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No, Mr. President (Donald Trump): China’s Xi is not our friend!

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( As much as I love President Trump, it is not enough to label the COVID-19 virus a “Chinese virus.” First, it’s important to point out that the coronavirus is not the fault of the Chinese people, but instead the evil designs of their government, which obviously allowed it, either negligently or intentionally, to leak from an outlawed and illegal bioweapons facility in Wuhan, China. And, just this morning the Donald effusively praised Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping as a great friend. No, Mr. President, he is not a friend of either you or our beloved country, much less his own people who live under his and his Politburo’s dictatorship.

Said Donald Trump: “I have great respect for President Xi. I consider him to be a friend of mine. … I respect China greatly, and I respect President Xi.”

Listen to my podcast of Friday morning, embedded below, for an update on what is nearing “theatre of the absurd” coming out of California. Gov. Gavin Newsom is competing with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to assume the mantle of Democratic Party leadership in their exploitive attempts to become the presidential nominee in the likelihood Joe Biden collapses physically and/or mentally before the DNC convention or thereafter, leading up to this fall’s election. The level of Democrat-socialist “whoredom,” generating mass hysteria over COVID-19 for ulterior and improper purposes, has reached a “fever pitch,” pun intended.

Couple this with some public interest groups starting petition drives, a staple in direct mail and email fundraising for those who do not have the will or means to actually do anything strong and meaningful to hold the Communist Chinese accountable, and COVID-19 is quickly becoming an industry for those who want to jingle some change.

By contrast, the class action lawsuit I filed this week in a federal court in Dallas, Texas, is the real deal. Already well over 200 persons have signed up to be included in the complaint, which can be found at This class action clearly seeks to have the Communist Chinese pay for the trillions of dollars of severe damage they have directly caused to our people, sending the stock market into a deadly spiral, infecting our physical and emotional health and well-being, throwing thousands out of business and work. I can on and on. To deflect from any blame, the Communist Chinese finger the United States for exporting the “Chinese virus” to China, chutzpah of the highest magnitude, not to mention a bald-faced lie.

After filing suit, a number of leftist media poked fun, to put it most diplomatically, at our class action complaint, running interference for their commie brothers in China and stating without any basis that the claim that a Chinese bioweapons lab released the current coronavirus has been discredited. On the other side of the media fence, so-called conservative cable networks such as Fox News predictably ignored our case – no surprise since Fox has historically refused to report any achievements by yours truly. Instead, Fox News is literally gloating over the profits it is making over this national crisis with their hosts looking happier than a “pig in a mud-filled pond,” to make this analogy socially acceptable. The same is true on the other cable networks, CNN, aka the Communist News Network, and MSNBC, as Mark Levin aptly puts is MSLSD.

If the American people are to avoid having the U.S. Treasury emptied and the nation going into even more bankruptcy – with our children and grandchildren living in poverty – We the People need to take legal matters peacefully into our own hands. What other way to do this is there, other than to sue Communist China and make it pay for the enormous damage it has caused and continues to cause.

Therefore, please join our class action suit by going to and sign up for our Justice League, as well as financially support this case, as it will be very expensive to litigate. And in so doing, carefully review the complaint, as it details why and how We the People will protect ourselves and do what is necessary and right.

No, Mr. Trump, the Communist Chinese president is neither your friend nor ours!

May God keep you and your loved ones safe as your Freedom Watch does what our so-called government will not do: hold the Communist Chinese truly accountable with strong meaningful action and not just words.

Written by Larry Klayman

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