Friday, November 16, 2018

Understanding How VIN Checking Services are Important for you.

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Tweet ( A revs check report offers details about vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, trucks, and trailers. They are essential especially for those looking to buy used cars, hire vehicles, or insure a vehicle. The reports save you the hustle and the inconveniences you risk experiencing in situations where you are unaware of a vehicle’s... [Read more...]

What To Know If You’re Traveling to the U.S. for Business.

Tweet ( There’s a lot of different things going on in the U.S. currently and many of them deal with immigration and being able to travel to America for work and other purposes. As with traveling to any country, there are visa and entry requirements to be aware of. There are also unique business culture issues to contend with. With... [Read more...]

R.I.P. Stan Lee; My Favorite Marvel Games.

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Tweet ( As a young kid growing up on Jackson St., I remember watching my very first ever Marvel cartoon show in X-Men that was very balanced in the sense of Wolverine and Cyclops constantly being at odds over who should lead the X-Men as well as which one of them is more deserving of Jean Grey’s heart. One major part of Stan Lee’s... [Read more...]

What Is Wrong With Black Men? My Answer.

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Tweet ( A day rarely passes that someone struggling the often contradictory rules of Race does not ask the following question. Many people dance around it, however, it does not matter if the approach is indirect or brutally inquisitive with little concern of offending those that they are seeking information from, it rings the same way.... [Read more...]

What is Optimal Personal Wellness?

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Tweet ( Much emphasis has been given to the subject of wellness in American culture. More and more people are endeavoring to create lives of motivation and meaning, searching for ways to deepen their existence through such practices as meditation, proportioned meals, mindfulness and flexibility training, to name a few. What does it... [Read more...]

The Ring: Machete Fencing From the Diaspora.

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Tweet ( In any culture the martial arts have played a huge part in identity and pride. The ancient Greeks and Romans had wrestling and boxing. The Japanese developed sumo which was popular among all classes but mainly practiced among the military for display to nobles. Black people have a similar relationship to the martial arts. Whether... [Read more...]

Is It Better for Business Owners to Get Unsecured Loans?

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Tweet ( An unsecured business loan can seriously help your business to thrive, but what do you need to know about them? Find out everything you need to know here. Whether or not business owners get unsecured loans or not can be a contentious subject as some people frown upon this however it isn’t necessarily a bad business choice.... [Read more...]

America, Yes Americans Deserves Better

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Tweet ( Another critical election. Another electoral failure in Florida. Another vote counting disaster in Broward County. Some Americans suspect fraud, indeed Broward County looks like a banana republic. The latest ballot debacle may be a result of carelessness or incompetence, rather than fraud. But election officials unable to do... [Read more...]

Could a NFL player pull a ‘Bill Belichick’ regarding the NFL’s Salute to Service?

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Tweet ( Veterans Day, which is the holiday that honors military veterans, is upon us. The month of November also means that it is time for the NFL to reemphasize their “Salute to Service” campaign. The NFL’s “Salute to Service” is “a year-round effort to Honor, Empower, and Connect our nation’s service members, veterans,... [Read more...]

Legendary Pokemon: The Most Powerful Of All.

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Tweet ( Today we are going to take a look at some of the strongest creatures in the Pokemon universe and the ones which you’ll always want to add to your team in the game to trump the competition. Whether you like to watch anime or play the games on your Nintendo, here are some of the most powerful pokemon in the whole series… Arceus If... [Read more...]

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