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The Other Side Of The C-Virus That The Corporate Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You: The Racial Disparities.

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( The C-Virus aka COVID-19 has become this massive epidemic that has negatively affected so many people not only around the world, but especially here in America which is known to other countries that hate America as “The Belly Of The Beast”

So many businesses have been forced to shut down and many performances, concerts, sporting events, and even comic conventions like The 2020 River Region Comic Con here in Montgomery were forced to cancel their events due to the very rapid spread of this vicious and destructive C-Virus.

It’s no secret that the way that the corporate media talks about The C-Virus comes off as very one-sided in the sense of them talking about equipment not being received by hospital staffs throughout the country to only the number of people in The U.S. in particular that have been negatively affected by The C-Virus.

Here’s the other side of The C-Virus that they deliberately refuse to give any sort of coverage to: the racial disparities involving The C-Virus and how much havoc and destruction that it has inflicted on black communities across America. 

In Chicago, Illinois – about 29% percent of the city’s population are black & make up 72% of people who have died and over 1800 people who have been diagnosed with the virus. 

In Detroit, Michigan – about 97 people have died & 35% of them have been tested positive for The C-Virus. 

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Black people make almost half of the 945 cases & the 81% of deaths as a result of The C-Virus reeking havoc on the black community in that city which is one of the worst cities for black people to live in within America. 

In New York City, more than 122,000 people have been tested positive for the virus and many of the people that tested positive for the virus or died from it were from low income working class predominantly black neighborhoods that have been the hardest hit by the virus.

Hell, here in Alabama about almost 2,000 people have been tested positive for for the virus and 32 people have died from it. Many of the people in Alabama that were either tested positive for the virus or have died from it came from low income working class black communities in the state.

The fact that the black community has always been the target for chemical warfare in America is nothing new. From them poisoning our food and water supply to deliberately pushing the drugs and guns into our community that destroyed so many black families and ruined the lives of so many black men in the process by having them commit horizontal violence against one another and mass incarcerating many of them from nonviolent drug related charges in which they got egregious sentences of 20+ years in prison. 

The Conclusion – If you think that The C-Virus is not part of the continuous historical pattern of chemical warfare against the black community in America, then you’re severely uneducated.

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