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Three Ways to Protect Energy.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Energy is needed in every facet of life. The most tangible understanding of energy is related to our physical ability to function. If we don’t get proper rest, eat healthy foods, drink enough water, and exercise among many other things…we may find it difficult to get through the day. You will battle to keep your eyes open, you might feel sluggish in your body, and honestly you won’t want to do anything but sleep. Unfortunately, sleep isn’t always allowed. There is a such thing as being so depleted you become restless…so you are tired but can’t sleep. Know that your emotional, mental, and spiritual energy functions in a simpler way.

Prioritizing your life and making various adjustments can help you preserve and increase your physical energy. The other kind of energy has to be protected in order to have the opportunity to increase said energy. Mental, emotional, and spiritual energy require different kinds of actions to protect and grow. Protecting this energy is more than what you eat, and the kind of tea you drink…it will require more than just burning sage. Let’s look at three ways to protect your energy.

1. Sometimes you have to say no. Everyone has something going on, and you can’t effectively take care of everything on your plate while carrying the plates of others. The quickest way to siphon out your energy is not understanding your boundaries. You can’t expect others to respect the boundaries you refuse to acknowledge…nor enforce. This does not make you a horrible person, it makes you a person that is being uses, and a person that will find themselves running on fumes rather quickly. It is important to prioritize what you have to get done day to day unapologetically.

2. Free yourself of negativity. I have nothing against burning sage for the sake of dismissing negative energy. However, there are times you will have to get this done through confrontation. It doesn’t profit you to burn the sage if the negativity is attached to you through your interactions with negative people. Sometimes its just that the person(s) you are dealing with are just struggling to manage their energy and see you as their lifeline. However, there are those that refuse to be positive about anything or anyone. Truth is they aren’t positive about you either. They truly do not wish you well, but you provide the mental and spiritual support that sustains them…while draining you.

3. Accept positivity when it finds you. Sometimes when life gets hectic and we feel depleted we forget to affirm self. It’s understandable, but it’s important to allow others to pour into us. When the pouring of goodness begins fight back the urge to say something negative after every affirmation. It is very important to play an active role in protecting and restoring your energy even when everything around you make you want to scream.

It is very important to protect your internal energy. Balance is needed now more than ever to navigates life’s new uncertainties while protecting your mental and emotional state. You may want to help everyone but that’s not realistic…and it’s okay. You may have to let some relationships go and accept the positivity anywhere it shows itself. Protecting your energy is vital to your health and wellness.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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