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Benefits of Tutoring: 3 Reasons to Get Your Child a Tutor.

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( Now more than ever, you might find yourself worried about your child falling behind educationally. Between the ongoing global pandemic disrupting the ability to hold traditional classes in many places and schools relying on virtual learning, you may find your child is struggling to adjust or falling behind.

Giving your child the skills and the information they need to succeed in school and beyond is one of the most important things you can do as a parent, and sometimes that means they may need specialized tutoring for subjects where they don’t naturally excel. If you’re on the fence, let’s discuss three reasons hiring a tutor may benefit your child.

1. Prevent your child from falling behind.

Even without COVID-19, sometimes kids can find themselves behind their classmates. If your child doesn’t understand the fundamental basics of a subject, they’ll just get more confused as time goes on, and won’t be making the most of the time they spend in school. Now, given the realities of the coronavirus, it’s even more of a concern that a lack of traditional educational structure will leave kids unprepared for the future. A tutor can ensure that your child’s intellectual development stays on track and that they’re progressing appropriately for their age level in every subject, no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

2. Prepare them for tests and entrance exams.

As many teachers and students will tell you, often learning how to take a test is the best way to guarantee you score well. Whether your child is facing final exams, high school entrance tests, or standardized testing for college admissions, understanding how a test functions and what the questions are designed to do is an important part of performing their best. Tutors have years of professional experience working with hundreds or even thousands of students to get the results they want and their breadth of knowledge beyond just the material at hand can be invaluable for students who are looking to excel.

3. Make their educational experience personal.

Everyone is different, and in a class with 25 students or more, it can be hard for any individual child to get the attention they need. Not only that, but if your child’s learning style isn’t in line with their teacher’s teaching style, they might find it challenging to keep up. Using a tutor to work one-on-one with your child allows them to participate in their education and learn in a way that’s best suited to their strengths

With more technical subjects like math and science, some children also struggle to connect because they don’t see how the classes will help them in their life and career. Math tutoring can show your child the real-world applications for the concepts they’re learning. A tutor who has gone through the school system and found a career that utilizes everything they were taught is often the best messenger for the value of education.

The longer you ignore your child’s educational struggles, the deeper they get. If you notice that they’re falling behind or having trouble grasping a particular subject, it might be best to have them work with a professional and get back on track as soon as possible.

Given the ongoing disruption to schooling caused by COVID-19, it’s even more difficult than it would be in “normal” time for children to stay focused and keep progressing academically. With the pandemic still ongoing, online tutoring isn’t just academically beneficial, it’s also safe. Given how accessible help can be, there’s no excuse not to make sure your child is in the best position they can be to thrive in school and beyond.

Staff Writer; Lou Moore

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