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5 Advantages of Owning a Motorcycle vs. Owning a Car.

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( Just about everyone today needs to have a reliable means of personal transportation. For some, that comes down to owning a car, truck, or SUV, but these are not the only options.

Many who look into the alternatives discover that motorcycles suit their needs very well. Owning a motorcycle can end up being the best way to get around, whether for work, errands, or enjoyment. There are five ways that owning a motorcycle often proves superior to having a vehicle with four wheels.

  1. Motorcycles Cost Less Than Cars

Cars are expensive, as anyone who has shopped for a new one recently has seen. Choose to buy and own a motorcycle instead and you can save tens of thousands of dollars from the start.

Even if you need a motorcycle made by a legendary manufacturer like Harley-Davidson, the cost of a bike will normally be far less than that of a car. High-quality used motorcycles can even be obtained at prices low enough to do away with the need for financing.

A buyer who might be forced to stick to economy-class cars when shopping could instead end up with a relatively high-end motorcycle for a significantly lower price. That can make for a far more satisfying ownership experience down the road.

  1. Motorcycles Cost Less to Operate

Heavy cars, trucks, and SUVs consume a lot of fuel, and the cost of every tank adds up. Motorcycles are much more fuel-efficient in general, an advantage that can produce many hundreds of dollars in savings each year.

Insurance premiums for motorcycles also tend to be a lot lower than those charged for automobiles. Because lightweight motorcycles are less likely to cause injuries to others and serious damage to property, insurers can afford to levy low rates.

Finally, maintenance and repair costs for motorcycles tend to be quite a bit lower than those typical of cars. All of these sources of savings add up in ways that normally make the total cost of motorcycle ownership much lower than that of even the most economical car.

  1. Motorcycles are Compact and Agile

Large, heavy automobiles have never been more popular. Their owners might enjoy the feelings of security such vehicles induce, but they come with plenty of downsides.

A small, maneuverable motorcycle will always be easier to park than a bulky SUV. Some states even allow motorcyclists to “filter” through slow-moving traffic by riding between lanes. The compactness and agility of a motorcycle can make it a lot easier to live with than a car.

  1. Motorcycles Perform Better Than Cars

Cars weigh thousands of pounds and have engines that produce perhaps a few hundred horsepower. A motorcycle can weigh as little as one-tenth as much as an SUV while having a far higher power-to-weight ratio.

Motorcycles also brake very quickly, thanks to having so little mass that needs to be decelerated. While some few cars can outperform motorcycles, they are rare and very expensive.

  1. Motorcycles are More Fun to Own

Motorcycles put riders right in the midst of things, and that makes for fun, memorable experiences. Even just the unparalleled visibility that a motorcycle enables will make getting from place to place feel more engaging and immersive.

People who buy motorcycles for practical reasons like saving money often end up becoming passionate fans for reasons like these. Owning and using a motorcycle will virtually always be a lot more exciting than doing the same with a car.

Motorcycles are not for everyone, but they do have some clear advantages over cars. The five detailed above rank among the best reasons to buy a motorcycle instead of a car, truck, or SUV.

Staff Writer; Ron Washington

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