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Uncle Joe Biden Wants to Be ‘President of All Americans’?

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( It’s a meaningless platitude in a sea of meaningless platitudes. In fact, most of what Joe Biden says is a bunch of meaningless platitudes. But one sticks out, to me at least, more than the others – that he will be “president of all Americans.”

Maybe that sounds good to some people, but it means absolutely nothing to anyone who isn’t a committed leftist who’s spent the last four years waking up in a cold sweat screaming, “Donald Trump is NOT my President!” Of course, these are the same people who spent the years between 2001 and 2009 doing the same thing, only replacing Donald Trump with George W. Bush. These people only believe a president is “their president” when that president is from their party.

Questions Sleepy Joe Biden Should Be Facing

There are Members of Congress and the media who go to the point of absurdity to avoid saying the words “President Trump,” referring to him as either “the current occupant of the White House” or simply “45,” the number president he is. I recall no such screams or semantical gymnastics from anyone during the administrations of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. Maybe they existed, but not from anyone of note.

So what does Joe Biden mean when he says it? It’s a ham-fisted way of saying he’ll unify the country that he thinks sounds good. In reality, it’s completely meaningless.

A “president of all Americans” wouldn’t seek to impose things on half the country, or any part of the country, they explicitly do not want. Yet, that is the entirety of the Democratic Party’s platform.

It’s not just higher taxes, which you’re going to get when someone is promising trillions in new annual spending, it’s everything.

Want to get the government out of your health care? Sorry, Biden will insert it in there even deeper than it is now (and it’s pretty deep already). Want to send your kid to a charter school? Joe Biden is going to get rid of those. Want to be free to practice your religion? Forget about it, just shut up and bake that cake, bigot.

But it’s more than that, much more. Do you think people who bought more house than they could afford should face the consequences of that bad decision? Tough, you’re going to have to bail them out. Think someone who thought it was a good idea borrow $250,000 to get an undergraduate degree in 1940s bi-sexual polar bear studies, seemingly because no less marketable field of study was available, should have to repay that loan? Not gonna happen, you’re the sucker Joe Biden will make eat that debt.

There isn’t a bad life choice people have made that Democrats don’t seek to have others who didn’t pick up the responsibility for. Is that being the “president for everyone”? When you subsidize stupidity and absolve people of consequences of their bad decisions, you get more bad decisions. Why wouldn’t you?

You also teach people that “good things” come from government, no matter how bad the consequences are. Is there any place in the country where high government dependency has made lives better?

But there’s even more. What about the Americans who simply want their government to leave them alone? Forget about it. The cornerstone of the Democratic Party is collectivism – you’re in it whether you want to be or not.

What would a President Joe Biden tell people who responsibly exercise their Second Amendment rights? He wants to seize some guns, calling it a “voluntary buyback” program in which you either “sell” your guns to the government (at a price they set) or have the government declare you a criminal. He also wants to tax the hell out of all guns and magazines, which is a convenient way of pricing them out of reach of people who need them the most to protect themselves. Sorry, we’re all in this together, and as such you’re just going to have to hope the defunded police show up in time to save your life if a criminal decides to break into your home.

Republicans, on the other hand, want to get the government out of your way so you can make whatever you can out of your life, which drives progressive leftists to have those fever dreams they wake up screaming from. Tells you something about the left, doesn’t it?

It’s weird how Joe Biden who wants to be “President of all Americans” while campaigning on a platform of imposing the will of those Americans he favors on those he doesn’t. It’s almost like, despite his unnaturally white “you can trust me” used car salesman smile, he wants to rule over everyone. And in a country built on liberty, that is precisely why he shouldn’t.

Written by Derek Hunter

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