Monday, February 18, 2019

President Donald Trump Tax Returns: Dems Ready For Ultimate Fishing Expedition.

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Tweet ( Yes, Democrats want to start a new investigation into already-under-investigation Trump-Russia allegations. And yes, they want to investigate Trump associates like Michael Cohen, Roger Stone and others. But by far the biggest thing Democrats want, now that they have the majority in the House, is to get their hands on the president’s... [Read more...]

Socialism Has Already Hurt United States of America.

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Tweet ( President Donald Trump was principled and politically astute to address, in his State of the Union, the horrors taking place now in Venezuela, and then to declare: “Tonight we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” Venezuela is indeed a poster child for what happens when a nation’s... [Read more...]

How to ensure your restaurant passes health inspection.

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Tweet ( Running a restaurant is a difficult task. From hiring the right employees to stocking your ingredients to the right levels there are many things a manager must consider. One of the most important things that a manager has to do is ensure that the restaurant lives up to the code required by health inspectors. Health inspectors... [Read more...]

Know What Your Money’s Worth: Mandatory When Investing Overseas.

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Tweet ( Making an investment in a different country is never an easy decision. There are plenty of factors to be taken into consideration and angles to consider. The most important angle you need to constantly keep in mind is knowing what your money is worth abroad. How much can a single unit of your currency buy abroad? Does a bottle... [Read more...]

How do you find great writing services?

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Tweet ( Writing service is a place where students go if they need help with completion of their assignments, essay writing, submitting thesis work etc. These services are very effective in providing expert help for students who don’t have enough time, desire or skills for certain tasks. Although there are numerous writing services... [Read more...]

Marketing for Startups: Steps for Creating a Successful Strategy.

February 11, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Regardless of how original your product is, or how innovative your business idea, in order for your startup to have a hope of being successful, you need to attract a steady stream of potential customers. This is why marketing is such an integral part of any startup business plan, and having a thorough and carefully-crafted marketing... [Read more...]

The State of the Black Union.

February 9, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( During the month of February in America we celebrate Black History Month.  As we celebrate the achievements of Blacks in the making of this great country, I can’t help but think about the state of the Black community in 2019. The state of our Black union is depressing! We, as a community, must stop asking others to do for... [Read more...]

The Uhuru Movement Gets Exposed Again By Another Former Member As An Opportunistically Greedy And Corrupt Organization.

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Tweet ( Today, I listened to a video that a sista who’s also a former Uhuru Movement member did where she revealed the reason as to why she left the organization last month is because of how the finances were being handled when she discovered how mostly white people especially some of the top ranking white members of The Uhuru Solidarity... [Read more...]

A 52 – Week Savings Plan So Simple Even I Did It!

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Tweet ( Thursday night I was driving to the store (Ok it was a Bunt Cake Store- I lost momentary control!) and heard on the radio several Federal Prison Guards talking about the hardship of this partial government shutdown.  The inability to pay for gas, many single officers sleeping at the prison to save gas money.  One guard in... [Read more...]

Tips On Making A Product That Stands Out.

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Tweet ( Most companies focus on acquiring and installing advanced equipment to manufacture different products. However, some of them are not keen on their packaging. Generally, many clients lookout for products with an appealing package. Therefore, it is important to design an attractive package to promote your brand. Here are eight... [Read more...]

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