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Donald Trump – Good For The “Black” Community.

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( Alright first off yes, Trump is overall better for the African-American community than a Democratic President. I have to take a giant pill the size of a basketball for my nausea but yes I said it and I can prove it. Second no I am not on crack, a mental case, brainwashed, a coon nor a Cointel Pro operative. Third no I am not getting paid to say this nor held hostage. And fourth it makes me sick to my stomach that I have to acknowledge the truth of what I have just stated about a racist, sexist, narcissist, want-to-be dictator, pseudo-magician, serial liar, cheater, con man who ironically represents almost every corrupt behavior this country was founded on.

There is a ton of damage that Trump is doing to this country, to people of color and to Muslims, to be specific. Fortunately he is throwing practically everybody else under the bus besides people of color. However there is one huge positive for the African American community with Trump in office. And believe me, I wish there was another way without him being the President. I DO NOT like Donald Trump. Then how can I make the claims I am making without contradicting myself? Because I can work with people I despise for the greater good, the bigger picture.

What is the bigger picture regarding this fake and inexperienced President who basically stole the election with Russia’s help, the votes of zombies deceived by this obvious con man and Republicans with their own agendas who don’t like Trump either? The bigger picture is one word, ABORTION – a process  that the African-American community needs to examine as a people. And regardless of whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, here are the facts.

Abortion in modern day America kills more African-Americans than all present day black on black crime, police brutality, war, cancer and AIDS combined. Oh yes it does. Check the stats for yourself. I would supply many more of them for you but many of you would just challenge my sources, ignore them and do the wrong thing because you are all about you. Therefore go check even more thoroughly for yourself as I have done through various reputable sources. The research is easy and readily available. And if you say you don’t care, know that if your mother thought like you, somebody would not be reading this article.

According to a 2018 Wall Street Journal Article: ” In New York City, thousands more black babies are aborted each year than born alive.

So if “black lives matter” and you as an African-American care about your own people, you have to acknowledge that numbers don’t lie, they are too high are largely based on convenience or lack of responsibility for personal actions that have repercussions. Unnecessary death of a life growing inside the womb is one more break in the chain of our repopulation and thus it is eugenic depopulation with the help of our own people. That is a sad fact.


Extinguishing a beating heart and then ripping the being apart who has that heart is exactly what it sounds like. And calling it abortion does not change the fact of what happens. Such a fact has erased millions of potential African-American doctors, civil rights activists, judges who might change the corrupt system, possible presidents, governors, mayors, district attorneys, fair police chiefs, firemen, school teachers and college professors, entrepreneurs, honest ministers, historians who tell the truth and so many other people of color who could change lives. Thus how can you say you love your people yet promote the death of millions of them through abortion? You can’t.


Donald Trump, at least today while it suits him, is pro-life. And he is not likely to change that while he is in office because he needs the support of the pro-life conservative Republican party in order to get re-elected. He is not too bright and rather devious but he is smart enough not to take on battles he will obviously lose. So as long as he needs them, he will promote a pro-life agenda. And that means fewer abortions – thus more births of African-Americans with incredible potential. Do I think he realizes this? Likely not but it is the truth just the same. Whether he likes it or not and whether you like it or not.


The Republicans, many of whom cannot stomach Trump, are using him. And he is using them. But in the process we can do the same as African-Americans if we think as a people, as a community, collaboratively, morally, responsibly and spiritually. If we consider our people more than just ourselves individually. The same way almost every other ethnic groups does – whether from India, Mexico, China or Africa. The same oneness of mind that Haiti used to remain independent. The same oneness of mind that the slave masters and Willie Lynche feared and thus had to break and sabotage. The same oneness of mind, unity and continuity in the Hispanic population that scares the Hell out of white racists.

You may disagree but history verifies from Mandela in Africa to the victory in Haiti to the civil rights movement that only in the strength of unity can we have the power to break free. And the more smart warriors you have in the battle, the bigger the impact. That’s the art of war and war has been declared on us as a people from the slave ships to the courts to the womb. Breaking free is next to impossible if our people think as individuals, selfishly, immorally and lacking spirituality, accountability and responsibility. All of which is done when our people promote and support abortion based on an agenda and a narrative given to our people by population control people like Margaret Sanger.

Since Roe v Wade in 1973, over 57 million unborn babies have been killed.  THAT IS OVER 15 MILLION AFRICAN-AMERICAN DEATHS AND THAT WAS 3 YEARS AGO

We as African-Americans must not support the pre-emptive genocide of our own people. And those who would destroy us inside and outside of the womb (Margaret Sanger and others) absolutely love when we wipe each other out in any way possible, especially when we use their excuses to justify doing it. You might be interested to know that Margaret Sanger had no intention of helping African-Americans. Her intent with Planned Parenthood was to reduce the numbers of a people she considered as inferior, just as she believed in sterilization of women via unnecessary hysterectomy.

Do the research and see for yourself. Margaret Sanger approached the pastors of the black church to get her agenda into the “black” community. It came in camouflaged as a good thing. You can find her agenda spoke in her own words on Youtube. And notice she did not drop abortion clinics all into the “white” community.

Remember the same democratic party that promotes abortion is the same party in the south that owned the slaves, raped our women, started the KKK and lynched our people. Yet so many of our uninformed people stay loyal to a party that convincingly pretends to care because it offers trap door handouts like EBT, WIC and Section 8 which create cycles of government control and dependency instead of promoting self-determination. Talk about brainwashing.


Donald Trump has appointed pro-life Supreme Court Justices who believe in the sanctity of human life. And the good news is that they cannot protect unborn life without inadvertently protecting African-American life. This is another fact, whether they like it or not. And that is good news for an African-American community that values life, returns to morality and spirituality promoted by our books and deity of worship, stops making selfish excuses and promotes accountability and responsibility for our actions. It’s a numbers “game” and we need the largest numbers possible be born, to walk this Earth, live in this country, grow up and make a difference in every area from legal to medical to law enforcement to banking to science to arts, music and everything else that has been stolen from us.


Donald Trump is not a traitor to America. He is the real America exposed. The history of treachery America tries to ignore, forget and erase out of the history books. But this is the country we have to live in as African-Americans and present day we have every right to be here. Therefore the best we can do is to learn to play the game strategically from as many angles as possible, unify and win every time we can instead of reinventing the wheel. Then teach those strategies to win, replace and reverse the cycles that were put in place to divide and work against us as a people. This involves using some of the very strategies used against us, thinking about more than just self and thinking outside of the box. That is what this article does.

The success of the African-American community is dependent on our ability to reproduce, raise our children with every advantage we can give them, instill unity, identity and how to unleash potential, infiltrate every field and industry without being assimilated, unify and build, achieve, acquire and expand in every positive, impacting and life-changing way possible. Then to keep this cycle going regardless of the economic, political and sociological conditions we may face.

What do they fear about us? Not rallies and protests and marches and boycotts. They fear us waking up, shaking off the brainwashing, recognizing our identity and potential, thinking outside of the box, acting in a unified and strategic manner and making society, our money and the law work for us. And I don’t blame them. I would fear a people who can do that too. They have created the rule book but they made the mistake of letting those of us who are awake come to overstand it.

Finally I have to be repetitive and end with this. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that people of color need Trump in office for absolutely anything. And the idea that a criminal, crooked con man, cheater is needed for anything to help us at all is deplorable in and of itself. But I deal in facts and truth, not likes and dislikes – ironically since I am speaking about a habitual, serial racist liar. Still that be as it may, the facts are what they are.


If you are a supporter of abortion/pro death, you need to know that you are promoting easy ways out of accountability and responsibility. And I find it interesting but deceptive when the woman says it’s her body. It? That’s a lie that is continually repeated as a talking point. Fact: The unborn child has his or her own body, separate and apart from the body of the woman. The conception was not even just her egg, it is also the sperm of the male who largely has no rights in the matter. It took two but one has all the control and that is not equal protection under the law.

Some of you may want to still walk in denial and believe it is the woman’s body because the baby in the womb is called by different names to desensitize the public, the doctor, the nurses, the clinics and the mother who wants to kill him or her. Ironically any person who believes the unborn baby is the woman’s body needs to go back to class. That’s just a sentence or talking point they use to justify the murder.

Others may want to say it should be the mother’s decision because the unborn child is dependent on her. But to you I say the child on the day he is born, a week later and a month later is still dependent on the mother for practically all the same things. Yet if she kills him or her then, the law boldly calls it murder. Just like the man who kills the unborn child by punching the woman in the stomach is guilty of a crime – Foeticide. So now we see it’s a matter of who can kill the unborn child and when. That is just sick, inconsistent and immoral and we all know it, whether some will admit it through cold hearts or not.

I suggest you look up the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. It is federal law.  And it is ironic that over 30 states in this country recognize the unborn child who dies by “violence” as ass a homicide victim. Yet when the doctor or the mother rips the unborn child apart, it seems acceptable. –

African-Americans, as a people, cannot afford our numbers to drop unnecessarily along with mass disproportionate incarceration, manufactured sickness and disease, normal mortality, black on black crime and police brutality. The African-American community needs greater numbers. How great? As great as we can make safely and responsibly make them.

Anything that works to decrease our numbers should be seen as a destructive enemy and we can no longer afford to make excuses while millions of African-Americans are being aborted. So stand up, speak up, overstand and step out to repair, restore, rebuild, unify and energize our community. If you don’t choose to be part of the solution, you are part of the problem. PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE!


Staff Writer; Trevo Craw



2 Responses to “Donald Trump – Good For The “Black” Community.”
  1. James Davis says:

    Stop Politicizing The Abortion Issue, Now!

    There is almost universal agreement within the American society and indeed worldwide, aborting of a fetus or intentionally terminating a pregnancy, is a sin. However, there is little agreement, when it comes to solutions to this sin. Thus, the Republican Party has exploited the lack of agreement, as you are also doing right now, when it comes to the solutions surrounding the abortion issue; using the issue to advance their own dark political agenda. And now, we as a nation are stuck with the politicization of this issue, which is unfair to us and to the millions of women who find themselves engulfed by this campaign of politicization.

    They are able to do this, because the American church has largely abdicated its responsibility in providing solutions, as outlined in the Bible to this sin and all sin, including “the murder of an innocent unborn child in the womb.” Given that; a deterrent to women, considering an abortion, is an effective confession from women that conveys their experience of the consequences of committing the sin of aborting a child. But, we rarely see such confessions today, by women or men for that matter, in most churches, primarily due to confessions of that nature, not being politically correct or encouraged.

    Here are the relevant scriptures from the Bible itself, which clearly states how to address and reduce sin, and the rate of abortions, which of course is a part of that sinful universe.

    Leviticus 5:5
    And it shall be, when he shall be guilty in one of these things, that he shall confess that he hath sinned in that thing:

    Psalms 32:5
    I acknowledged my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid. I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the LORD; and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin.

    James 5:16
    Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

    1 John 1:9
    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    Additionally, the Holy Bible clearly and unambiguously states, a woman’s right to choose when it comes to sin, including the sin of abortion, and notice, these scriptures do not differentiate, in regard to men or women. The scriptures apply to both, men and women. Go to the text, and see for yourself. The verses do not say, only men have the right to choose!

    Deuteronomy 30:19
    I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

    Joshua 24:15
    And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

    Joshua 24:22
    And Joshua said unto the people, Ye are witnesses against yourselves that ye have chosen you the LORD, to serve him. And they said, We are witnesses.

    Judges 10: 14
    Go and cry unto the gods which ye have chosen; let them deliver you in the time of your tribulation.

    Proverbs 1:29
    For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD:

    Luke 10:42
    But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

    So you clearly see, that God, does not take from a woman and anybody else, the ability to choose, when it comes to walking in His ways and following His commandments, statues, and judgments.

    The propaganda, that you and the Republican Party promote and ingrained in the minds of non-readers of and those who do not study scripture, is that the Lord our God, in some manner, has taken away the right to choose from women. And that, is just not true.

    There is no scripture in the Holy Bible that supports, that notion. The verses do not exist. The simple point, being made here, is that women, just like men, according to the Bible, have the God given right, to choose, whether they indulge in sin or follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Stop Politicizing The Abortion Issue, Now!

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    To Those Who Support Abortion:

    Stop lying and calling the baby everything but an unborn baby. You won’t call it an unborn baby because you know what you are supporting is the killing of it, the taking of a life.

    Stop lying and saying “its the woman’s body” when you know the baby has his or her own body.

    If you are going to support the murder of an innocent unborn child in the womb, have the nerve to look at what you are supporting. I dare you to click the link below and see what you are supporting. I dare you.

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