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How to Create the Perfect Playlist for Your Workouts.

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Tweet ( For most people, working out is something that requires motivation and even a little inspiration to get you through your routine. Without those it can be tempting to cut your workout short, or worse yet, not do it at all. One thing that can act as a huge motivator for people is to have a playlist of all your favorite tunes on... [Read more...]

Reconsidering KRS-One’s Belief that Rap & Hip Hop Music was “Edutainment.

April 5, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( In 1990, KRS-ONE (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), of Boogie Down Productions fame, posited that Rap Music should be considered “Edutainment”; a new genre of thought or education that was both educational and entertaining. KRS-ONE believes in this concept so significantly that he titled one of his albums Edutainment.... [Read more...]

Movie Review; A Wrinkle in Time.

March 20, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( The science fiction fantasy novel A Wrinkle in Time, written in 1962 by Madeleine L’Engle, won the prestigious Newbery Medal. The author had a fascination with quantum physics and her novel reflected that interest as it explored themes of good versus evil. Initially, over 20 publishers turned down the book. The author felt... [Read more...]

Learn How The Film’s Soundtrack Can Make A Difference.

March 20, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Music is one of the most important parts of filmmaking that should never be taken lightly. There are plenty of reasons why music should be given as much importance in the film. When you are making your next film project, you have to fully understand its importance before you proceed. If you are a beginner in film or movie making,... [Read more...]

South African Jazz Icon Hugh Masekela Dead at 78.

January 24, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( I had a friend ask me about Hugh Masekela after seeing his name trending. I didn’t know where to begin, so I said, “If Bob Marley lived and continued his social activism he would be the Hugh Masekela of the Western Hemisphere.” This wasn’t an attempt to elevate “Bra” Masekela or diminish the legacy of Bob Marley.... [Read more...]

The Most Raunchiest Songs That I’ve Ever Heard.

December 30, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( There have been many great songs in music since it’s inception in The Motherland thousands of years ago before European colonization because music was birthed in Africa. But however, since the early 1950s, music has taken on a more edgier turn with many urban artists singing and rapping lyrical content that was deemed to raunchy... [Read more...]

Hip Hop Nutcracker – Blending of Hip Hop and the Classic Nutcracker.

December 12, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( The Hip Hop Nutcracker was a musical explosion combing old school Hip Hop with classical music and the grace, elegance and power of Hip Hop dancing. The back drop story line of the Nutcracker provided the framework on a story that is relevant generationally dealing with the diversity of relationships and family. Using music... [Read more...]

Hundreds Rallied for Rapper Meek Mill, but What about the Rest?

December 4, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( Recently, hundreds of fans and supporters held a rally outside a Philadelphia courthouse, chanting for Robert Rihmeek Williams a.k.a. Meek Mill, to be released. The rapper was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating his parole, stemming from 10 year-old charges, including drug possession and carrying a firearm... [Read more...]

Struggle is at the Core of Hip-Hop.

November 30, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( Hip-Hop began as a genre that was able to embody hardship, pain, and struggle. Granted it there are exceptions to every rule, but most of the rap artist that have been deemed legendary came from pain. Their art was engulfed by their struggle. So many are able to identify with Hip-Hop because they can find themselves…their... [Read more...]

Rapper Meek Mill Case Casts Ugly Glare On The Racially Biased Parole System.

November 28, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( Meek Mill did more than rouse the anger of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Rap Mogul Jay-Z. Both have loudly spoken out against Mill plopped back in prison for a parole violation. Mill cast the ugly glare back on a part of the criminal justice system that has been too often ignored, overlooked or... [Read more...]

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