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Mr. President (Donald Trump), Here’s How You Can ‘Make America Even Greater’.

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( We’re still just days into 2020. Now is the perfect time for President Donald Trump to drive the Democrats (aka radical socialists) crazy with rage by announcing these executive orders.

Remember, I was the columnist who urged the president to declare a national security emergency at the border and then use funds from the military budget to pay for the border wall. Just days ago, a federal court ruled in Trump’s favor, freeing $3.6 billion for border wall construction. That’s called #winning.

I have more crucial executive orders for President Trump. As I’ve said all along, the president should rule by executive order and let the Supreme Court be the final arbiter. We’ll win some and lose some. But in baseball, if you bat .300, you’re an all-star. If you bat .350, you’re a Hall of Famer. If the Supremes give Trump three out of every 10, the president will be a superstar.

Here are a few to start with:

— Executive order to deport illegal aliens with criminal records. I’m not saying to deport every illegal. Far from it. My suggestion is fair, reasonable and common sense. But we need to deport the truly bad guys among them.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement just released an eye-opening stat. More than 90 percent of the illegal immigrants arrested by federal agents last year had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. These included murder, rape, sexual assault, robbery and kidnapping. The 123,128 illegal aliens with criminal convictions or pending criminal charges arrested by the special ICE group Enforcement and Removal Operations had a total of 489,063 criminal convictions and pending charges. That’s an average of four serious arrests/convictions per illegal alien.

I dare Democrats to defend this group. I’m not asking for 12 million illegals to be deported. But most Americans can agree to throw these 123,128 illegals out of the country. Then build a wall so they can never come back.

— Executive order to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for those with criminal records. I didn’t say end DACA. I am recommending we end DACA for any applicant or recipient with major criminal convictions. There are tens of thousands like this. They have forfeited their right to remain in our country. Again, this is fair, reasonable and common sense. I’m asking President Trump to throw out only the truly bad guys.

— Executive order to declare English the only voting language. It’s absurd that people can vote in America in any language but English. If you want to vote, great. Then learn English. Otherwise you don’t have a say. This will cut down dramatically on illegals voting in the 2020 election.

— Executive order making it a felony for non-citizens to vote using government documents, punishable by instant deportation after conviction. New York and New Jersey just gave driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Nevada already did this. Pure and simple, Democrats are encouraging voter fraud. More and more illegals will be voting across the United States. There is nothing stopping them.

This new order changes all of that. If illegals want to use a driver’s license to drive or buy auto insurance, great. That’s no crime. But if non-citizens want to vote with that government document, they will be thrown out of this country. If illegals aren’t voting, why would Democrats oppose this law?

We only have to win a few of these executive orders at the Supreme Court to Make America Even Greater.

Written by Wayne Allyn Root

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2 Responses to “Mr. President (Donald Trump), Here’s How You Can ‘Make America Even Greater’.”
  1. ReadtheConstitutionDC says:

    AND ANOTHER THING: If you’re going to continue to publish this ashy hotepry masquerading as journalism, if you would please change your handle to “theyHOTEP” to spare us any confusion?!?

  2. ReadtheConstitutionDC says:

    Your articles have been bastions of disappointment to me in perpetuity; however, this one smacks of racism, classism, elitism, and stupidity. Primarily because you use the word “illegals” throughout your article. Let’s be clear,over 60% of the undocumented persons in this country entered the country legally. Overstaying a visa is not a crime, it’s a civil infraction.

    Next, as a former employee of the Secretary of State for a red state on the border with a high population of immigrants and undocumented persons (see, uninflammatory and factually accurate term!!! STOP TROLLING), I can tell you that undocumented persons don’t vote. They just don’t.

    The biggest problems we had with voter fraud were snowbirds who’d vote in their winter state and their summer state. All documented USCs and mostly old and white. Every survey that has been done has shown that the voter fraud is primarily occurring in red states, by Republican operatives and involves voter suppression, not individuals who aren’t authorized to vote voting.

    Does it not concern you that, in addition to Republicans making unsubstantiated (and demonstrably false) claims of voter fraud by unregistered “illegals,” they’re also attempting to suppress votes of those who they perceive would vote differently than they?

    The United States does not now, nor has it ever had an “official language,” despite the fact that Rep. Steve King introduced such a bill (which never passed by the way) in 2017. Why, you might as? Because, as you may have forgotten, this country is and has always been a country of immigrants. Just because the early immigrants have assimilated (mostly), have you even been to New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Minneapolis?!? Understand that the US is functioning as it was created to function–allowing those from other backgrounds (ya know the tired, poor huddled masses yearning for freedom) an opportunity to enter a society that allegedly judges on the content of a person’s character and their meritorious contributions to society, but … I digress. See:

    Lastly, even if the president decided to “govern by executive order” 60% of what you suggested that he regulate thereby is already regulated by the Constitution and delegated to another branch of government.

    Here is constitutional primer so you can catch up and I hope that you will educate yourself a little more. The mark of an excellent journalist is being able to present FACTUAL information and then spin it to suit his or her agenda/audience. You’ve been a disappointment.!/preamble

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