Friday, October 19, 2018

America’s Teachers Need More Community, Parental Support 24/7.

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Tweet ( The latest data from the Center for American Progress shows that the average salary for an attorney is more than two times that of elementary and middle school educators. The Washington Post reported last week that nearly 1 in 10 hosts who rent out their apartments, homes and spaces on Airbnb are teachers. Low salaries, compared... [Read more...]

My People, Read A Book: It May Change Your Life.

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Tweet ( I never imaged that something other than “popping gum” could drive me to the brink of insanity. However, I spoke too soon when I declared this annoyance the most disturbing thing in the world as another annoying tendency has overthrown “popping gum” on my list of things I cannot stand. I am sure that I am not alone in... [Read more...]

School Policy: Hair Matters.

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Tweet ( The hair battle has seemed to remain a staple in the back to school argument. There is a lasting discussion about what qualifies hair as inappropriate, and a conflict to the learning process. It is understandable that it is the job of the parent to know the school policy regarding dress code and hair requirements. Before we... [Read more...]

Let’s Honor The Freedom Schools Scholars .

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Tweet ( “I can make a difference!” Every July thousands of students from Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools® sites across the country participate in the CDF Freedom Schools National Day of Social Action. This year’s action focused on the need to vote for children and the fact that every vote matters. Though children... [Read more...]

Why You’re Never Too Old for School.

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Tweet ( Education is wasted on the youth. When we’re young, we don’t fully appreciate the opportunities that it affords us. Unless you are someone that knew what they wanted to be from a very young age, you might have stumbled down a path that hasn’t been hugely useful to you in later life. Some people even find themselves feeling... [Read more...]

Screw The Pledge of Allegiance?

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Tweet ( Recently a charter school in Atlanta removed the pledge from the morning devotions and people are coming out of the woodwork to attack their patriotism. I applaud the school’s decision. Many... [Read more...]

Books Of Contemporary Sci-Fi That Are Worth Reading At Leisure.

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Tweet ( Reading a good book is an intelligent choice, the active student turns his leisure hours into productive activities, which generate knowledge and improve his writing skills, at the same time he lives an adventure, moving to an unreal world through reading. The Author’s ability is the channel through which you travel to... [Read more...]

Five Principles to Send Your Children Back to School.

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Tweet ( It’s back to school time! Time to throw off the slumber and excitement of summer and get focused on building the future. How do we send our children back to school? Business as usual? Or, we do we send them back to school focused and prepared for the inevitable twists and turns of school life. The answer is obvious! We cannot... [Read more...]

LeBron James “I Promise School”; Why Black America Needs To Find A Balance Between Stem & Afrocentricity.

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Tweet ( I tip my cap to LeBron James and his entire team for achieving what has proven extremely difficult, if not impossible for many others. Of course, I am referring to the I Promise School located in Lebron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio. Anyone involved in the administration, let alone the creation, of a school, will tell you that... [Read more...]

What Skills Does Music Develop?

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Tweet ( It is said that music keeps students busy, provides a place to learn or sharpen their talents and skills. But, it also plays a significant role in their mental growth, social and other skill-sets. In case you suspect or feel that your child is interested in learning music, make sure you enroll them in a school that offers music... [Read more...]

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