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The 5 Best Songs From Wu-Tang Clan’s Debut.

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( It’s time for another 5 Dive! This time, we’re going into Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album from 1993: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m big on groups as opposed to duos or solo artists.

Sometimes it’s like you’re getting more than just the one album when you’re listening to just the one album because of the different styles you’re getting hit with. Let’s go into the five best Wu-Tang Clan songs off of this landmark album!

Bring da Ruckus

Meet favorite song number one on this album. Bring da Ruckus is a pretty low-tempo track that both introduces Wu-Tang Clan’s style and sets the tone of the album. For the record, that tone is hardcore and raw—the way Inspectah Deck rips it.

I’ll say this is the strongest song on the Shaolin Side (A-side). It’s direct and slaps hard. There’s no exposition or whatnot on this one to sit through. Someone would say “It adds to the atmosphere of the album!” Whatever, I want something that hits off the bat. On the A-side only Bring da Ruckus shocks and wows from start to finish.

That said, this wasn’t the best song on that side. Just the strongest because there’s no skit or talking before we get into the song. The best would be a combination of lyricism and beat. Shaolin Side honors go to…

Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber

If I could just have everything after 01:25, this would really give “Bring da Ruckus” a run for strongest track on the A-side. This song really rides and has that dangerous beat and dark production—as does the whole album. However, when we’re talking Shaolin Side, “Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber” is really a prime example of this approach. Actually, if it was the second track, it would cement “This isn’t your daddy’s hip-hop.”

Another reason I really dig this song is because in Memphis rap—which I’m a huge fan of—this would’ve been a posse song on an album. You know, the song where either everyone in the group or everyone on the label gets on to flow. It’s pretty much my favorite kind of track in hip-hop and this gives off those vibes.

But it won’t be the only track on the Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) that smacks of posse song!

Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

After another bit of exposition, U-God comes in to give your ears the business posthaste and with the quickness. Who is that behind him? Inspectah Deck! Top notch. We’ve just gotten to the Wu-Tang Sword Side (B-side) and we’ve heard the word “raw” several times. They’re making sure you know how raw they are.

Remember when I mentioned that the B-side had more songs that came off like posse songs? Wouldn’t you know it, that track came right after the first posse song on the album. Between the two, I’m still giving it to “Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber” as far as the dopest posse song on the album.

Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthing ta F’ Wit

This song is super short with RZA, Inspectah Deck, and Method Man being the stars of this showcase. It continues the overall raw approach of the album. While I can’t say it’s the best song on the B-side, I will say it has that same energy as the opening track. That main comes down to the length of song who this trio rocking the mic like nobody’s business.

Protect Ya Neck

Remember when I gave the posse song crown to “Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber”? Well, the Wu-Tang Sword Side had “Protect Ya Neck” waiting in the wings—to back “Da Mystery of Chessboxin”. Doesn’t it top that song? No, but it is one of the dopest songs on the album and a good posse song on its own.

Where it falls short of taking over the other is that it’s not a completely perfect package like “7th Chamber” or has the atmosphere and “umph” of “Chessboxin”. With that said, this is one of the best songs on the B-side and on the album.

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