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Trump’s White House is his Hideout.

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(  My foresight foresees political troubled waters washing our way. And, I am weighing our options; so, we won’t get swallowed up by the boistrous jawwing of bigger fishes and/or possibly whales.

President Trump is our nation’s most vitriolic fish. In fact, he’s a great white shark, swallowing up our democracy. His loud and boistrous rancor drowns out the soft spoken democratic minnows; all of whom are wading in troubled political waters. His presidential posse is made up of saltwater crocodiles and salty sea snakes.

His children and/or hatchlings are now adults; yet, still swimmimg in their father’s fins. In fact, in politics they behave like the gars; that is, the fishes whose diets consists entirely of consuming other fishes. 

President Trump has chewed, spit-out, and/or swallowed any other vertebrate who dared to dive into his bloody pools and/or filthy ponds. The president has single handedly muddied all of the political waters. Unfortunately–for Trump’s enemies, adversaries, and opponents–he is also a mudskipper; that is, a fish who spends more time on land than in water. Yes! Aside from a few other things, he is a modern day Aquaman! And since fire cannot consume water, the democrats would be egotistically and conceitedly retarded to expect a fair fight/election from such an unethical, amoral, unprincipled, and unscrupolous opponent. In this upcoming election, the kid gloves must be removed.

Trump is not just battling for his relection; he is fighting for his freedom, literally. There are several criminal indictments with Trump’s name atop the documents. Blood thirsty prosecutors are awaiting his return to civilian life. Robert Mueller, the lead investigator of the Mueller probe, said: “had Donald Trump not been president of the United States, he would have been criminally charged in the investigation right along with Michael Cohen, Paul Manafault, Roger Stone, General Flynn and all of his other crooked cronies.” 

Trump’s hope is that the statutes of limitations will expire before his presidency. However, this is predicated on whether or not he is re-elected to the highest office of the United States. Thus, the confines of America’s White House is this political criminal’s only hideout. Yes! The White House has now been single-handedly converted into a safehouse. 

Similar to the eighty-one (81) year old Bernie Madoff, or any other aging crook, this seventy-three (73) year old presidential desperado frets dying in prison. Yes! The law and order president wishes to evade the law in a disorderly manner. Imagine a 21 gun salute being held inside the towering walls of one of the few United State’s Penitentiaries; that is, Lewisburg, Florence, Marion, Leavenworth, and/or Atlanta.

He hopes to make off like Bernie. Therefore, if democrats know like I know, instead of political infighting, all high profile democrats and those of lesser prominence must make a concerted effort to energize thier base/constituents to defeat Trump, post haste.

If not, it may be the end of the democratic party and democracy as we know it!

Staff Writer; Saint Solomon



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