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Goodbye, Windows 10: Why I’m Switching To macOS and You Should Too.

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( Switching from Windows 10 to macOS was an exciting journey. At least for me, it was exciting. Laptop plays a major role in my everyday life. Before I decided to buy a Mac laptop, I used to think a lot about what challenges I am going to face if I end up buying one.

It happens to everyone. You feel excited to try new things, especially when everyone around you has tried it. And when you see that they can’t stop praising it, you think about it more. When you work on Windows 10 again, you see how easy it is to get things done here and how much freedom you have.

Many smart people try things before they use it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to spend some time with Apple’s computer before buying it. I knew that there’s nothing much to lose as my Windows 10 PC was with me. I knew that if I become less productive at work on macOS, I can install Windows on it. But it wasn’t easy to accept the fact that you’ll use Windows 10 on an Apple machine. It’s not easy because you’re spending your hard-earned money on a new experience. There was no room for disappointment and adjustment. A MacBook costs almost double the amount you spend on a mid-range, Intel-powered (i3, i5 or i7) Windows 10 laptop.

Finally, I built the courage and got a new computer. And when I started using it, I realized that Mac family is awesome and it is better than Windows in many aspects.

It was a love-hate relationship in the beginning

I decided to use my new computer during the work hours. It was like forcing myself to do so because I wanted to get used to it and get the answers to my never-ending “whys”. When you move from Windows to Mac, the first thing you notice is how things have changed. You realize that those small features on Windows are so useful that you should have sent love letters to Microsoft for being so caring. Soon I learned how to quickly check the time on macOS. I spent time learning how to use shortcuts, assign controls and create shortcuts for my most used applications, folders, and files. It took time but it was full of surprises.

And why I started loving it

For someone who loves spending many hours a day on their laptop, getting the best is a must. Battery life, build quality, smooth OS performance, support for all the popular software, and security are the most important parameters. I didn’t find macOS lacking abilities in any of these areas. I run all the software on my new laptop I was using on Windows 10 and none of them feels any different to me. If you’re considering a switch from Windows 10 to macOS, remember that gaming sucks on Mac. So don’t think about it for gaming purpose, at least not when you are an “above average” gamer.

Windows supports custom hardware configuration. You can build a PC to achieve whatever goal you have in mind. For gaming, programming, office work and media consumption, you can configure Windows laptop in the way you want. Sometimes, it’s not easy to build a computer because there are plenty of choices you have to make when building a PC. Configuration on Apple computers is easy and straightforward. Apple doesn’t support much third-party hardware. You can’t add anything other than what Apple specifies.

When I was using Windows 10 as my work laptop, I had to hard reboot my laptop at least 4-5 times in a month. Not because my laptop had crappy hardware, the Windows 10 still has freezing issues. It stops responding randomly. The macOS products never disappointed me in this particular area.

I have updated my Apple laptop many times for hardware, software, and networking related needs, but it never went unresponsive. Needless to mention that I have tried my best to squeeze more power out of the machine. I use heavy graphics-rich applications and video editing software, but the performance is smooth.

My Mac doesn’t trouble me with bloatware like many Windows PCs do. On a Windows 10, you can see those unwanted games listed on the start menu grid tiles. Those recommendations are not even personalized. Thankfully, Apple gives me what I actually want.

When you need support from the service team, getting support from Apple is much easier. For Windows 10, many online resources are available on the Microsoft’s official community website. But sadly, they don’t always answer everything. You end up looking for answers on other forums and try new ways to fix problems. Contacting Microsoft for PC related issues and getting a solution is not easy.

Some more reasons why I feel Apple macOS is better than Windows 10.

The Apple Ecosystem

It’s not easy to beat the ecosystem Apple has built over the years. From iPhones to iPads, AirPods to Apple Watch and now HomePod, Apple offers carefully planned integration. It makes things easy. Microsoft is trying the same with Windows 10, but it needs time to reach that position.

You can run Windows on a Mac

If you want to run Windows on a MacBook or iMac, you can install the operating system on your Apple computer. Some people do that to access certain features of Windows on their Apple computer. Installing macOS on a Windows computer is not possible unless you go Hackintosh way. Don’t try it because it’s pointless and it will be a painful journey.

OS Design

Apple macOS is the most polished and beautifully designed operating system. It looks better than Windows 10. In terms of design, Windows 10 is a lot better than the Windows 8 and Windows 7, but overall, I find myself more comfortable with the design of Apple’s OS.

Cloud features

Neither Apple nor Microsoft are leading the cloud storage game. Even when we have iCloud and OneDrive, they are pretty much the same. Even when I was on Windows 10, I was using Google Drive and Dropbox, and now when I am on macOS, I still prefer those two cloud services.

Which one should you choose?

The Windows 10 vs macOS battle no longer makes sense. These two operating systems have reached a level where personal preference matters a lot. It is more important than hardware, compatibility, features, and specs. Switching from Windows 10 or macOS is the same for everyone.

In the beginning, you will need to learn new things about both the systems and it all comes down to what you actually want. What matters the most is what you do on your computer. Instead of finding basic and advanced level differences between Windows 10 and macOS, focus on what you want to achieve from your move.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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4 Responses to “Goodbye, Windows 10: Why I’m Switching To macOS and You Should Too.”
  1. sepehr safari says:

    You bring ten reasons that why you are an idiot.
    Don’t be someone like writer

  2. JohnIL says:

    I have used Mac’s and PC’s for decades and both have had their share of failures and successes. I liked OS X better than Mac OS which has tried to marry IOS and Mac OS together in some ways. Its become less stable over time as it has become bloated with features. Windows 10 is much like this, too much focus on WOW factor, not enough on stability. Somedays I can easily hate either one as a OS. My MacBook Air has a beautiful retina screen, but the keyboard is awful, the touchPad a dream and the rest of the hardware feels more like a nice Chromebook. There is enough negative to consider not buying another MacBook.

  3. K says:

    I have used a Mac my entire computing life and always liked them. My MacBook Pro has been on a slow decline, and I sadly ended up with a Windows laptop. I simply can’t justify the price of any current MacBook, especially for a model with acceptable storage and memory. I’m not a big fan of the butterfly keyboard either, or having just one to two usb C ports and nothing else. I’m hoping Apple will eventually come around again; I’m not loving Windows so far. But Apple hasn’t given me any hints that they’ll change any of those things. I’m really very disappointed.

  4. David Moore says:

    Sadly I’m stuck with using Windows 10… Do wish “Windows 7” came with Pc’s/laptops but that’s not the case…

    As for MacOS, maybe one day I shall pick up a Macbook.