive them nor conform them into your image. I my analysis, if I were a Muslim, I would have to go with Malcolm X.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


10 Responses to “Malcolm X or Elijah Muhammad?”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    From The Author,

    I will debate any of these hater, brainwashed, indoctrinated parrots of Elijah Muhammad any time based on the facts on Zoom. I find it odd that Elijah Muhammad was supposed to be a prophet and Wallace Fard Muhammad was supposed to be Allah yet still millions of black people are not members of the NOI, the ones who are members of the NOI are clones who refuse to or cannot think for themselves and get angry when we who can think will actually step up to do it.

    It was illegal for Elijah Muhammad to have babies by all those teenage girls in America. The NOI talks of separation but many of them still depend on the US Government for entitlement help such as food stamps and stimulus checks. Where is your example of practicing and abiding in what your prophet preaches?

    Listening to Elijah Muhammad and now Louis Farrakhan has not produced the fruit of what they claimed. What cities or towns or banks and hospitals and grocery stores does the NOI own to help and provide for the black community? Where are the entrepreneur training programs, other than selling bean pies? Louis Farrakhan s worth millions. How much are other members of the NOI worth?

    You members of the NOI are clones of his clothing and his words but not his wealth.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    Let’s get into the facts instead of personal attacks.

    1. These personal attacks by NOI members go against how they say they are about peace. In fact Islam does not even mean peace, it means “submission”.
    2. Blood specimens, photos and fingerprints prove that Wallace Fard Muhammad was not Allah and did not just disappear. He was arrested and sent to prison at San Quentin. He was Wallace Dodd Ford.
    3. This means the Temple People made a huge mistake in promoting Wallace as Allah unless Allah went to prison and therefore another mistake in promoting Elijah Muhammad to the status of a prophet.
    4. If Wallace D Muhammad had a mother who was white, which has been commonly accepted by the NOI that she was, using Elijah Muhammad’s formula, the founder of the Nation of Islam was born from a white devil.
    5. Why did Elijah Muhammad have such respect for white people if the white man was the devil? Because his teacher was white or half white.
    6. The 6th century prophet Muhammad did not teach black superiority. And if Wallace Fard Muhammad was all white or half white, it is not likely he taught that either. Malcolm missed it on that, though people of color did likely come first. But sometimes the first is the model and other times the first generation has the flaws.
    7. So now you have Elijah Muhammad departing from the teachings of the Quran, the prophet Muhammad who recited the Quran and Wallace Fard Muhammad who taught Elijah Muhammad.
    8. Wallace had a son but the Quran teaches that Allah has no sons. So how can Wallace be Allah?
    9. Elijah Muhammad deviated from the teachings of Islam to create a different doctrine. But Islam prohibits this.
    10. Both Malcolm and Wallace (son of Elijah Muhammad) discovered that Elijah Muhammad had injected his own teachings and agenda into Islam.
    11. Wasn’t the prophet Muhammad of Arabia a white Arab?
    12. Ezekiel did not say the wheel spinning n a wheel a mother plane nor a mother wheel. That again is something that Elijah Muhammad taught. But where does it say that in the Quran?
    13. in fact, most of the story of the mother plane, what it looks like and what it does or who it carries up to orbit around the Earth was not in the Quran nor the Bible. Again made up by Elijah Muhammad. Again deviations from the teachings of the Quran and the prophet of Islam, the real Muhammad.

    I COULD KEEP GOING BUT I WILL TOP HERE UNTIL NEXT TIME and if the truth, the facts and the evidence make you angry, you don’t want the truth.

  3. Jeremey LX says:

    GregAbdul you make no sense by bringing up issues that are not even discussed in the article. What group are you with because you have an agenda and the truth is not it. Nice try at bait and switch but people with a brain are not taking the bait.

  4. Trevo Craw says:

    From the author,

    Greg there is no rule in any belief system that says you have to be a member or subscribe to the belief in order to study what they say they represent, what the leaders do and what they promote. Therefore I don’t have to be a Muslim to address these matters because I can read, study and analyze evidence. So your argument is weak.

    Further, stop throwing out straw man arguments and distractions because this is not an article for or against Jesus. Keep up.

    As for Malcolm, I guess you are inside his head to state what his greatest accomplishment was. I wonder if his daughter would agree. Did you know him at all?

    Third of all, I referenced friends who are Muslims from the Middle East who read Arabic and have studied the Quran and Islam almost all their lives, coming from Saudi Arabia and other areas. They agree with my analysis. So again, you are full of it. Apparently so do some of the people commenting on this blog article.

    Now let’s get to some more facts. Wallace Fard Muhammad was atlas 50% white and likely completely white. He was verified when he was in San Quentin via photos and fingerprints as Wallace Dodd Ford. The “Temple People” elevated him to Allah status and then Elijah to prophet status. Needless to say I don’t think Allah went to prison in San Quentin, had a common law wife and used aliases. That means what Elijah Muhammad said about Wallace was wrong.

    I have the research but what do you have other than what the NOI told you to think and believe?

  5. GregAbdul says:

    Burh, since you are NOT a Muslim and Malcolm was and his biggest achievement was ISLAM…..looks like you really ain’t got nothing to say…….guess you should tell us about white Jesus from the slave quarters? “Man in God’s image” is what the slaves were taught…..the white man looks like white Jesus…..who you look like?

    And NO…..we don’t want nothing to with pimps Elijah and Farrakhan.

  6. Shawn X says:

    Hey T Muhammad, you are still a slave. You went from wearing, thinking, eating and following what the white man said straight into slavery under Elijah Muhammad. Then he told you what to wear, what to do, what to think,what or what not to eat and how to live. You think you are following the way of Islam but you aren’t because Elijah was not true to Islam.

    The guy who wrote this piece has a right to his opinion, right or wrong. But what do you do? Attack him for it because he is not brainwashed like you. That is a zombie beyatch move if I ever saw one.

  7. Joshua T says:

    Islam started with its prophet, the Muhammad of the 6th century AD. It is very true that Khadijah was a wealthy Catholic who Muhammad married for various reasons. Her uncle was also a Catholic. Islam is worship of the moon god who reportedly had 3 daughters. And the Catholic church had everything to do with Islam. As for this Elijah Poole guy who declared himself as leader, anybody can do that but he was a racist.

    This T Muhammad guy really needs to do some research beyond what is poured into his head by the NOI leaders. Wow is he a big time parrot robot without a clue.

  8. Jamal Farheed says:

    T Muhammad you are a clown. Have you even read the Holy Quran?
    The author is correct in a great many things. I left the NOI because Elijah did in fact brainwash most of you as a reproduction of himself. All the while he was not even true to the principles of Islam. Neither the Prophet Muhammad nor the Quran taught that the white man was the devil. And I agree with the writer here, because you got offended at the truth, you sought to insult him. That is not the way of true Islam. People like you give real Muslims a bad name and we do not claim you.

    It i clear the members of the NOI participated in the killing of Malcolm because they were suckers for the Caucasian plotters and also because Malcolm knew and said that Elijah Poole Muhammad both lied and was not true to Islam. This was a threat to Elijah Muhammad’s agenda, not Allah’s agenda.

  9. Trevo Craw says:

    To T Muhammmad,

    Since you want to go there which I anticipated an ignorant person would, I got your sniveling you little Elijah Muhammad brainwashed clone pussy. It is a shame that you cannot even think for yourself. So let me run down some facts to you that go beyond your little girl insults.

    Nowhere in the Quran does it prophesy of an Elijah Poole who will become Elijah Muhammad. Next, the real Muslims of the Middle East laugh at people like you. And their Prophet, Muhammad of the 6th century would behead you for your ignorance to declare another prophet or leader of Islam who did not even stick closely to the fundamentals of Islam. I showed my friends from Saudi Arabia your comments and they said you are lost in an American poor copy of Islam. And yes the pray all the times required in a day and read Arabic.

    You are simply a follower of a man who got his teachings from a man who recruited him, not from the Quran and not from “Allah”. Don’t feel pity for me because you are sadly the one who is lost. And you are so small that instead of addressing the many issues of the article with solid refutation, you cover your ignorance by throwing out insults.

    As for Malcolm X, unlike Elijah Muhammad, he did not try to brainwash people like you to dress and look like a copy of him. Malcolm’s children know who participated in what happened and you are such a brainwashed coward that you cannot own up to it, even now. The government used ignorant pawns just like you to wipe out Malcolm.

    All Jews are not Zionists. And I suggest you research who Rue Allah is. I suggest you then go back to the book. In fact, Louis Farrakhan was not even selected by Elijah Muhammad as his successor. His son was.

    There is no such thing as white supremacy and where did Malcolm say he accepted there was? You are a little boy with a big mouth who only knows what Elijah Muhammad taught. Try reading and understanding the Quran. How are any of your words those of peace? You are a fake.

  10. T Muhammad says:

    Actually, you would never follow Malcolm X because he NEVER actually repudiated the Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Even as he left The Nation he said that his new organization would NOT accept whites as members. He traveled to Africa, decried white supremacy, and backed the Palestinian cause with a stinging rebuke of Zionism (which he called DOLLARISM), and there realized that the US gov’t was trying to kill him. Aside from those obvious facts, your commentary is far more sniveling than substantive. And you base your entire rant on some unknown who you say “got mad.” I am also a Nation of Islam member, but I only felt a kind of pity for you, especially after seeing how many words you wasted on the NOI and how few you spent on white/Jewish supremacy. The “tell” of all Uncle Toms is that all their enemies are Black.

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