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Why ‘Black’ People Are Mistreated In America.

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( Let’s just be honest. The only reason people were brought from Africa to America was to be slaves. That is the ugly truth. And as I heard an extremely accurate, blunt, prolific and timely message given about this by a young Caucasian man recently, I was practically speechless as he stated the obvious. So where ever he is, I thank him for the honesty, the courage and the research that people thought they knew yet ignored and act as if they don’t.


But let’s go even deeper into the psyche of the slave owners. And you should get ready to be blown away with the obvious truth in plain sight that nobody seems to realize. The truth about why African Americans are treated the way we are treated in America. And unfortunately, in the time it takes you to read this article, there will be numerous cases of discrimination, police brutality, and racism against African Americans because of color and perceptions of what that color means.


We are treated like “black” people because “black” in the dictionary, whether Merriam-Webster’s, Webster’s or Oxford dictionary in our schools across America,  has negatives assigned to it by the people who created the foundation of this country. White does not. And Caucasian people are not white. If you look at a piece of paper versus their skin color, that is also obvious.

We who are largely of African descent in America have never been black. Black is the “color” of your car tires or your belt or even black shoes. Not you. And it should amaze you how easily an entire people, culture or country can be brainwashed to ignore what they see and call it something else. Science even disputes that “black” is a color at all. Wow.

Psychologically and sociologically we who are African American, American or brown,  if you must state a color. Yet by accepting a “color” we are not, we unintentionally condone being treated just like you would treat something that matches the negative definition of “black”. We even say “don’t act black”. And that has come out of the mouths of African Americans.

There is no identity in color. None. Not in any color. Africans know this, Jamaicans and Haitians know this as well Europeans and Asians. that is why the Asians don’t answer if you say “hello yellow man”. That is why the Indians won’t respond when you say “what’s up red man”. That is why the Hispanics do not walk around calling themselves brown people.

Identity is determined by spiritual connection or bloodline or genealogy or family or geographic area or tribe or a combination of all of the above. But never by color.

When an African-American says he or she is “black”, is disconnects him or her from any identity with the continent of Africa, the exact same thing slavery did. The people of Africa who are part of many different tribes are well aware of this. And those in this country who began calling us a color that we never were and calling themselves a color they never were either, they are well aware of this too.

The so-called “black” man or “black” woman is oblivious to what I have just told you. Still calling yourself, your friends and your family what somebody else labeled your people. Still ignoring the truth and what your eyes see to instead adopt, believe and absorb what somebody is telling you. Still not seeing how labels impact perceptions and perceptions trigger behavior.

Here are definitions of the term “black” from multiple dictionaries. And don’t let them fool you as they mix varied definitions all under one term. The proof of perception is in how you are treated. The following definitions are some of the ones that you believed, your children were brainwashed by and racists cling to:

Webster’s 1913 Dictionary.

Pronunciation: bl?k. a. 1. Destitute of light, or incapable of reflecting it; of the color of soot or coal; of the darkest or a very dark color, the opposite of white ; characterized by such a color; as, black cloth; black hair or eyes.

*The definition above does not fit African-Americans. Neither do the definitions below.

Merriam-Webster (

4: dirty, soiled hands black with grime

5a : characterized by the absence of light a black night

b : reflecting or transmitting little or no light black water

6a old-fashioned + literary : thoroughly sinister or evil : wicked When the King heard of this black deed, in his grief and rage he denounced relentless war against his Barons …— Charles Dickens

b : indicative of condemnation or discredit got a black mark for being late

7 : connected with or invoking the supernatural and especially the devil black magic the black arts

8a : very sad, gloomy, or calamitous black despair

b : marked by the occurrence of disaster black Friday

9a : characterized by hostility or angry discontent : sullen black resentment filled his heart

b : distorted or darkened by anger his face was black with rage

Oxford Dictionary (

3.0 (of a period of time or situation) characterized by tragic or disastrous events; causing despair or pessimism.

3.1  (of a person’s state of mind) full of gloom or misery; very depressed.

3.3  Full of anger or hatred.

3.4  archaic Very evil or wicked.

Cambridge Dictionary ( without hope, bad or evil, to avoid (UK)

MacMillan Dictionary


  1. involving something bad/sad
  2. showing anger/sadness
  3. about unpleasant things
  4. evil/cruel

Society sets perceptions based on labels. And those labels create the reality that people act on, believe, accept or react to. How would you treat anything or anyone who fits the definitions above? Like trash? Like slaves? Like something worthless. Like a dangerous plague? Exactly the way African-Americans have been treated in this country, that’s how. Words and label are powerful, very powerful. Powerful enough to get you to ignore what your own eyes see.

No other ethnic group on the planet allows its identity to be defined by color, by its oppressor and by a color they never were. Only the “black” man and woman are completely asleep and clueless to this fact. That is the worst of Willie Lynch psychology and apparently sociology, the worst of the making of a slave then a negro.

Two examples. You order a black Mercedes to be delivered to your home and the truck pulls up with a car that matches the color of your skin. The first thing you realize is that it is not black. Second example, when you were growing up and learning your colors in the crayon box, you were never taught that the brown crayon and the black crayon were the same color. It’s time to wake all the way up. I dare you!

When people call you something that is connected with a ton of negatives and you accept that label, it shapes their perception because labels shape perception and perception shapes how people treat a people. Perception also shapes their reality or what they believe to be reality, whether it is reality or not. We saw that in Nazi Germany. You have readily been calling yourself “black” when you never were and the lie never bothered you. The huge lie. Yet if they called you a monkey, would you be offended? Of course. Why? Because you are not a monkey. Then why wouldn’t you be insulted when people label you a “color” you are not?

In case some of you are thinking of the rebuttal that the soil in Africa was black, that does not mean you are so that does not change a thing. Furthermore, you should know by now that the criminals of Great Britain who came here to create this country had no intention of connecting your ancestors to Africa using the soil nor anything else as a reference for identity. You have forgotten your colors and ignored what you see with your own eyes. Why? Because brainwashing is powerful enough to make you do that. SHARE THIS TRUTH!

So don’t make excuses, simply look in the mirror. And then realize that no identity is ever defined by color. It’s time to wake all the way up people. All the way, no excuses. And as long as you allow people and the narrative to reflect a lie about you, they will see and treat you exactly as the lie dictates. It’s time for mental slavery to end, starting with definition and narratives.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


5 Responses to “Why ‘Black’ People Are Mistreated In America.”
  1. Shariff says:

    Actually Qasim the Bible teaches we will be judged based on whether we are in Christ or not. Because if we are, we have passed from death to life and that is what is seen on our record. There is no condemnation in Christ and no means NONE. That being said, the Bible teaches that our status in Heaven has everything to do with our works down here.

    Still, there is no salvation in color, not in any color. This article is a matter of accuracy and exposing hidden agendas and narratives used to control perception and behavior. That is why it is on point.

  2. Qasim Ali says:

    Its hurt me and disappoint me. So living for thousands of years in this God’s land. we have not changed. we call ourselves modern and civilized but we can not even see human as human. if i tell you the truth its not only the case in America. whole world is contaminated with it. Even in asian countries you know what are most popular products? yes whitening creams. Even if you have beautiful wheetish color of Pakistani amalgamated with red, or that glowy yellowness of koreans. you will face criticism, if you have one shade darker tone then others. But truth is that you only be better then other if you have good deeds in you part. we are all hmans ad we will be judged what we are doing not with what color o our skin is.
    May God bless you
    Because at the end of the day its the thing that will matter.

  3. Trevo Craw says:

    From The Author,

    David if you look at your brown hand and call yourself black, you are brainwashed. If you say “black” is a culture, then what is Negro or African American – a different culture? Because clearly all of us don’t or think alike. How can you be a proud black man when your color is not black? Put your hand next to your belt or your shoes or your car tire. You have been indoctrinated with a lie that is so strong that it causes you to ignore what you see with your own eyes.

    There is no identity in color and certainly in a color that you are not – black. Identity all over the world, including in Africa, is based on bloodline, family, genealogy, geographic area or region and spiritual connection to the Creator.

    You have heard the lie for so long that the truth is having a hard time penetrating, even though you see it in the mirror. Your people did not define you as black, the Caucasian man did – just as he defined himself as white.

    You can never free yourself from the chains of mental bondage by using links from those same chains. We talk of Black Panther but the Lion is the King of the jungle and he is brown, not black. Wake up. Look in the mirror then stop letting people define you based on a color you have never been.

    They did that with an agenda. Wake up. Labels shape perception and perception shapes how people are treated. I speak FACT, what are you speaking?

  4. David Kerr says:

    Trevor Craw ,I truly respect your opinion and honor your insight on this matter of race labeling as it relates to people of (color), which WE as Americans proudly produce. HOWEVER, being myself, AND speaking for myself to have to RESPECTFUL disagree with you on which is the correct, or CHOSEN term to use when saying BLACK or African American, for me PERSONALLY, I am a proud BLACK man, who are born in America in 1961 in Memphis Tennessee during the civil rights movement, and witnessed the unrest that took place in my city during the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.that was a pivotal time we ALL were black in America (i am proud to say , i STILL am) What i want to say to people who PREFER to call themselves African American its a given that they have that RIGHT to be called WHATEVER they so choose, and hopefullyfull CORRECT anyone that calls them differently thann their preference. With ALL due respecet to our ancestors (to which i dont know) in Africa, actually never BEEN to the motherland personally ( wouldn’t mind visiting though) i can’t SEE myself being, or being called African American when in FACT i was/am born in American. An African American to ME is ANY person, who are NATIVE Africans born and raised, but chooses to escape the conditions for a better life by migrating to America where it will eventually, one day become their home, by LEGALLY acquiring government issured documents for citizenship to become an American , only THEN will they be know as African American, Africans who are American citizens by visa/ greencard, and legal documentation. We will see THEM as African Americans .Black IS a color TRUE, however, I can proudly say I’m MORE black then anything in that shade, more so than being BORN or ever LIVED in Africa. People shouldn’t remain brainwashed into believing they were born in a country, when they WASN’T. Be Black, and PROUD being BLACK.

  5. Nikita Samuelle says:

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