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How To Add More Outdoor Appeal To Your Office Building.

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( The outdoor appeal of your office building is just as important as the way it looks on the inside. There are lots that you can be doing to improve it, so here are some tips to add more outdoor appeal to your office building.

Make Windows And Doors Shine

Windows and doors that are made up of mostly glass are going to be the first things that look dirty. That’s because the handprint smudges and dirt that ends up on the glass can make it look a lot worse when the reflection of the sun and its rays are highlighting those areas. It’s worth making sure that you have a window cleaner who can regularly come around and clean the windows that are in sight of those passing by. For the taller buildings that have a lot of windows, it’s not so bad. And with that being said, you might not need to do them as frequently. Focus on the lower floor windows and making sure they’re done consistently, though to set a good impression. Leaving them dirty is not going to do you any favors in how your clients or customers see the care that goes into your business.

Create An Outdoor Seating Area

An outdoor seating area can be great to showcase your building beyond the building itself, and there’s plenty of commercial metal awnings that will allow some shelter to put outdoor furniture under. Get creative with the space that you have to utilize and make it an extra addition to what might be your waiting areas inside. Perhaps a client has to take a call outside, or you have a customer who wants to spend a bit of time taking in the outdoor area. Being able to sit down or look out onto a space that’s well-presented and tidy is certainly important.

Light It Up

Think about lighting, especially during those days where the sun might not be out or the day time gets a little darker during the colder months of the year. Lighting can be a great way to illuminate your office and the outside area at all times. It can offer a nice ambient setting for your business but to also show it off perhaps during times where the office isn’t open. Lights aren’t that expensive, and when it comes to outdoor ones, you can have ones that use solar power to keep them powered up during the nighttime.

Rebrand To Make It Stand Out

Being able to rebrand is something that not every business can do, but it’s worth doing if you find that the current signage and display of your branding is a little basic or bland. Think about how you can elevate your branding if changing it is not an option. You want it to stand out and to draw the eye, so get creative with what you can do in this area of the decor.

Adding appeal to your outdoor area is important to the business, so spend some time on it.

Staff Writer; Peter Washington

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