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Ain’t Nothing Like The Old School Part 1.

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( As I sit on the back porch and reflect back on some of my favorite memories over the years. I can’t help but to write about some of my favorite memories from my time in this very chaotically cold world that we live in. I sometimes feel like I wish that I could just turn back the hands of time because it ain’t nothing like the old school.

One of my favorite memories was from my childhood when I would often come home from school and ask my grandma to give me some money so that I can go to the pool room and play at the arcades where I was an absolute genius when it came to them because I would frequently play my favorite arcade games at the time like Pac-Man, Aliens, Cobra Command, & X-Men. I mainly enjoyed going to the pool room because it gave me the ability to develop other talents besides some that I picked up at home and at school. I really miss those pool room days.

old school was fresh

Another one of my favorite memories is falling in love with the Girl Power stuff for the very first time when I saw Karan Ashley playing the second OG Yellow Power Ranger in Aisha Campbell in The OG Power Ranger series. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had a huge crush on Karan Ashley (which I actually told her in person two years ago at a comic convention) because she was such a beautiful girl that had the same skin complexion as me which was one of the reasons why she’s my favorite female Power Ranger ever.

Also another one of my favorite memories was when me and my siblings were some of the few kids back then that enjoyed the rare luxury of playing both Mario and Sonic at the same time. I remember being so dominant in both the OG Mario & Sonic games so much that it often made my siblings jealous of me because they had to wait for over an hour before I lost a life in either one of The OG Mario & Sonic games.

Note: For many years I held the record in my family for the most rings in any Sonic game when I had over 400 rings in a stage in Sonic 2 for The Sega Genesis until my youngest brother broke that record many years later in Sonic Advance for Game Boy Advance when he got over 500 rings in a stage. But there is one record in my family from another video game that my youngest brother will never ever touch: The Most Lines Ever In Any Tetris Game: My 112 Lines compared to his 101 lines he had in Tetris.

The Conclusion – The lesson to be learned from this is that there will always be times when we all look back at the good times and the bad ones as well.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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