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Black Leadership And The Trump Derangement Syndrome!

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THE relationship between AL SHARPTON and TRUMP goes back at least 30 years , they were introduced by boxing promoter DON KING who supplied TRUMP’S ATLANTIC CITY casino’s with the best boxers and entertainers that DON KING could provide, DON KING controlled the profession boxing industry for decades and had many of the top black musicians and entertainers under contract like the JACKSON’S, TRUMP needed DON KING at the time because he was in tight competition with the LAS VEGAS casino’s that were booming in the 80’s and TRUMP knew only DON KING could put him in their league.

DON KING said of TRUMP ‘ we did business together we revolutionized ATLANTIC CITY bringing the biggest events that can be bought forth’ , DON KING said TRUMP would fly him in on a helicopter to do deals on a handshake.

SINCE DON KING and AL were close friends at the time DON decided to introduce AL to TRUMP , DON KING said ‘ I wanted AL to meet this guy because he was a giant in the business community and a giant in the human community’.

‘DON KING said he thought highly of TRUMP then just as he does now and he realized AL needed white allies’ TRUMP was a white ally and he was one with distinction and renowned in the business world’ and he said the relationship worked because AL and TRUMP shared core values among them the commitment to the rights of women and minorities.

TRUMP was honest about the relationship between he and AL , he came with the package of his dealings with DON KING ,AL was DON’S friend and TRUMP supported AL’S first organization NATIONAL YOUTH MOVEMENT with donations of up to $150.000 depending on who you believe and he even did personal favors for AL,remember TRUMP was a businessman and he thought and acted like a businessman and his association with AL was just part of his business.

TRUMP said of AL ‘ I know AL very well and I always have gotten along with him to be honest with you ,there are those who say AL likes TRUMP a lot …AL’S a con man he knows it I know it , DON KING knows it his friend who I go to fights with and they all know it’.

OF course AL denies receiving any monetary contributions or any close association with TRUMP he say’s it was only ‘limited verbal support’ as he is now one of his most vicious political opponents , AL is a opportunist and a street hustler he understood that TRUMP had just defeated the very rich and powerful globalist JEWISH establishment with names like SOROS and SABAN who controlled the white house for decades in the latest presidential election AL smelled money and contacted the JEWS after their loss to offer his services knowing they would need foot soldiers in the upcoming campaign to destabilize the new TRUMP presidency that he knew was sure to come.

AL and most of black AMERICA‘S leadership know full well TRUMP is not a racist man because they’ve known and dealt with him for years but for political reasons they’re willing to incite racial hatred and political division in the country not for what TRUMP has done to us as a people because TRUMP hasn’t done anything to offend black people but as a political favor for rich JEWS who are now the enemies of TRUMP.


THE duo role of both political operative and religious leader has paid great dividends for JESSE as well as AL , JESSE is reportedly worth at least $ 10 million and probably much more lives in a mansion and has never worked a day in his life and all JESSE and AL have to do to maintain this lifestyle the T.V appearances , speaking engagements etc, is to keep their ignorant and backward people on the democrat plantation and what better way to achieve this than pretend to be a ‘man of god’ a reverend because religious leaders are held in high esteem in the black community especially the ones we see on T.V.

JESSE has gotten away with act for 40 years and it has cost us our most valuable institution, our black church because everything GOD said ‘don’t do’ the democrats advocate for and that’s the way we vote , the democrats are a openly pro homosexual , pro abortion and anti family political party and yet they receive over 90 % of the black vote in every election, just think about that !

JESSE and AL aren’t the only two democrats pretending to be CHRISTIANS hiding in what was once our black church, there has to be thousands of them its that’s the only way this could have worked , JESSE and AL have proven it can be a lucrative career leading your people into the arms of a immoral and criminal political party but what they will soon discover is it can also lead you to HELL.

THE CHURCH’S history teaches us it’s never a good idea for a religious institution to get too close to a political party because you can never determine what it will do or be from one day to the next, the black church made the fatal mistake of marrying a political party and now they’re one and the same people the same filth that the democrats are openly promoting in society as their political agenda is now coming out the mouths and house’s that used to belong to GOD it’s a terrible thing we’ve done and a terrible loss.


JESSE betrayed his own brother NOAH at a time when he needed him and he also betrayed our beloved DR. KING by leading him into the sights of his assassin, betrayal is in JESSE’S blood therefore it should be no surprise that he would betray the friendship of TRUMP, in 1984 JESSE ran a nation wide primary campaign and I believe the first black to do so and nobody took him serious especially the people that matter like rich donors you would need to keep a presidential campaign going well guess who stepped in and gave JESSE’S campaign what it need most ‘credibility’ , you guessed right TRUMP!

JESSE said of TRUMP , ‘TRUMP created for people a comfort zone when I ran for the presidency in 84 and 88 and although others thought that it was something laughable or something to avoid he came to our business meetings here in NEW YORK because he has a sense of curious and a will to risk to make things better.SO aside from all his style and his pizzazz he is a serious person who is a effective builder of building for the builder people’.

AND that’s not all this racist white man did for JESSE, in 1996 JESSE decided to merge his two organization ‘operation push’ and his ‘rainbow coalition’ into the ‘rainbow push’ coalition to continue his activism as he started his ‘open up the walls on WALL’st ‘ campaign JESSE said he would seek to cajole ,persuade and pressure AMERICAN companies to hire and promote more blacks and members of other minorities name more of them to corporate boards and award more business to companies owned by members of minorities.

TRUMP provided office space free of charge in one of his TRUMP building on WALL st directly across from the stock exchange so his friend would have a prominent place and a position of power to pressure these rich people into doing business with more blacks and minorities which was JESSE’S stated goal, it was something JESSE and his organization could’ve never afforded on their own.

AT the opening event of the office JESSE said of TRUMP after giving him a standing ovation ‘ I want to now bring forth a friend ,well that he is deceptive is such that one can miss his seriousness and commitment to success which beyond argument.

‘WHEN we opened this ‘WALL st project he [TRUMP] gave us space at 40 WALL st which was to make a statement about our having a presence there’, TRUMP replied ‘JESSE has been out there pushing a lot of good thing’s ‘ and he and JESSE had became good friends over the years.

TRUMP has led a very public life and it can be easily researched and if you do you will find that not just AL and JESSE benefited from his friendship and generosity but many other black organizations and individual causes TRUMP has always been a friend to black AMERICA, but because we have lost control of our leadership and our politics years ago others are able to determine for us who our friends and enemies should be or when and if when can talk to the president its the very definition of slavery.

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

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  1. Kelly says:

    I wish these facts were out there more. I’ve never felt Trump was racist but I didn’t know about this. One of my concerns is how people want to re-write history to fit their own narrative. This should be all out there.

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