Saturday, August 18, 2018

Book Release; Reflecting On Jim Crow – Fondly?

Tweet ( Being an insecure, chubby teenager in the Jim Crow south may have been a challenge, but growing up as that same teen might be far more difficult in today’s world.  In my book, The Blessing of Movement, I chronicle the story of my sister, Sandra and how her actions impacted our family, and my life choices.  Although I was... [Read more...]

Now! A Way You Can Win as Unemployment Rates Rise.

Tweet ( Every presidential candidate running for the presidency is offering infrastructure spending as the way to lift this economy out of its moribund state and create jobs. As voters, and smart and intelligent observers, many of you feel like I do; infrastructure spending is not the complete answer. Remember “the shovel ready projects”... [Read more...]

Book Review: Banking on Kids: Money Matters Cradle to Seventeen.

Tweet ( While reading through trade publication this writer came across some interesting information on a recently published book by yours truly.  This independent review was conducted by one of a few well respected book critics I have never had the pleasure of meeting, yet, am humbled by its candor and honesty. This review was dated... [Read more...]

Yankee And Yardie Go To The Movies.

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Tweet ( Once upon a time long ago, a Yardie (working class Jamaican) and his cousin from America took in the show at Crossroads Theatre in Kingston. The moviehouse was cavernous. Tier upon tier of seats stretched up to a ceiling high as a cathedral. The screen was a gargantuan affair about an acre in area, or so it seemed. Yankee and... [Read more...]

Book Release: Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!

Tweet ( (Never Allow a Bully to define you) An avid reader of this new Book by Stanley G Buford remarked, “No parent should send their child back to school before reading his book!” Bullying occurs when a person is singled out for punishment, hazing or retribution again and again by an individual or a group of people with more power,... [Read more...]

Book Release; You Can Stop Procrastination Today!

Tweet ( “If you wait for perfect conditions you’ll never get anything done” (Ecclesiastes 11:4 Living Bible) While completing the research for my new book You Can Stop Procrastination Today! I felt an urge to give my ThyBlackMan readers a “sneak peek” into what might be the next New York Times bestseller. Although it is written... [Read more...]

Who Is The Most Successful Black Author Ever.

Tweet ( What a writer produces comes from the depths of “the never-never land of the spirit, of imagination; and all the arrows point away from the here and now,” said America’s most successful Black writer. His first published novel sold 500,000 copies within six months and more than a million before the year was out. It was turned... [Read more...]

The Religion of Power.

Tweet ( This is an introduction to a new age religion developed by writer King Nazir Muhammad for Black people in America. This religion is an accumulation of all religious philosophies based around the color ” Black “. You will find that the color black is the main color in every theme throughout this religious philosophy.... [Read more...]

Book Release; Dear_____, Are You Missing Your Calling?

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Tweet ( Independent Author, Peer Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Sheila L. Agnew released her second non-fiction book, Dear ______, Are Your Missing Your Calling? In the book, Sheila uses the invitation as a metaphor to encourage readers to chronicle their most significant and important life events whether joyful or painful to help... [Read more...]

Book Release; OUR WORDS: The Social Politics of Homosexuality, Religion and Race.

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Tweet ( This in-depth study delivers a power punch of history and facts. Known for his controversial editorials, essays and articles, researcher and scholar Xavier James explains how and why we think the way we’ve been programmed to think and behave. What secrets have the homosexual hierarchy been hiding from us? Who created God and... [Read more...]

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