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4 Important Details Businesses Forget When Leasing An Office Space.

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( Finding the perfect office space for your business can be a struggle. You have to consider a lot of different factors, like price and location, but there are a lot of small details that people forget to check before they sign the agreement. Once you’re tied into a lease, it’s difficult to get out of it so, if you make the wrong decision, you could end up wasting a lot of money or using an office space that isn’t right for you. These are some of the details that people forget when renting an office for their business. 


An office that doesn’t have enough parking spaces can cause a lot of problems. It means that employees may have to park elsewhere and walk to the office, which lengthens their commute. You will also have to cover the cost of parking if they have to pay. If you need to invite potential clients or partners to your office and they don’t have anywhere to park, that doesn’t give a good impression either. So, make sure that you look at exactly how many parking spaces are available before you agree to take the office.


Security is so important because a break-in can be incredibly costly to your business. When looking at an office, always ask whether they have security cameras and burglar alarms in place. If there are not security systems already in place, check whether you will be able to call in your own cctv installation team once you move into the office. You should also ask about access to the building and ideally, you want to find somewhere that has a security guard on-site because that is one of the best deterrents against burglars. 

Outdoor Spaces 

Most people spend a lot of time looking at the inside of the office, but what about the outdoor spaces? It’s important that your office has a lot of outdoor appeal because it affects how people perceive your business. If the outside of the office is run down, people won’t have a good impression of your business and it can affect your ability to find new customers. It can also have an impact on your employees as well because they don’t feel as though they are entering a positive environment. However, if your office looks good on the outside, people will automatically assume that you are a professional business that they want to deal with. 

Your Neighbors 

It’s very common for businesses to share office space with other companies, which is fine, as long as you have a good relationship with your neighbors. It’s important that you ask about the other businesses in the building and how they operate so you can make sure that they won’t disrupt your own employees. If possible, try to meet some of the other business owners while you are viewing the office so you can form a relationship with them. 

It’s so important that you don’t forget these small details when renting your next office space, otherwise, you may end up making the wrong decision. 

Staff Writer; Calvin Ford

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