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An In-Depth Look at the Different Types of Bouquets That Exist Today.

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( The type of bouquet you decide to get for a special someone depends on the circumstances. Here are the different types of bouquets that are available today.

If you’re ever felt warm and joyful after being given flowers, you’re far from alone. Not only do 73% of Americans cite that they have a high appreciation for these beautiful buds, but 65% of them believe them to be a gift that makes them feel special and loved. There are lots of different types of bouquets on the market, and each of them makes the perfect gift for a variety of occasions. Read on to learn about some of the most popular types of bouquets that you can give as gifts for any occasion or use as centerpieces for all your events.

Classic Bouquets

Classic bouquets tend to be made up primarily of roses against a backdrop of green foliage. They may or may not have small white baby’s breath flowers as well, and they come in a multitude of sizes and styles. Classic bouquets are best given to people that you want to express your love for on anniversaries, first dates, and other romantic occasions.

However, there are other classic bouquets that may be more appropriate for friends to give to one another on significant occasions. While red roses generally symbolize passion and romantic love, pink, blue, and yellow ones are amazing representations of fondness and constant friendship. Carnations are also an excellent choice for friends and family that you want to show how much you care!

Birthday Bouquets

There are birthday flowers that you can buy for friends and family based on the month that they were born in. In the same way that people’s birthstones and zodiac signs are symbolic of certain attributes about their personalities, birthday flowers do, too. For example, the daffodils of March are representative of new beginnings and July’s larkspur symbolizes the strong bonds of friendship. These bouquets are, of course, best given to the people in your life as birthday gifts. Go ahead and tuck a handwritten note into the foliage that tells the other person how much they mean to you

Hand-Tied Bouquet

Another amazing gift to give to those who matter to you is a hand-tied bouquet. These are fashioned when you take all of the most beautiful flowers from your garden and fashion them into a neat bouquet. Since handmade is heartfelt, people on the receiving end of these flowers will feel remembered and cared for. After all, you invested the time in choosing and picking flowers that they would like!

You can incorporate pretty much any flowers that you like into these arrangements. This is the perfect opportunity to include underused and underappreciated flowers like bleeding hearts and marigolds. Above all, make sure that your bouquet is unique and representative of how much your loved one means to you!

Nosegay Bouquets

A nosegay, also referred to as a posy or tussie-mussie, is a small and compact bouquet that’s often given as a gift. They often are shaped like densely-packed round puffs of small flowers that are tied together with a tiny ribbon. They come in all colors and can be put together with any type of flower that you (or the receiver) likes best. Nosegays make great gifts because they’re portable and can be displayed anywhere in the home.

Nosegays are also commonly associated with weddings. This is because they adorn pretty much every table as a centerpiece. Some brides also choose to throw them during the reception rather than the (matching) bouquet that she walked down the aisle with. This allows the bride to retain the bouquet as a keepsake.

Waterfall/Cascade Bouquets

Cascade bouquets feature long flowers that drip down towards the earth in front of you. They look as though they’re elegantly spilling from your arms, much like well-done hair looks like it’s coming over a woman’s shoulders in waves. You can have a waterfall of large flowers like peonies and roses if you really want to stand out while holding it. Many brides choose to do this. Using multiple different types of flowers adds to the magnificence of this larger-than-life aesthetic. However, if you’re giving a cascade bouquet as a gift to someone special, you may prefer to make it a bit more subtle. This means sticking to a single variety of flower and complementing it with trailing ivy and jasmine accents.

Round Bouquets

Round bouquets are exactly what they sound like: densely packed flowers trimmed into a completely spherical shape. These bouquets are generally made up or carnations and similarly shaped flowers. Anything dense enough to be packed in with foliage to make a round shape will work. To make your round bouquet as gorgeous as possible, you’ll want to tie the stems together with a gorgeous ribbon that matches the main color of the bouquet. If your primary color is sky blue, then a navy ribbon will look amazing with it. If you used a lot of pinks, try tying it up in a light red ribbon. Have fun experimenting with color!

Crescent Bouquets

Crescent bouquets are a blend of waterfall and round bouquets in size and shape, but they’re also their own thing. They have a fuller shape in the center of the bouquet than around the edges where vines and flowers overflow and cascade downwards. Orchids, lilies, and dahlias are generally the best flowers to include in these arrangements. They have a naturally drooping shape that ensures that they fall beautifully and look elegant. Accent your bouquet with some cascading ivy or eucalyptus and you’ll be good to go!

There are a lot of different bouquets that you can get for yourself and for loved ones, and which you choose should depend on the occasion. Now that you know the types of bouquets that you can get for every occasion, it’s time to take a look at the ‘brother talk’ and ‘sista talk’ tabs on our home page. Here, you’ll get a lot of different lifestyle tips on how you can live your best life with loved ones.

Staff Writer; Terry Brown

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