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( The other day–while drinking, smoking, chatting, sitting and bull-shittin’ upon a wooden bench with my crooked cohorts–the nosiest and most officious lady from our dilapidated neighborhood approached us.

Here we go, I thought.

Once she got within earshot, she began preaching; you know, sermonizing. “Instead of y’all brothers committing slow suicides, y’all need to begin protecting your women and children. They can’t protect themselves from gangsters and goons. They are targets of robberies, gang-assaults, rapes and, unfortunately, murders! Consequently, due to no fault of their own, a large percentile of Black women won’t be able to reproduce and perpetuate Black life! A genocidal war has been declared on the souls of Black folks.”

“Wait a minute, Ms. Nosey. As long as I’m alive, my girl is safe,” one cohort replied.

Black Genocide

“I’m not talking about your girl. I’m talking about ALL BLACK WOMEN! For example: Sandra Bland, Charlena Lyles, Shukri Ali, Elanor Bumpers, Miriam Carey, Mya—”

“Wait a minute!” the cohort interrupted. “I don’t even know them chicks.”

“Know them!” she screamed. “When Richard Wright was a Black Boy, he told the entire world that if he or one of his friends got caught whistling or staring at a white woman, they would be subjected to a lynching and/or a castration and/or oft-times both.”

“What the hell does that have to do with us?” my friend wanted to know.

“Are you serious?” she replied. “Just the other day, a white cop in Coral Springs, Florida was visually recorded repeatedly punching a 14 year old girl in her kidney with a leather gloved, clinched fist. Even professional boxers aren’t allowed to punch an opponent in the kidney. It can either kill them or permanently damage vital organs.”

“I still don’t see how that relates to me and mines,” he countered.

“The word is mine not mines,” she corrected him. “Secondly, if America’s law enforcement agencies are indirectly benefitting off a premeditatedly devised plan to destroy Black life, I think you would want to circumvent their scheme.”


“Listen boy! History repeats itself; that is, unless it’s rewritten.”

“Well, how am I supposed to rewrite history?”

“First, learn history! Learn that your foremothers and forefathers were enslaved by amoral capitalists. Once slavery was replaced with machinery, Black people were no longer a necessary commodity. Nevertheless, in order to accommodate white folks whom weren’t enriched by the slave trade, the prison system became the new master of the chained and shackled.

“But, most Blacks are not magnets to steel bars, iron cots and blind criminology. Subsequently, it was then that it was decided that genocide would be the only way to avoid–NOT the BROWNING–but the BLACKENING of America.”

“What….if by some unknown possibility, you’re wrong?” the young boy inquired.

“I erred on the side of caution and survival,” she said and scuttled away.

The group of youthful goons watched the lady fade from their vision and, then wade into a sea of Americans dog paddling through the rough waters that surrounds their daily lives. That is, until they, too, drown in their own ignorance.

Staff Writers; Saint Solomon & Senia Solomon



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